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_abc_Is there some kiosk mode for devuan installed on hdd, so the running system runs mostly mounted ro and only var etc are mounted rw? I have a machine which is not on an UPS and gets hard shutdowns all the time because inept people operate it, I need to make it not trash the disks if possible, in the usual way. So is there a canned "one click" or command setup for devuan to do this out of the box or do I do10:22
_abc_it manually the usual way? Thanks.10:22
furrymcgeewhat happens with read only mounted disk? did you try mount option ro in fstab?10:43
gnarface_abc_: man fstab, there should be mount options for forcing partitions to mount read-only11:07
gnarface_abc_: (most or maybe all block devices have a write-protect flag you can set with hdparm too, but try it with fstab first)11:12
KatolaZ_abc_: what do you mean by "a canned one-click"?11:19
KatolaZif you want to do that, you need to have a separate partition for /var and some more stuff11:19
KatolaZthere is no way of doing that in "one-click"11:19
_abc_KatolaZ: refracta-install --kiosk-mode etc12:05
_abc_(just making this up as I am going on)12:05
_abc_Mounting /home and /var on separate volumes is a good start but that is the manual way to do it.12:05
_abc_I will do that eventually since this keeps happening and I can't fix the system forever.12:05
moireedebian/stretch has a security update for vlc with version 3.0.6-0+deb9u1, devuan/ascii still has version 3.0.3-1-0+deb9u1 only?12:09
KatolaZmoiree: have you got ascii-updates enabled?12:28
KatolaZmoiree: actually, the version you are referring to is in ascii-security12:28
KatolaZ_abc_: there is no kiosk-mode install that I am aware of12:29
moireeKatolaZ: Yes. And under the url you sent, there's also 3.0.3-1-0+debu91 mentioned only.12:32
KatolaZnope moiree12:35
KatolaZlook for lines beginning with [ascii-security]12:35
KatolaZyou mentioned 3.0.6-1...etc12:36
moireeKatolaZ: Heh, good morning!12:36
KatolaZmoiree: o_O12:37
KatolaZso much for trying to help12:37
KatolaZthanks a lot12:37
KatolaZanyway, have a look at
KatolaZthe source package was uploaded  during the night12:39
KatolaZit should be available in devuan by today, I guess12:39
moireeKatolaZ: Thank you. I am waiting for it since yesterday afternoon, just wondering why it takes so much time.12:40
KatolaZmoiree: it looks like the package is embargoed13:33
KatolaZit will be probably released together with the SA13:33
KatolaZ_abc_: yes13:34
KatolaZit happens for packages which solve CVEs under embargo13:34
_abc_I don't know how to read the page you linked, also, what does your last sentence mean.13:35
_abc_embargo means presumably not released into repo for devuan installable packages, right?13:35
KatolaZembargoed packages are normally included in the repos when the corresponding DSA is relesed13:36
_abc_Please stop using acronyms, DSA means what?13:36
KatolaZDebian Security Advisory13:37
_abc_related to the red E here?
KatolaZ_abc_: I don't think so13:40
moireeIt is in debian/stretch since yesterday 12h35 GMT but still missing from devuan.13:44
* moiree patiently waits.13:44
moireeHere's the DSA fyi <> ;)13:49
enycHrrm, ?whatis the state of ascii+1 these days, anyway?14:58
KatolaZenyc: you can install it using the unstable installer already15:21
KatolaZthere is still an issue with polkit-1, which can be temporarily overcome by pinning the versions from ascii or from experimental15:22
_abc_What does poklit actually do?15:23
KatolaZ <- enyc15:23
KatolaZ_abc_: supports session management15:23
_abc_ what a load of bull15:24
KatolaZ_abc_: you don't have to use it, if you don't need automagic things to happen15:24
_abc_What kind of automagic?15:24
KatolaZusb device automounting for instance15:25
KatolaZpwoer-down, reboot, suspend from your desktop (with one click)15:25
_abc_I know how to use an automounter. Script it.15:25
KatolaZI have no policykit15:25
_abc_I know how to suspend reboot writing text into a proc file15:25
KatolaZnever used used it15:25
_abc_Au automounting usb drives means when you click on the drive icon in tunar? I hope not?15:26
KatolaZI guess so15:26
KatolaZbut have never used thunar, so I don't know15:27
_abc_These millenial emo pussies are redefining dictionary words with abandon. "Authentication Agent" ? "Subject" ? Can't one say credential verifyer/provider and client? Do they get scrabble points for making these new words up?15:27
_abc_Kerberos etc have the terminology down since 1990 and a little. What the hell. Who are these people ruinining what works.15:28
KatolaZ_abc_: in this particular case I guess they are not ruining anything15:28
* _abc_ has a long long list of things to do entirely made up of making things which worked less than 1-4 years ago work again, on linux.15:28
KatolaZthe problem is that most of the DEs have moved to use dbus15:29
KatolaZand similar amenities15:29
_abc_dbus is another emo pussy thing with New Names for Old Things15:29
_abc_Even buses are not exactly new. you know this?15:29
KatolaZI can't recall anything similar to dbus in Linux before (and i don't use dbus at all)15:29
_abc_What's a DE? Development Environment?15:29
KatolaZDesktop Environment15:30
_abc_KatolaZ: the old way to do things was a kernel character device in proc which spat out one line sentences upon device detect etc. Called hotplug script in userland15:30
KatolaZ_abc_: I know, and that's not what dbus is, I am afraid15:30
_abc_The other way to do this was a character mode fifo operating likewise. I wrote bash daemons in 50loc which did this, still work. No C++ nothing. mkfifo and rip away with nohup &15:31
_abc_That's exactly what pussy cunt dbus is. Reimplementing "more efficiently" things which worked before. Ego trip, 5 minutes of fame, etc.15:31
KatolaZ_abc_: I did not implement dbus mate15:31
_abc_In C++ no less which is the worst way to do this, given the kernel side always is and was C not C++.15:31
_abc_I'm just telling you how it works.15:31
_abc_Cool coders turning out bugs like there's no tomorrow.15:32
_abc_dbus is simply a multiplexed event bus, with "open architecture" and "extendable" which is exactly what a text based fifo piped protocol is too.15:32
_abc_But that was already there and working so they had to fuck with it.15:33
_abc_Next the'll reimplement the internet and tcp/ip in dbus because it's "more efficient". After all, tcp/ip mostly passes text between hosts with some guarantees of delivery and graceful failure.15:33
KatolaZok _abc_ , you are in rant mode and I have no time for that, sorry :)15:34
ErRandiryou can run devuan without dbus. I don't run dbus15:34
_abc_Were you here when I reported the laptop which ceased going to hibernation when the lid closes?15:34
KatolaZ_abc_: o_O15:34
KatolaZI guess I wrote you to have a look at the corresponding event script in /etc/acpi/events15:35
_abc_After an update. I have to probably revert to the previous version of whatever I updated and it was a long list.15:35
KatolaZperhaps you lost it15:35
KatolaZ_abc_: I am not an expert of desktopy things at all15:35
KatolaZI have my lidbtn script15:35
_abc_The scripts work, I wrote a crutch which simply listens to the event and echoes 3 into the relevant procfs to hibernate the device before it sucks the battery dry15:35
KatolaZI press Fn+F4 and the laptop goes to sleep15:36
_abc_3 = mem15:36
KatolaZI have never used any desktop madness _abc_15:36
KatolaZso you are shooting the wrong bird here15:36
izh_ /stats p15:40
_abc_KatolaZ: what are you using? text mode only?15:42
* _abc_ is on xfce4 default on ascii and all the above are relevant to that15:42
KatolaZ_abc_: xfce is a desktop environment15:43
KatolaZI told you already that I don't use a desktop environment15:43
KatolaZI am using xmonad, since you are asking15:44
KatolaZI don't think that's relevant, though15:44
_abc_It's relevant to the point of what the X11 apps you use use to talk to the system15:45
_abc_reading the nightmare at -- wait, polkit includes a complete interpreter for the polkit LANGUAGE? REALLY? And this is simpler than using bash or perl or whatever? My eyes BULGE OUT seeing the polkit is proudly written by a colleague of POETTRING's at RED HAT.16:04
_abc_As a safety measure, I'll write a script to scour all package descirptions for case insensitive "red hat" and "@redhat" and flag them in a list for myself.16:04
_abc_Yay the mongoloids maintain a list of their "achievements". Makes my job easyer.
_abc_@Desktop Software: we see there a list of most of our nightmares? I do.16:42
_abc_evince works. ok, one dowm.16:43
_abc_ogg theora works. Nice. 2 held, all the others must go / be flagged risk.16:43
_abc_"rsyslog - co-maintained, significant influence" -- is the sygnificant influece a potshot at systemd-logd ?16:45
* _abc_ is too disgusted to go on now16:57
yummykittyranchedoes anyone have advice on installing buster without apparmor?22:41

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