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TwistedFatehello all11:36
TwistedFatecan devuan be installed from chroot?11:36
Mithrandir__KatolaZ, I don't know how I could downgrade policykit-120:06
Mithrandir__I tried, but it seems that I have to remove almost all plasma kde20:07
Mithrandir__perhaps it's not politically correct ^^20:07
gnarfaceMithrandir__: two things.  first of all, downgrade like this:  apt-get install [package]=[version]20:08
gnarfacesecond of all, you can probably just put plasma kde back in afterwards20:08
gnarfacei'm guessing this is fallout from mixing disto versions or using backports?20:08
gnarface"purge everything the reinstall it" is a valid fix sometimes20:09
gnarfacecross-grading between mixed versions of everything from different distros or different distro releases doesn't always work cleanly (and isn't expected to)20:09
Mithrandir__yes, I'm on Beowulf, ok gnarface. My problem is with permissions on Beowulf Kde20:10
Mithrandir__it seems that there is a problem with policykit20:10
gnarfaceoh, you're on beowulf.  well, there could be broken packages in effect too.  just make sure you keep a record of what got removed so you know what you need to put back afterwards20:11
gnarfacei do recall there's some broken packages in beowulf and i'm not sure they're fixed yet. the known workarounds are in a forum post somewhere....20:11
Mithrandir__yes, I will look for it, thx20:11
golinuxBefore moving to beowulf look here:
golinuxAnd here:
Mithrandir__golinux, ok20:17
Mithrandir__I've installed directly beowulf20:17
Mithrandir__from mini.iso20:17
golinuxThen use the info on the xfce post post20:19
golinuxYou will need to enable ceres and experimental iirc20:20
Mithrandir__what is experimental iirc?20:20
golinuxThings may have changed a bit since I sorted things from a mini.iso install maybe a month ago20:22
golinuxGood luck.20:24
Mithrandir__thx golinux =)20:27
Centurion_DanI hope everybody had a merry Christmas and are beginning another great year!!23:07
golinuxI had a great solstice.  Missed you yesterday.23:08
Centurion_Dangolinux: I was sleeping... we had travelled overnight arriving home at 6am so probably wouldn't have been very coherent even if I23:36
Centurion_Danhad made it..23:36

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