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drwhitehi folks, I'm running ASCII, When I user Firefox and click to "open containing folder" for a download, it just locks up solid. I do it on my virtual which is near on identical, and it works perfectly. What is it that locks up Devuan when I do this? So how do I find out what it is that is locking Devuan up?01:38
rrqit doesn't just lock up X? how near is "near"?01:46
Xenguydrwhite: Can you unpack your first sentence a bit more?01:47
drwhiteJust X.01:48
XenguyWhat DE?01:48
XenguyAnd what is "open containing folder" ?01:48
drwhitethe option I click, as I said.01:48
XenguyYou're supposed to be asking the questions, not me...01:49
drwhiteI did ask the question.01:49
drwhiteI asked it straight forward01:49
XenguySo what DE, and WTF is "open containing folder"?01:49
rrqdrwhite: do you use nfs? or any other kind of remote file system?01:49
drwhiteno I do not01:49
djphin the firefox download manager he's supposedly right-clicking a downloaded item, and selecting the "open in folder" option.01:50
* Xenguy shrugs...01:50
Xenguydjph: tx01:50
Xenguy.oO( Just use wget (and get off my lawn) )01:50
rrqdrwhite: permissions?01:51
drwhitedownloads are saved to my ~/Downloads01:52
rrqok. other end: what's supposed to happen? which program opens the folder?01:52
drwhiteopens the file manager and locates the file.01:53
rrqsame problem with all downloads?01:54
rrqsame problem last year?01:54
drwhitenear, difference is that main machine has QEMU, virtual does not have QEMU.01:55
rrqhmm you might need to wait for a firefox user. happy new year.01:55
drwhiteSo you are sayign it's an FF bug not something in Devuan?01:56
drwhiteAs for the other part of my query, how do I find out what is locking it up?01:56
rrqif it's busy waiting a top would do, if it's a deadlock you'll need to strace and ponder.01:57
Hurgotrondrwhite: the file manager itself does not have the problem?01:58
rrqpossibly /var/log/Xorg.0.log might tell something02:00
drwhitefile manager works fine.02:00
rrqor /var/log/syslog .. but you've probably been there02:00
drwhiteWhen it locks up there is nothing in the logs.02:02
drwhiteIt doens' tget to write to the logs that there is an error, if there is one.02:02
rrqnot even /var/log/kern.log I suppose ... (the qemu video driver is different I guess)02:05
rrqno. doesn't makes sense to go there. Why is FF running file manager different from itself doing it?02:08
rrqsorry. wrong wuestion. should ne "how" not "why".02:08
* rrq has misaligned keyboard.02:09
rrqcan you configure FF to use some other "open directory" method?02:10
drwhiteIt isn't really different, it just calls the default that is there and passes the file to select. that is all.02:13
drwhiteI can do file open, I can do other things like that too.02:13
drwhiteI can open the Library and select Downloads and then do it from there, and that locks up too.02:13
drwhiteIt used to have a Download Manager, and that worked.02:13
drwhitebut then they changed it and integrated into the Library just to complicate things.02:14
drwhiteOn this main system, it locks up, in the virtual it doesn't.02:14
rrqI don't knwo what "The Library" is. We have one down in Collingwood, but it can't be that.02:15
drwhiteWell they removed "Download Manager", then added the downloaded files list to "Library"02:17
rrqmmm I'm still enjoying palemoon 27.3.0 (unpacked binary tgz), except for video calls.02:19
furrywolfsomeone in another channel was raving the other day about the not-opera browser that I can't remember the name of...  are its licenses remotely debian-compatible?02:23
drwhiteFF comes with Devuan on a normal install. There is no package based installation, so I can't customise. I have to have the stuff I don't want installed so that I can then remove it.02:24
drwhitePaleMoon doesn't have the "ask me every time" for cookies preferences.02:28
rrqmin has, under the "custom settings for history" choice... we'll see if it works..02:35
rrqwell, it certainly pooped up some dialogues forcing me to make on-the-spot decisions...02:36
rrq(hmm "pooped" wasn't what I thought I wrote, but in hindsight it's fitting)02:41
drwhiteWhat version do you use?02:52
drwhite28.2.2 here02:53
rrqmaybe it got ''improved'' already02:53
rrqedit preferences, privacy, history, use custom settings for history, accept cookies, keep until = ask me every time02:54
phoggfurrywolf: was it vivaldi?02:59
furrywolfsounds right02:59
phoggIt's just another chromium clone as far as I can tell. A few more bells and whistles. Even netsurf is more interesting.03:00
drwhiterrq, I still don't see how takign out the option is "improved", if people want to not be notified, they just select that option. pure logic. lol03:59
drwhiteBut such as life.03:59
nailykhello. Looks like there is an issue with the refracta installer. While setting up new user (not root) I failed with the password, but the script continue anyway13:08
golinuxnailyk: ping18:59
chris28hello. what are the files that I should look in to collect information for a crash (hexchat)?19:51
gnarfacechris28_: hexchat puts logs in ~/.config/hexchat, but most stuff puts crash dumps into /tmp somewhere20:09
nailykgolinux: pong22:30
nailyk3h30 of lag xD22:30
nailyktoo late it seems, lets see tomorow or drop me a PM please. see you #devuan :)22:37
SrainUserHello everyone, since of today I am using Devuan on my raspberrypi 3. I used the ascii image for my pi and then changed all the repository names to beowulf and then did a distro upgrade. Everything works fine, but now I cannot figure out how to install the kernel headers. docker needs them. I am running kernel 4.16.14-v8+ but the only kernel versions apt shows me is 4.19.1222:59
gnarfacei'm not sure the debian kernel boots on those23:01
gnarfaceuh, you should ask that in #devuan-arm23:01

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