freenode/#devuan/ Wednesday, 2019-01-02

redrickI'm here enough for gov't work.04:21
redrickEr, wrong window.04:22
etech3<golinux> hey there07:58
golinuxHi etech3 .  Long time no see08:00
etech3I'm around, just watching...08:01
etech3webpages look good08:01
golinuxDid you have a reason for pinging me?08:02
golinuxAh.  Thanks.08:02
golinuxI'm about to do some more tweaking.08:02
etech3just wanted you to know08:02
etech3I'll take a look at them08:03
golinuxI appreciate that.08:03
golinuxetech3: Dropped you a bit of a pm.08:06
bohwazhey guys, I'm using ascii and today trying to do an apt upgrade I can't upgrade thunderbird:  404  Not Found11:06
bohwazI only have the devuan merged repo in my sources.list though11:07
golinuxbohwaz: Try ascii-backports11:09
golinuxYou should also have security updates enabled11:09
bohwazyeah I do11:09
golinuxYou can also check at pkginfo.devuan.org11:10
bohwazapt sees that I need to upgrade thunderbird but fails to download it11:11
golinuxGotta go11:11
bohwazok no worries, thanks :)11:11
golinuxAre you using
golinuxYou might not be if you upgraded from jessie11:11
golinuxMight be better to use the round robin of mirrors.11:13
bohwazsame thing with just deb.devuan.org11:13
bohwazmaybe the mirror is not up to date yet?11:13
golinuxFirst check at the link posted above to see if it's available.  After 4am here.  got to get to bed.11:14
bohwazno worries, g'night :)11:15
KatolaZbohwaz: what are you trying to do exactly?12:41
bohwazKatolaZ: apt update && apt upgrade13:21
KatolaZbohwaz: what is the error you see?13:27
bohwazKatolaZ: ascii-security/main amd64 thunderbird amd64 1:60.4.0-1~deb9u1 404  Not Found13:34
bohwaz  404  Not Found13:34
bohwazah works now!13:35
bohwazprobably the mirror wasn't up to date yet :)13:35
KatolaZbohwaz: most probably13:36
bohwazthanks :)13:37
KatolaZdidn't do anything...13:40
bohwazyou took time to help ;)13:43
guru_hey is there any real functional use for #debianfork still?16:12
guru_is that a general chat channel versus here which is support?16:12
guru_just curious if i should add it to autojoin16:13
MinceRit's the offtopic counterpart to this channel16:13
guru_i'm the offtopic king i'll add it to autojoin thanks16:14
Venkerhi people19:58
Mithrandir__hi Venker19:59
Venkerhappy new year  :)19:59
Mithrandir__to you too =)19:59
Mithrandir__very happy new year =)
FlibberTGibbetHappy New Year to everyone20:29
golinuxHi FlibberTGibbet  . . . same to you.  Nice to see you around20:48
FlibberTGibbethi golinux. hope you had a good one!21:53
golinuxCome join us at the meet!21:54

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