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golinuxnailyk: You still here?00:13
golinuxFirst day of sun in about a week so had to run errands.  Will be here (more or less) till bedtime so pong me again.00:15
neplevitanGood day, does perhaps someone have some information as to what is required for the rootless X11 server to work?00:44
neplevitanthe thing i have been able to determin thus far are that the tty file needs to be owned and that the input device files need to be readable and writeable, aswell that systemd-logind is expected00:45
gnarfaceneplevitan: you might have to be in the video group as well01:14
gnarfacevideo, audio, input01:14
gnarfacetypically you want those three at least01:14
gnarfaceunless you're changing how the default groups work01:15
neplevitanhavent touched the default groups01:21
neplevitani am already in those groups, is systemd-logind a strict requirement or can i get around to not install it?01:22
neplevitanlogfile just sais addscreen/screeinit failed for screen 0 when using startx01:23
neplevitanX :1 vt2 -keeptty gives me the same (:1 since there is one running on :0 under a dm)01:24
neplevitan(with tty2 beeing the terminal i am on)01:25
gnarfacei don't think you need it if you're running startx01:26
gnarfacemaybe you have a login manager installed already and running?01:26
neplevitani have a display manager running already yes01:27
neplevitanterminating it and retrying gives the same result though01:28
gnarfacewell it also does require driver support01:31
gnarfacei think some drivers can't do it still01:31
neplevitanhmm, i have the radeon one installed currently01:33
gnarfacei don't know about that one actually01:34
gnarfaceshould work i think, but might depend on the kernel version01:34
gnarfaceit will be putting your log file in ~/.local/share/xorg/ i think01:35
gnarfacedoes it give you any clues?01:35
gnarfacethere are other reasons it could fail01:36
gnarfacebut i'd expect at least a little more info unless it was a configuration error01:36
neplevitannot really, after the list of supported cards it just sais addscreen/screeninit failed for screen001:36
neplevitanhuh, with fbdev it now additionally sais drmSetMaster failed permission denied01:39
neplevitangotta figure out what that is about01:39
gnarfaceyou might be using the wrong driver too01:42
gnarfacethat's happened to me before01:42
gnarfaceauto-detect is kinda suspect01:42
neplevitanwell, radeon is fine usually01:43
neplevitani tried with amdgpu and fbdev also, with the same result01:43
neplevitanthe only thing i find about that line is advice to either install some systemd thing or to enable the X11 SUID wrapper :/01:44
neplevitani ment as in, my hardware should be supported by radeon and amdgpu kernel drivers (and therefore X11), i just use the radeon one because i cant controll my backlight otherwise01:46
neplevitan(fbdev also works fine via xdm)01:49
gnarfacemaybe try it with the kernel in backports01:51
gnarfacein ascii-backports01:51
gnarfaceyou're on ascii, right?01:51
gnarfaceit might really not be able to do it01:52
gnarfacei just don't know01:52
neplevitanah, i already have the 4.18 backports kernel01:55
gnarfacewell somebody does know01:56
gnarfacefor sure01:56
neplevitanhehe, certainly01:56
gnarfacei think there is an alternative to systemd-logind... isn't that what elogind is?02:06
gnarfacei could be wrong02:06
neplevitanheh, gentoo sais that elogind is systemd-logind :)02:10
gnarfaceoh, there is also consolekit then02:11
gnarfacebut you shouldn't need either if you're nut using a graphical login02:11
gnarfacebut running one in the background while running startx does count as using one02:12
gnarfacethere's something about it in the release notes02:12
neplevitanthe notes say that libpam-elogind and elogind must be installed for it to work :302:17
neplevitanwell, i assume my setup is broken, oh well02:17
gnarfaceit should be easy to install them02:17
neplevitani already had those installed apparently02:18
gnarfaceif you also have consolekit installed, you might have to manually uninstall one or the other02:18
neplevitanwell, now i have neither installed, not much point in keeping them to me02:24
neplevitanstill, kind of wierd, to be able to play movies in mpv on the framebuffer but not X11, oh well :)02:25
gnarfacethat does seem odd02:25
gnarfaceyou got the firmware from non-free, right?02:25
gnarfacei think that driver might also require firmware for certain functionality02:26
neplevitannot sure, probably yes02:26
gnarfacethe radeon one02:26
neplevitanwell, it didnt work with fbdev either, so i kind of doubt the firmware is at fault02:26
gnarfacecheck for the packages firmware-linux-nonfree and firmware-amd-graphics02:27
neplevitani have those02:28
gnarfacehow about linux-firmware?02:29
neplevitani have firmware-linux02:32
gnarfacewhat have you got in your /etc/apt/sources.list?02:33
neplevitandevuan repos, aswell as the winehq ones02:36
neplevitananyway, i have tested enough atleast for today, i suppose i will reinstall the system at some point if i want to give it another go02:37
gnarfacemake sure you're using, is outdated02:37
gnarfacei doubt reinstalling is going to fix anything02:37
gnarfacenothing that can't be fixed by hand without reinstalling the entire system02:37
neplevitanare you sure? i upgraded this fron SteamOS :P02:38
neplevitananyway, good night02:45
redrickI was about to make some crack about, if not a reinstall, maybe an exorcism -- but I really don't know how close a Debian-derivative SteamOS is.03:04
redrickBut me, I'd be worried about FrankenDebian syndrome.03:04
rdav__Hi All, is there a repoistory of virtual machine images for Devuan that have applications like Apache, MySQL, PHP, Oracle Java already installed?03:10
rdav__I know there is the Ascii image available to download from Devuan mirrors and happy to use that, so when I build one up, is it possible to share it back to the community?03:12
golinuxrdav__: You could register on our gitlab and start a project there.  If you would like it to be an official image, there is a specific way to do that.  You might want to discuss this in #devuan-dev.  Be patient because things haven't yet started to pick up after the break.03:40
* man_in_shack breaks golinux03:50
rdav__thanks golinux! think I'll do the #devuan-dev and in meantime see what i can do03:55
Tom-_redrick, SteamOS is Debian wheezy with a custom kernel, libraries and drivers, I believe05:08
Tom-_additional libraries, not replacements05:08
buZzit still exists? :O05:39
buZzoh, it does05:39
redrickTom-_:  Good to hear.06:43
redrickAnother blessed day when I've learned something -- so, thanks.06:44
Tom-_and also Steam06:44
redrickThat would seem implied, ja.  ;->06:44
buZzi just use steam on devuan directly06:47
buZzworks fine (TM)06:48
debdogthis time it was poweroutage11:22
nailykgolinux: I wasn't, sorry12:06
HumleDoes anybody have a link to a usable /etc/apt/source.list file ?13:06
HumleThanks, Ill try that13:09
koleygrfurrymcgee Do you know for what "merged" stands there? Is it about debian sources that have been merged with devuan modifications?13:29
furrymcgeeyes I think so but me is no maintainer of the repository13:32
koleygrok... thanks... Just came this question in my mind when show these repositories for first time... Thanks.13:38
nailykis zsh installed by default o013:50
koleygrnailyk... possibly not... I made a somehow minimal install and don't have it (checked with dpkg-query -l '*0')13:56
nailykcause I just installed with refracta and my both installation have it <313:57
koleygrnailyk I don't know about refracta... and I am not sure about my answer... please wait for an other answer too14:05
man_in_shackanyone here messed around with colord/colour profiles for monitors?15:12
man_in_shacki'm trying to see if i can set a profile for my screen but "colormgr get-devices" is showing up no displays15:13
man_in_shacknot sure if lightdm is even talking to colord15:16
man_in_shackahha, had to install xiccd too15:18
aggazHello. I am curious about PowerPC support. Do you know if someone is working on it?15:56
Mithrandir__but localhost is on devuan? Tor Browser seems not to work... the port is 9150, and nmap shows that the port is open on localhost16:27
man_in_shackturns out bug with 10bit colour swapping reds and blues is fixed in newer nvidia driver16:30
ServiceRobotgood morning folks17:12
ServiceRobotbeen a while since I treked on here17:12
ServiceRobotso I'm having a bit of trouble with debootstrap getting stuck on install. are the repo sites online?17:18
furrymcgeeyou can mount and debootstrap a iso image17:19
gnarfaceServiceRobot: make sure you're using now; is outdated17:47
nailyksudo sed -i "s/" /etc/apt/sources.list ?18:04
nailykthanks gnarface !18:11
gnarfaceno problem18:12

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