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saladhey guys00:39
matt6505_13hi i'm coming from a systemd distro and want to know how i enable/disable services even after reboot.00:41
matt6505_13can i just delete the corresponding scripts in /etc/init.d00:41
rwpmatt6505_13, Almost.  Don't delete the /etc/init.d/ versions.  But you can edit the /etc/rc*.d/ versions.00:43
rwpI find the "chkconfig" script useful.  It derives from the old SGI world.  "chkconfig --list foo" "chkconfig foo on" "chkconfig foo off"00:44
golinuxmatt6505_13: You might want to look at this documentation and also read the release notes.00:45
rwpLeave at least one 'S' or 'K' link behind so that the tools know it has been installed and locally modified.  If *all* of them are gone then it looks like it is uninstalled and a package upgrade or install will bring them back.00:45
matt6505_13ok thanks for the help!00:45
golinuxmatt6505_13: If you're migrating from Debian there is a certain sequence to removing systemd stuff.00:47
jyrihmm, something broke badly this time in Ceres, $ ifup -a15:32
jyriifup: unknown interface eth015:32
jyri$ ip a l dev eth015:33
jyri eth0: <BROADCAST,MULTICAST> mtu 1500 qdisc noop state DOWN group default qlen 100015:33
Wonkajyri: is your /etc/network/ set up correctly for eth0?15:48
jyrihave not changed that file since  Mar 20  2018 :)15:59
KatolaZjyri: sorry for the silly comment, but ifup works only form root (you seem to have tried it from a regular user, unless you changed your shell prompt)16:00
KatolaZ(and sorry again for the silly comment)16:00
jyriI changed the prompt16:00
KatolaZjyri: any chance you can provide more info on the problem?16:03
jyrium, I was in vacations over new year, just returned and run apt update ; apt -y upgrade16:05
jyrihad to boot the machine (it blocked for some reason half an hour a go, probably some cron job etc) and when it came up, no networking16:07
KatolaZI guess you have tried /etc/init.d/networking restart16:07
jyri[root@devuan ~ ]$ /etc/init.d/networking restart16:08
jyri[warn] Running /etc/init.d/networking restart is deprecated because it may not re-enable some interfaces .. (warning).16:08
jyri[....] Reconfiguring network interfaces...ifup: unknown interface eth016:08
jyrithere is no /run/network/ifstate.eth016:14
watchcati did a minimal netinst with everything deselected, then installed xorg, mate-core, slim by hand. i notice elogind was installed, but consolekit is recommended for mate/slim in the release notes. should i replace elogind with consolekit or just leave it as it is?16:15
gnarfacewatchcat: replace16:22
watchcatok, thanks gnarface16:23
KatolaZjyri: do you have a stanza for eth0 in /etc/networks/interfaces?16:42
jyriyes, auto eth0 + some bridge stuff16:43
jyriI can set everything up manually with ip command16:46
dreamer89gnarface, are you here?16:48
gnarface'sup dreamer89?16:49
dreamer89just found where was problem with my booting from few days ago16:49
dreamer89first, after win update i lost grub, then booted livecd and REMOVED EFI partition then installed new grub on new EFI partition (for some reason, it was locked so i had to format it)16:50
gnarfacethen that worked?16:50
jyriKatolaZ: the interfaces contents
dreamer89that is why nothing worked for me, but then i spend almost day figuring out how to reinstall windows bootloader on new EFI, couldn't do it with few partition rescue programs nor windows rescue disk and command prompt... then i found program named "easyuefi" from hasleo software and tried it. program sucessfully restored bootloader, then i fired up live distro and boot-repair utility16:52
dreamer89still, after new grub was installed, i had to do tweak in windows to use grub first, not windows bootloader16:53
gnarfacehmmm. sounds annoying.  glad you got it figured out though.16:54
dreamer89backed up my windows data and program licenses, will remove it asap and install in virtual box16:55
KatolaZjyri: you need to add: "iface eth0 inet dhcp"16:57
jyriuhh, it's unnumbered, the bridge has the static ip16:59
jyrithat set up has worked years for me :)17:01
KatolaZjyri: yep, you are right17:42
jyriI can do18:17
jyriiface eth0 inet manual18:17
jyri      pre-up ifconfig eth0 up18:17
jyri      post-down ifconfig eth0 down18:17
jyribut the bridge interface doesn't come up after that18:17
jyriok, fixed that. Don't know why but bridge-utils package has to be installed, without it ifup doesn't know how to deal with the bridge interface hence no networking after reboot18:28
KatolaZyou said you had it working before though?18:29
KatolaZIIRC bridge-utils is needed nevertheless if you are to use a bridge18:29
jyrimm, no? At least $ ip link add name br0 type bridge ; ip link set dev br0 up ; ip link set dev eth0 master br018:31
jyriworks just fine18:31
jyriand yes, it was working fine before I came from vacations and run update18:32
gnarfacedoes it work if you stop then start the networking script, instead of running the "restart" action (which is noted as deprecated)18:33
system32i use the local.rc to mount my external drive18:34
jyrihmm, so why not at boot then?18:34
system32fstab ?18:35
system32fstab is my redline'18:35
gnarfacei dunno.  maybe lack of bridge-utils?18:36
gnarfacethe sysvinit startup scripts... there's not a huge lot of them18:39
gnarfacethere's not a lot of places it could be happening18:39
gnarfacethe mystery would be pretty easy to solve i think by reading one or two bash scripts18:39
KatolaZjyri: could it be you inadvertedly uninstalled bridge-utils at some point?18:39
KatolaZ(after having setup the thing)18:40
gnarfacethough it is technically possible a change to the kernel (particularly ethernet drivers or hotplug) i think could also be the culprit18:40
gnarfaceat least in theory18:40
KatolaZI don't reboot very often, and it has happened to me a couple of times (uninstalling stuff and forgetting it was needed)18:40
KatolaZ(not very often might mean less than once every couple years...)18:40
KatolaZs/couple/couple of/18:41
jyriyeah, I found it, apt -y autoremove had removed it 2018-12-1418:42
gnarfacegotta check those removals by eye18:43
KatolaZjyri: ok18:43
gnarfacesometimes it wants to remove something because nothing depends on it besides you18:44
KatolaZjyri: maybe you had not installed it manually, but it had been pulled in as a dep at some point18:44
gnarfaceyea, then if that dependency gets removed (manually or automatically) and you never made sure to set bridge-utils to manually installed, it gets slated for autoremoval at the next update18:45
jyrithat seems to have happened, and since I don't boot this one that often that bit me. And I know I read the autoremove stuff since once it removed Xorg, thins time it had slipped my eyes :(18:46
KatolaZnp jyri18:50
KatolaZwhat matters is that you nailed it down :)18:50
rwpjyri, Reading... your entry looks a little strange to me.  Here is a fullly working live example /etc/network/interfaces for a bridge on my machine.
rwpOne should also reboot every time a new kernel is installed. Or if they are not rebooting then hold off installing the new kernel until they will.18:55
jyrirwp: it grew up so many years a go that I don't remember why I created it that way at the first place, and since it was not broken no need to start fixing it :D18:57
rwpAll good!  Just sharing what I could share. :-)18:58
rwpI agree with KatolaZ in that the important thing is that you worked through the problem, solved it, and now have it working.18:59

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