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guru____________I just installed libsdl2-dev:i386 and I created chaos:
guru____________i'm multiarch05:31
guru____________oh crap05:36
guru____________The following partially installed packages will be configured:05:42
guru____________  gir1.2-ibus-1.0 gir1.2-ibus-1.0:i386 libibus-1.0-dev:i386 libsdl2-dev:i38605:42
terraHi, is there a gtk2 variant of lightdm-gtk-gteeter? Current one is gtk3 based and pushes lots of unnecessary dependencies.07:53
arminwow, bash 5. it's a thing nao.
errandir1kernel 5, bash 5. Is 2019 the "year of 5"?10:44
debdoghigh five on that!10:46
g40Hi all. Using Devuan as the RFS on an Arm64 system. It seeds from `bootstrap-devuan-arm64-stage3.tgz`. Only problem is I cannot recall where I sourced this file. Ring any bells?10:49
KatolaZare you using arm-sdk?10:52
g40Hi KatolaZ, no. I could never get it to work properly with our slightly odd u-boot/kernel requirements.10:55
KatolaZg40: that file would probably come from ?11:02
g40KatolaZ, thanks but I'd checked there. No obvious signs ...11:09
nyovIs there something wrong with the package repo keyrings? I have installed the devuan-keyring package 2017.10.03 but I get key-errors with both and repos?15:20
nyovW: GPG error: ascii InRelease: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY BB23C00C61FC752C15:20
nyovW: GPG error: jessie InRelease: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 94532124541922FB15:20
KatolaZnyov: this is really strange15:21
KatolaZnyov: can you see the keys in `apt-key list` ?15:21
nyovapt-key list | grep devuan shows them15:22
nyov/etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/devuan-keyring-2016-archive.gpg, /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/devuan-keyring-2016-cdimage.gpg, /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/devuan-keyring-2017-archive.gpg15:22
KatolaZnyov: which signature is failing?15:22
nyovwell it says NO_PUBKEY BB23C00C61FC752C NO_PUBKEY 94532124541922FB15:23
KatolaZ(well, the problem is probably not there, since it says "NO PUBKEY")15:24
KatolaZwhich command are you using?15:24
nyovapt-get update :)15:25
nyovoh wait15:25
KatolaZdid you change the permissions on those key files, by any chance?15:25
KatolaZ(it shouldn't matter anyway, since those are pubkeys...)15:25
nyovwait a second. I did aptitude update, actually15:26
nyovapt-get update seems to work.... gpg failure?15:26
KatolaZcould you please try apt-get update?15:26
KatolaZif apt-get update works, then the keys are there15:26
KatolaZand are OK15:26
KatolaZare you on ascii?15:27
nyovmostly. oh well, if it's an aptitude/gpg error, I have things covered15:27
nyovthanks for the help15:28
KatolaZnyov: are you on ascii?15:28
MinceR>year of 515:37
MinceRsystem 5?15:37
nyovah, to solve my apt mystery; it was a bad gpg file in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/. looks like that prevented apt from finding some but not all keys...15:48
g40anyone familiar with eudev? I'm seeing it apparently hang while the bootlog has 'synthesizing the initial hotplug events'. As this is test of a new board hotplug etc. not really required. Any thoughts on disabling and/or debugging? TIA16:27
gnarfaceg40: i've never had that issue with it.  have you tried isolating the hang to a specific device?17:09
g40@gnarface. Hi, thanks. No, I'm slowly working thru a list of blocks to disable in the device tree. No fun.17:46
* Digit wonders about installing trinity in devuan ceres, searches, finds and wonders if that's the optimal route to take17:46
gnarfaceg40: unless you have significantly strange hardware, hotplug is most likely exclusively dealing with USB devices17:47
gnarfaceso that can probably shorten your troubleshooting process a lot by just unplugging them all then trying to boot with one at a time17:48
gnarfacepresumably you can re-trigger hotplug after boot though too, which might be a faster procedure than rebooting17:48
gnarfaceDigit: it's usually a mistake to mix distros17:51
gnarfacethe damage may not always be immediate or obvious.  it usually shows up by sabotaging a system upgrade, months or years later17:52
Digitgnarface: unless bedrocklinux, right?  hehe.  but yeah, i was just wondering about how to install trinity in devuan.17:52
gnarfaceDigit: distros like ubuntu that casually encouraging mixing 3rd party repos usually are not immune to the negative side-effects.  rather they just promote a culture of ignoring the problem.17:53
gnarfaceDigit: the officially recommended approach in cases like this (for Debian *or* Devuan) is to build a binary package from the source package yourself, taking care to fix any dependency tangles preemptively17:54
gnarfacethat said, if the debian package doesn't depend on anything not in devuan (like systemd) then you probably will get away with it17:55
gnarfacejust... be careful when you're actually installing it if you go that way.  take a backup first if you can.   and make sure to pay attention to any extra packages it wants to pull in (typically if there are any at all that is bad)17:57
gnarfaceand know that this is the type of action that can make a mistake that can't be cleaned up17:57
gnarfacei can't speak authoritatively about the 3rd party packages from "Sl├ívek Banko" they mention.  they might be legit, they might not.  i have no idea who that is.17:59
g40@gnarface. Indeed but it never makes it to a console. just hangs. how can I disable (e)udev? Is this a kernel thing?18:21
Digityeah, just looking what it would want to install, with the repo added to sources.list in a way it doesnt error, looks too much (even for a de).  methinks i'll stick to my prior plan, just get trinity from slackel, in bedrock.  that way my devuan can stay pristine.18:21
gnarfaceg40: it's the thing that populates /dev.  you kinda need it unless you're really good with mknod18:22
gnarfacethere are alternatives but i don't know if any are in better shape than eudev18:23
gnarfacethere was going to be a vdev ... dunno what the status of that is though now18:23
* Digit comments out the trinity repos, adds a comment reminder, and updates apt's available packages list again18:23
gnarfaceg40: to be clear, i still think there's a good chance you're facing some sort of hardware failure.  do you get the same freeze with udev as eudev?18:26
gnarfaceg40: if so, that supports my concern about a hardware issue.  if not, then you've found a bug in eudev and you should report it.18:26
gnarfacei don't think vdev is in the repos anywhere yet, but someone here might know where you can get a good devuan-safe build18:27
gnarfaceDigit: yea, i'd try again after being fully updated, but if it still wants to drag in a pile of dependency packages from their repo instead of devuan's, then i'd definitely advise against doing that18:28
g40Problem is which bit of the hardware. It's a complex SoC (AllWinner H5 quad core). Image boots fine on reference system. At this point having hotplug capabilities is luxury. Just wanna see if we can get this sucker to a console prompt18:29
gnarfaceg40: OH, ... ARM hardware.  so in theory this could be a issue with your u-boot build too.  that changes stuff.  i can't really help you much more, but i can tell you that you should ask about this in #devuan-arm and maybe also #linux-sunxi18:30
gnarfaceDigit: (the primary cause for rebuilding it yourself would be to correct the package dependencies so it only asks for stuff you can get from the devuan repos)18:31
g40@gnarface. Cool. I really appreciate the help. Thank you.18:31
gnarfaceg40: no problem, good luck18:31
gnarfaceg40: which allwinner H5 quad-core, out of curiosity?18:31
gnarfacethe pine64 by any chance?18:31
gnarfacethey also have their own IRC network and channel18:32
g40Final question. I asked this earlier but may have got lost in translation. I am building Devuan RFS from bootstrap-devuan-arm64-stage3.tgz. Does anyone recoginize where this file may be originated? Is it from the SDK builder or some download on Devuan?18:32
gnarfacebut they have a lot of overlap with the more generic #linux-sunxi channel18:32
KatolaZg40: I asked you if you were using arm-sdk and you said you are not18:33
g40@gnarface - custom design. for our sins.18:33
gnarfaceah, gotcha18:33
KatolaZg40: that looks like the bootstrap file generated by arm-sdk after it has installed the base system18:33
KatolaZbut if you are not using arm-sdk, I don't know where it comes from, TBH18:34
gnarfaceg40: ^ this guy builds devuan arm images.  he knows stuff.18:34
g40Hi @Katolaz. Indeed and that is the truth. But memory fails me. It is the one part of our RFS builder whose provenance eludes me.18:34
KatolaZg40: I don't know that "our RFS builder" is and what it does, so I can't answer that question :P18:36
gnarfaceg40: if it came out of devuan it probably came from somewhere18:37
g40@KatolaZ. Think you call it the arm-sdk. I've been all over but find no clues.18:37
KatolaZg40: arm-sdk is a specific piece of software18:42
KatolaZ <- g4018:43
KatolaZjust search for "arm-sdk", literally18:44
g40@KatolaZ I will have to reinstall that and build to see what it produces. Thanks.18:47
KatolaZg40: you can actually store a stage4 tarball as well, if you want19:08
KatolaZjust set "TAR_STAGE4=true" in the config file19:08
g40@KatolaZ. I will dig in and let you know how far I get. Thanks again.19:14
KatolaZg40: np19:15
xkr47oh would I love to run Devuan on this one..

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