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rwpA nice feature of symlink'ing /opt to /usr/local is that if one decides to only back up /home and /usr/local then that would cover most everything they care about.00:00
rwpFor me I like using /usr/local/stow/$name-$version for local software installation and using GNU stow to manage the symlink farm into /usr/local/bin.  Works very well.00:02
MinceRi see00:10
MinceRi sometimes symlink stuff under /opt when i run out of space as well00:11
rwpPeople too often forget about the importance of backup.00:15
* golinux did an rsync yesterday00:19
* gnu_srs1 tests00:36
* redrick goofs off, eats a nice bagel.00:36
mcrlooks like ascii-backports has a kernel built with a compiler not available in backports:00:40
mcrThe following packages have unmet dependencies:00:41
mcr linux-headers-4.18.0-0.bpo.3-amd64 : Depends: linux-compiler-gcc-6-x86 (>= 4.14.17-1~) but 4.9.130-2 is to be installed00:41
Jjp137mcr, if installing with apt-get or aptitude, make sure you're including "-t ascii-backports"01:15
Xenguygolinux: Do you rsync/mirror/backup to an external hard drive?01:31
* Xenguy just uses the traditional /usr/local/src01:34
golinuxXenguy: Yes.  External drive.02:32
XenguyMakes sense, I was just fishing to see if there was a better mousetrap these days02:32
rwpFor *good* backups the rule is 3-2-1. At least 3 copies of your data, on at least 2 different types of media, at least 1 offsite copy.03:42
blebdevuan seems to have removed debian's curses installer; any reason why?05:11
Jjp137um, it's present on the ISOs within the installer-iso/ directory05:16
Jjp137that is, the netinst, DVD, and CD ISOs05:16
Jjp137did you download the live ISO instead, or...?05:17
bleboh maybe05:20
golinuxbleb: The live iso uses the refractainstaller to rsync the running system to the target of your choice.05:37
blebi see05:42
man_in_shackor you would if you had eyes06:14
redrickbleb:  The 'ISO Guide' section on will bring enlightenment (but possibly not actual bodhi).06:27
golinuxredrick: LOL!06:36
brand0nhola hola07:46
redrick¡Hola, señor!07:56
blebwhat is the purpose of the banned packages list?
bleblike what does it mean in practice for a package to be on that list?20:24
gnarfacebleb: i believe it's just not in the repos.20:34
blebgnarface: but there are plenty of other packages which aren't in the repos and aren't on that list20:35
gnarfacenot packages that aren't missing from debian too, surely...20:37
blebso devuan copies all packages from debian repos to devuan repos, except for those on the banned packages list?20:39
blebwhat about packages that are identical in devuan and debian?  what's the point of importing them into devuan repos?20:40
gnarfaceuh, that's *almost* right.  it actually copies the unchanged packages dynamically to the client on the fly.  only the packages that have been rebuilt are actually physically stored on the servers.  check out amprolla320:41
gnarfaceand 220:41
gnarfacei guess20:41
blebso what would happen if a systemd-dependent package was mistakenly missing from the banned packages list?20:44
blebdevuan would try to dynamically import it, then...?20:44
gnarfaceum, i'm not sure if it's an active part of the system.  it may just be a copy.  you'll have to ask someone else, or check the docs20:46
blebok.  i'm not sure what docs would have info about that but maybe someone will chime in20:48
gnarfaceit's most likely in the gitalb somehwere20:50
blebah so it looks like bannedpackages.txt is autogenerated by amprolla21:06
blebbannedpackages.txt are only packages that transitively depend on banpkgs = {'systemd', 'systemd-sysv', 'file-rc'}21:06
koleygrHi... can someone tell me how to check if i have anything closed source in my pc? I use the last devuan release (but may be not fully updated)21:56
rwpThe "vrms" package is somewhat fun in that area. :-)21:58
rwpAnother useful tool in the toolbox for this analysis is "apt-show-versions".21:59
koleygr@rwp... do i have to install toolbox to use "apt-show-versions"?22:03
rwpSorry for the confusion.  No.  A toolbox is a collection of your tools.  apt-show-versions is a single package.22:03
golinuxkoleygr: What iso did you use and how did you install?22:03
koleygr@golinux I used the original dvd1 before some months... but for some reason I found the sources to contain "contrib"22:05
rwpNothing automatically adds contrib to the sources.list file.  If it is there then it can only be because a human edited the file and put it there.22:06
koleygrstrange... but may be I don't remember correct... I wanted only main and there was something more22:07
koleygrmay be not "contrib" but the other (don't really remember the name)22:08
rwpcontrib and non-free are the two on the other side of main22:08
koleygrmay be was needed for my graphics... did it? I removed just after the install22:09
rwpPossibly.  For me, an emacs user, the emacs documentation is under the non-free GNU Free Documentation License, and therefore is only available under non-free.22:10
rwpOh the irony!22:10
koleygrso... anyway... can I check if there is something closed source now?22:10
koleygrrwp... yes... this is the only non-free I want to have... but can't add these sourses for this22:11
koleygremacs fun too22:11
rwpThe "suite" column in sources.list is about license not closed source.  Since my example of that documentation is open source but non-free license.22:11
koleygrfound the problem22:12
rwpI think I will stick with the "vrms" suggestion for you.  Try it.  If that is not enough then look at the output of apt-show-versions and use awk, grep, sed to trim it down.22:12
rwpThat is one.  It is officially in the non-free suite.  However personally I disagree with the politics of "blobs".22:13
koleygryes... found the way... I thought it is the package... but didn't realised its command has the same name22:13
rwpBlobs is a completely different problem than the problem of non-free licenses.  I don't like that they are grouped together.22:14
koleygrthanks rwp... finally there is probably a way for contrib to be added without your will... it is the lan card... and you are right about the difference between licenses and open-source... I am working on something that possibly will not be gnu free but for me will be free-er than gnu22:16
koleygrthanks again.... have to work now... bye22:19
golinuxkoleygr: Firmware is available if needed for network connection.  An "expert" netinst allows to opt out of making firmware available. Video blobs need to be installed manually.22:46
golinuxSorry been afk.22:46
koleygrthnaks golinux22:53

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