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TwistedFateis devuan live iso a hybrid?01:01
TwistedFatetrying to boot it on an old machine but seems like it doesn't detect it at all01:01
golinuxI'm pretty sure it is.01:23
aitoranybody here?02:07
g4570nhi aitor02:17
aitorhi, i was writing an email to another member of the mailing list02:17
aitori have news02:18
aitorthe live-sdk + debian-installer worked on beowulf02:19
aitorjust a few touches and i'll share the code in the mailing list02:20
aitorhere you are the image:02:20
g4570nis a live version?02:22
aitorthe wired network connection worked in the live session and also after the hard disk installation02:22
aitoryes, it is02:22
aitorall the packages are downloaded from deb.devuan.org02:23
aitorofficial packages02:23
aitortomorrow i'll push the sources of the live-sdk02:24
aitoryes, a lot of work :)02:25
g4570nthe guide do you write in the forum, about live-sdk, is finish?02:25
aitori only wrote about amprolla, but i take the hint02:26
aitor02:27 here, time to bed02:27
aitortest the live image02:28
g4570ngood night aitor nice work!02:28
aitorbye, thanks :)02:29
ServiceRobotoh, I see. are the country code websites working? like
ServiceRobotdon't even know if I should use that one09:51
KatolaZServiceRobot: you can use CCs09:53
KatolaZat the moment they redirect to the same pool of mirrors09:53
KatolaZbut we are reorganising them to improve locality09:53
ServiceRobotshould I use them though as a recommendation?09:54
KatolaZyou can use them09:54
KatolaZfor the moment you won't notice any difference wrt using deb.devuan.org09:55
ServiceRobotweird, I tried to get them working in a VM, but going to website itself in a browser gives an ssl error09:55
KatolaZServiceRobot: * has NO support for SSL09:55
ServiceRobotthat explains why chrome complained then09:55
KatolaZif you need HTTPS, you must use one of the mirrors that provide https access09:56
ServiceRobothow necessary is https in this case though?09:56
KatolaZif you ask me, not necessary at all09:56
KatolaZbut there are cases when users want privacy also about the list of packages they install/upgrade09:56
ServiceRobotaren't the packages signed in some way though?09:57
KatolaZsure they are09:57
KatolaZforging repos is quite hard09:57
KatolaZ(actually, as hard as cracking standard gpg encryption)09:58
KatolaZthat's why accessing repos through HTTPS does not add any security09:58
KatolaZonly a layer of privacy09:59
ServiceRobotbut you don't think I need that layer of privacy?09:59
KatolaZServiceRobot: that's your choice not mine10:02
KatolaZI don't, but you might10:02
ServiceRobotI'll just stick with the main mirror then10:03
ServiceRobotit would be nice if the live minimal iso supported uefi. I can just use the live desktop iso but it doesn't have debootstrap preinstalled10:10
ServiceRobotya, debootstrap gets stuck for some reason in the vm. might be the network selection I'm using10:14
ServiceRobotusing KVM/QEMU if you're wondering10:14
KatolaZServiceRobot: debootstrap is available in minimal-live10:19
KatolaZyes, we should provide uefi support in minimal-live10:20
ServiceRobotI mainly use uefi in my vms for testing purposes. thing is debootstrap doesn't seem to be working10:20
ServiceRobotit gets stuck as soon as it tries to download the first package, in this case adduser10:21
ServiceRobotmind you I'm trying to test out beowulf so that could be part of the problem10:21
KatolaZServiceRobot: are we talking of minimal-live?10:26
* man_in_shack grumbles about devuan's apt mirror thingy not mirroring translation files10:26
KatolaZman_in_shack: grumbling won't make translation files magically appear ;)10:27
KatolaZman_in_shack: it's i the todo-list though10:27
KatolaZman_in_shack: if you want to help, you'd be welcome10:27
ServiceRobotgood thing I only speak english10:27
man_in_shackServiceRobot: doesn't help anymore10:30
man_in_shacksince debian moved the english language descriptions into translation-en files10:30
man_in_shackKatolaZ: grumbling and complaining about it is on my todo list :P10:31
man_in_shackwho the fuck is stealing all my internets?10:31
KatolaZman_in_shack: the problem is that the Translations format is not well-documented10:31
KatolaZhence not immediate to get right outside debian10:32
KatolaZI had a look into it but we need to test stuff10:32
knofixhi, may i ask a question12:40
knofixusing devuan ascii and i put something into sources list and it hangs12:40
knofixis it so if i put 3rd party repositories into sources.list directly it does not update them via apt-get update command?12:41
knofixput wine┬┤s in12:41
knofixdoes nothing but stands there12:42
knofixalso added i386 support12:43
knofixnevermind cleared the cache now it is working12:47
knofixoh it does not, it processes devuan repositories but not third party,12:47
windchimeI want to install heads hybrid iso onto a usb stick but the instuctions I'm following: require isohybrid which is unavailable  as syslinux is unavailable using apt-get. Alternatively to using dd was bootiso but that is unavailable using apt-get also. What do I do next?12:53
moiree_windchime: Instructions how to install heads onto a USB flash drive: <>12:58
windchime<moiree_> TKU! I will check it out12:59
cosurgianyone wants to checkout my latest ? :)13:05
windchimeHow do I "sync once more"?13:48
windchimeOnce you got it, the only thing you need to do is dd the ISO to a flash drive by doing the following with root permissions (note that the device is /dev/sdb and not /dev/sdb1):13:48
windchime; dd if=heads-*.iso of=/dev/sdb bs=1M && sync13:48
windchimeIf no errors were seen, sync once more and you are done. You can now use this flash drive to boot into the heads live OS.13:48
windchimetried using "sync" command & nothing noticeable happened? then i tried "sync /dev/sdb" & i got: root@devuan:/home/beagleburt/Downloads/heads# sync /dev/sdb sync: ignoring all arguments so did it "sync once more"?14:03
windchimeoh well - presume it werked ok? - 'b'ye!14:13
Bjornnno complaints is good!17:12
TwistedFatei tried to debootstrap from devuan minimal live18:44
TwistedFatebut it doesn't work18:44
KatolaZTwistedFate: define doesn't work18:45
TwistedFate"failed getting release file"18:45
KatolaZTwistedFate: which mirror are you using?18:45
TwistedFatethen the link for pkgmaster18:45
TwistedFateE: Failed getting release file
KatolaZTwistedFate: do you have internet connection?18:46
TwistedFateerm wait18:46
KatolaZquite odd...18:46
TwistedFatelooks like i don't have a connection18:47
KatolaZthat's probably why you can't get the Release file then18:48
TwistedFatei don't see why it doesn't work though18:48
KatolaZbecaue it requires a network connection18:48
TwistedFatenot that18:49
TwistedFatethe internet18:49
KatolaZoh ok18:49
gnarfacewhat does "/sbin/route -n" show you?18:50
TwistedFatelol /etc/network/interfaces didn't have anything set for eth018:51
TwistedFateit only had loop and nothing else18:51
KatolaZTwistedFate: yep18:51
KatolaZyou can use if you like18:52
KatolaZor just configure it manually18:52
TwistedFatei configured it18:52
TwistedFatehow do i "reload" eth018:52
KatolaZwhat do you mean TwistedFate ?18:53
TwistedFateKatolaZ: after configuring /etc/network/interfaces18:53
TwistedFatehow do i get it to use the config18:54
TwistedFateand get online18:54
phoggTwistedFate: ifup eth018:54
KatolaZ/etc/init.d/networking restart18:54
TwistedFateKatolaZ: where is
KatolaZjust run it18:57
KatolaZit should be under /usr/sbin/18:58
_abc_When mounting any usb stick with ext2 fs on it under thunar I get it mounted ro, can't write files to it22:45
_abc_This is of course a fs created as root. The mount user is not "squashed" to devuan. This is ascii installed on hdd. Is this a normal behavior? Is there a gui option to control the forced mount user for the entire volume?22:46
_abc_getfacl on /media/devuan shows the acl permissions, I assume that's how I can change this behavior, right?22:52
_abc_Are acls on in ascii by default or am I barking up the wrong three here?22:57
gnarfacei don't think the acls are on by default unless maybe if you enabled selinux?23:00
gnarfaceit's most likely a issue with your login manager, choice of consolekit/elogind, or the user you're running Xorg as23:01
gnarface(in the past, this thing was usually handled by just running Xorg through a suid root wrapper but that is no longer the default behavior)23:01
gnarfacedos/windows filesystems may have other behaviors though23:02
gnarfacefat32 mounts don't support user permissions for example at all, and default everything to root ownership and read-only as all other users23:02
_abc_I did not enable selinux.23:02
_abc_dos is writable always23:03
_abc_ext2 created as root is "root" excepting for the subdirs accessible by the user.23:03
gnarfacemaybe acls were on the mounted drives already?23:03
_abc_gnarface: I say acl because ls -ld /media/devuan/ shows a '+' at the end of the permissions23:04
_abc_It would not be there if acls would not be enabled, right?23:04
_abc_I am new to acls23:04
_abc_Another: ascii usb stick with bootable dual partition persistence, shows non-concordance in the boot sector copy 1 and 2 on fsck on the 1st bootable partition.23:05
_abc_Should I be worried. This never happened so far. The partition was made with fsmithred's refracta, has several systems on it.23:05
_abc_re: boot sector fat copies: solved, I edited the partition table in the refacta made fat32 bootable usb stick and forgot to copy the new pt to the backup sector upon 1st fsck23:11
debdogthat's quite an outrage :)23:39
minnesotagsFucking systemfuckingd decided that it was going to block apache2 from listening on ports. Do you suppose there is documentation for this? Fucking FUCK no. So now I'm supposed to figure out how to use systemctl socket whatever the fuck?23:43
* golinux reaches for minnesotags meds23:43
golinuxWhy not use nginx?23:44
minnesotagsWhy can't I just use the goddamn webserver that was working on this embedded device for three goddamn years until some stupid Debian systemd upgrade broke the damn thing?23:46
furrywolfand now you know why devuan exists.  :)23:48
minnesotagsNo. Fucking. Shit.23:48
minnesotagsThere wasn't a working beaglebone black image before or this thing would have been on Devuan like all the rest of my stuff.23:49
golinuxI remember when you kept asking for the beaglebone black23:51

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