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DocScrutinizer05you might appreciate this
HurgotronDocScrutinizer05: Yes, good one... but be assured that it will be brought up again at a more "convenient" time for the rights holders.02:04
ejrwhat could be the reason that i can launch x with startx when no external screen is connected to my laptop, but not when there is?09:10
gnarfaceejr: could be a number of reasons.  check the Xorg log10:19
gnarfacea second monitor would take up more video ram10:19
gnarfaceit would be possible to configure it to need more than it has10:20
gnarface(just for example)10:20
ejrgnarface: i already checked the logs and posted them in the forum. my suspicion is that it might be related to a pipe 1 / pipe 0 error, but alas i don't know how to solve it.10:25
ejr(see here: )10:26
systemdletegnarface:  so I just looked at the logwatch email for PC1, where I made the USB stick that is failing to install jessie.  I/O errors.10:43
systemdleteSo now I am doing a more thorough test on the stick to make sure it really is hard errors.  Another thing is that I probably need to use the conv=sparse argument to dd10:44
systemdleteotherwise, when I copy the image back from the stick to a temp file to cmopare the original ISO I downloaded to the image on the stick10:45
systemdleteI run md5sum to see if they match.  They don't; in fact, the temp file is huge by many orders of size.  So sparse is part of the issue, but I think the drive may be wonky too10:45
systemdleteJust an update... I am continue to look into this matter with the KVM switch.  This is step one.10:46
KatolaZsystemdlete: just `dd if=image of=/dev/whatever`11:02
KatolaZno other options required11:03
hashlogHey, I have a problem updating from jessie to ascii. init-system-helpers is breaking sysvinit-utils and vice versa. Anyone got any idea how to fix this? (
beatpanichello everyone, tired of systemd. I was wondering if it's possible to upgrade from debian sid  to ceres14:03
sixwheeledbeastShould be as simple as changing your sources.list14:14
beatpanicsixwheeledbeast: sounds promising, it will remove also systemd and all that jazz?14:14
sixwheeledbeast"should". As Devuan conflicts with systemd packages they would be removed with only libsystemd0 left IIRC? Maybe someone that had done that before can point you in the right direction.14:16
beatpanicok, I'll idle here then. thanks!14:17
hashlogHey, I have a problem updating from jessie to ascii. init-system-helpers is breaking sysvinit-utils and vice versa. Anyone got any idea how to fix this? (
KatolaZbeatpanic: you might to want to follow a Debian-to-Devuan upgrade guide14:21
sixwheeledbeastbeatpanic: this may give you a rough idea in the mean time
KatolaZhashlog: apt-get -f install14:23
beatpanicKatolaZ: any links? I am fresh to devuan. thank you14:24
KatolaZhashlog: it might be good to know which version of either package you currently have14:24
KatolaZbeatpanic: sixwheeledbeast provided a link above14:24
beatpanicI wonder of the migration to ascii applies also to ceres14:26
beatpanicThanks for the pointer folks,  I'll try to migrate during the next weekend I believe14:27
sixwheeledbeastThat's the idea. You should be able to replace the DE for any of the Devuan available ones if xfce isn't your thing.14:28
sixwheeledbeastAlso init for openrc or what have you.14:29
KatolaZbeatpanic: there might be some issues with policykit14:29
KatolaZbut there is a guide on dev1galaxy about using the ascii versions14:29
KatolaZthat should be hopefully solved soon-ish14:30
hashlogKataloz: init-system-helpers 1.24 and sysvinit-utils 2.88
hashlogand which one should I force install? sysvinit-utils or init-system-helpers?14:43
fsmithredI would try 'apt-get install sysvinit-utils=2.88dsf-59.9+devuan2'14:50
fsmithredthat's newer than the 59.3 that apt is complaining about14:50
fsmithredhashlog ^^^14:51
hashlogfsmithred: fails with 'sysvinit-utils : Depends: util-linux (> 2.28-2~) but 2.26.2-6+devuan1 is to be installed'14:52
fsmithredwhy is it trying to install jessie versions?14:53
fsmithredyou changed your sources to ascii and then did an update, right?14:54
hashlogi have no idea. In my sources.list there are only ascii entries14:54
hashlogfsmithred: yes14:54
fsmithredanything pinned or a default release defined?14:54
hashlogthe apt-get upgrade went through without any problems, i'm getting the problems only on the dist-upgrade14:54
fsmithredmaybe try aptitude -s full-upgrade'14:55
fsmithredto see what solutions it offers14:55
fsmithred(-s is --simulate)14:56
hashlogThe option are either to keep init-system-helpers and util-linux at their current version, or to remove openssh-server.
hashlogsince it's a remote server, removing openssh-server is not an option14:59
fsmithredif you 'apt-get upgrade' again, will it upgrade anything else?15:06
hashlognothing, just a notice about held back packages.15:08
hashlogfsmithred: ^^^ any idea?15:27
fsmithredhashlog, sorry, I've been trying to get an idea and I'm still waiting for it to come15:30
pardisSomething isn't right about this pastebin15:31
fsmithredmy guess is that one or more of those packages needs the version forced, but I don't know which ones.15:31
pardisThose are the jessie versions of libncurses* stuff it's complaining about15:31
pardisaptitude should be upgrading those to ascii too15:31
fsmithredyeah, it's wanting jessie versions. I don't understand.15:32
pardisDo you have any held packages?15:32
pardisOr pins, or something like that?15:32
hashlogpardis: no held packages (apt-mark showhold) and no pins15:33
pardisWhat does `apt-cache policy libncurses5` say?15:34
hashlog . Might the mirror that I use be broken?15:35
pardisPerhaps, what does your sources.list look like?15:36
pardisThere should definitely be a version of that package available from the Devuan repo15:36
pardisYou're using just /devuan in those URLs15:38
pardisIt should be /merged so you get the Debian packages that Devuan hasn't modified as well15:38
hashlogthat would explain a lot15:38
fsmithredgood call, pardis15:38
hashlogNow suddenly there are 232 outstanding updates. looks good15:41
gnarfaceejr: the second monitor thing is still a mystery to me from those logs.  but if you add yourself to the "dialout" group, your wacom tablet will probably start working18:29
gnarfaceat this point i'd be trying to manually define the monitors and maybe the modelines for them too, if X isn't auto-detecting their optimal resolution and refresh properly18:30
gnarfaceejr: (you probably want to be in the video, audio, and input groups too)18:31
gnarfaceejr: hmmm... make sure /dev/ttyS0 even actually even exists before you add yourself to the dialout group though.  yours might not be owned by the same group as mine here...18:33
gnarfacesystemdlete: well, they don't last forever18:35
gnarfacesystemdlete: (you can do a thorough test with the program "badblocks" but it will be very slow)18:38
buZzkinda wanna add the devuan conference to topic18:54
buZzbut it ends up being too long18:54
buZzso i give up ;)18:54
saptechhey all19:57
saptechdoes anyone use CryFS?19:58
saptechif so what are your thoughts about it?19:59

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