freenode/#devuan/ Tuesday, 2018-12-25

MinceRbe merry02:55
kriek78Preparing to unpack .../libel-api-java_3.0.0-1_all.deb ...03:03
kriek78 trying to overwrite '/usr/share/maven-repo/javax/el/el-api/debian/el-api-debian.pom', which is also in package libservlet2.5-java 6.0.45+dfsg-1~deb8u03:03
kriek78--fix-broken install is stuck :(03:03
kriek78i try to uninstall things like java and apache but it is stuck03:03
kriek78should i post to the forum?03:04
* MinceR has no ideas03:06
kriek78perhaps apt could be modified to support rollbacks?03:11
kriek78the packages are all in /var/cache/apt/archives03:12
jonadabThat would be a nice feature.  If you code it, I am sure people would be interested.03:14
kriek78i will be lucky to learn enough of apt to fix this conflict :)03:14
kriek78i have the holidays so there might be enough time, if the family gives it to me03:15
MinceRapt could certainly use a lot of improvement03:17
jonadabNote that any time apt seems stuck, it is worth trying again after apt-get update.03:17
jonadabThis usually doesn't help.  But occasionally it solves it.03:17
jonadabIt's more likely to work if apt-get update hadn't been done in a while the last time apt was used.03:18
jonadabAnd yes, while apt is an enormous improvement over the previous system, and better than a lot of competing systems, it is really showing its age now and could stand to be replaced with something better at some point.03:19
jonadabIt sure beats the pants off dselect, though.03:19
kriek78is aptitude smarter about auto-solving conflicts or removing the problem-causing package?03:30
kriek78this can be interesting!
kriek78but it is a filesystem snapshot03:31
MinceRaptitude is more aggressive about finding solutions03:45
MinceRit has helped my coworkers before03:45
kriek78aptitude let me remove the offending package and now i am past the block!04:07
kriek78bless u MinceR :)04:08
kriek78and bless devuan ceres04:09
kriek78because it gives me a base system that is up-to-date enough to compile github projects against04:10
kriek78unlike 'mint' etc04:10
amarsh04I always use aptitude, except for apt for getting build dependencies and dpkg for installing packages that I've built locally04:57
yo9fahMerry Christmas all.11:45
ravencrowyo9fah, merry xmas and merry xmas all12:04
grillonyeah ravencrow12:07
grillonmerry xmas yo9fah, merry xmas all :)12:07
telmichin case you are bored on Christmas, having a fun discussion with poettering right now on (sorry, did not find an easy threading option for all answers)16:12
golinuxtelmich: Usuallly I can see stuff on twitter but the link you posted requires an account to watch the fun.  :(18:25
armingreetings from 35c318:29

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