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se7engnarface: it booted right00:06
se7enNow maybe you can help me figure out why my loopback address doesn't automatically come up00:07
gnarfacese7en: hooraaay!00:09
gnarfacese7en: sizes of everything is correct?00:09
se7enlooks like it00:09
gnarfacethe loopback thing is probably just a missing line from your /etc/hosts or /etc/network/interfaces file00:09
se7enIt's all done now00:37
se7enDoes anyone have experience with torsocks?00:37
se7enI still have the issues I sent the ML00:38
se7engnarface: my power button only turns off the computer when my lid is closed02:33
gnarfacese7en: try "apt-get update && apt-get install task-laptop"02:34
se7enI thought I already had that installed. Will see02:34
se7enYeah, it is02:34
se7enis this a conf file issue?02:36
se7eni tried looking through the power settings and it confused me02:36
gnarfacei'm not sure really02:37
gnarfaceon desktop and server motherboards, there is often a relevant BIOS setting02:37
se7enI have to replace my wlan crd with a free-software equivilent02:38
se7enwill be back02:38
gnarfacehello brand0n02:41
gnarfacebest to just state your problem and hope someone can help02:42
rwpOften suspend/hibernate/shutdown is controlled by the Desktop Environment.  Config depends upon which DE is running.02:59
golinuxse7en: Make sure you have the backends to match your DE.  Read the Release Note.  It's in there.03:01
rwp(Side Comment: For me I never liked laptops to suspend upon lid close. I'm probably just walking around with it. I don't want it to disconnect. I only suspend on Fn+Sleep.)03:03
se7enDamn it. The hack to remove the thinkpad bios blocklist for unsigned minipci doesn't work on newer hardwarew03:07
se7enAnd I currently lack the utilities to coreboot (which I will eventually)03:07
bgstack15g'day everybody. I think I have a gcc version issue and want to know if this makes sense. Devuan ascii, up to date.03:33
bgstack15error: ‘is_trivially_constructible_v’ is not a member of ‘std’03:33
bgstack15g++ -std=c++1703:34
bgstack15and it appears that the c++17 has the is_trivially_constructible_v in std::, so perhaps it's a gcc (Debian 6.3.0-18+deb9u1) 6.3.0 2017051603:34
Jjp137I don't know C++ very well, but perhaps you should check this:
Jjp137wait that looks more like a C++11 feature? idk then.03:38
bgstack15Thanks so far. I'm reading the link. I have absolutely no idea about C++. I'm actually just trying to [work up to] build packages for myself.03:40
brand0nyeah you may need to specify the particular standard library for that C++ spec revision that has it03:41
bgstack15I can change the Makefile to see if c++11 gets me farther down the target. I know that this project compiles decently on Fedora so I think it's a gcc or lib version. Or perhaps I'm missing a lib...03:41
bgstack15I installed build-essential and devscripts03:42
brand0ncppreference says is_trivially_constructible_v has been in there since C++1703:44
brand0nwhat are you trying to compile03:44
buZzbgstack15: fyi, there's a newer gcc in ascii-backports03:44
buZzoh actually sorry, no there isnt? hmm03:45
Jjp137(...oh I completely missed the _v part sigh)03:45
Jjp137and no there isn't03:47
bgstack15ooh, i forgot about backports03:47
bgstack15i was using ceres for a while, no backports there that i'm aware of03:47
bgstack15i'm more of a fedora guy but i want to learn the devuan way to do things, for the main devuan reason03:48
Jjp137Fedora uses more recent versions of packages than Debian/Devuan in general afaik; Devuan is more focused on stability03:51
Jjp137at least when you compare the stable releases03:51
Jjp137there's backports, but not everything can be backported for various reasons03:51
bgstack15I tried "sudo apt-get -t ascii-backports install gcc" after enabling the repo (?) and doing an apt-get update03:52
bgstack15it did not offer any new gcc03:52
Jjp137after modifying sources.list, do apt-get update first03:53
Jjp137but even then I don't think there's a newer version of GCC in backports anyway03:53
bgstack15I tried that, and also tried it with a -t ascii-backports03:53
bgstack15Ah, now I see buZz's second comment.03:54
buZzyeah sorry for confusion, could have sworn :)03:54
bgstack15FreeFileSync is not a blocker for me to move forward on devuan, but it's a smaller project I wanted to start with, learning how to compile.03:54
buZzmaybe confused with jessie-backports03:55
bgstack15I wonder how Pale Moon will compile...03:55
bgstack15I am familiar with rsync, but sometimes I just want a simple gui like FreeFileSync.03:55
Jjp137there's grsync03:55
bgstack15Thank you, I will check out grsync. I guess tomorrow I'll take a stab at compiling Pale Moon. That project recently rebased off a need for gcc 4.9 to accepting gcc 8...03:57
bgstack15Thanks everybody for the help tonight!03:57
Jjp137np :)03:58
XenguyI'm a bit frustrated because my OS here has decided to start implementing what I can only call power-saving features, even when I'm completely plugged-in...05:38
XenguyI don't know where this behavior came from either, as I did not change any configurations that I know of...05:38
XenguyThis is 'stable' (ascii?) BTW05:39
XenguySo e.g. it is fading to a less bright setting, like after 15 seconds, which is pretty annoying05:39
XenguyNo idea how to troubleshoot this as I don't know where it originated from05:40
XenguyI have to hit the sack soon, but thought I should mention it05:42
Criggieare you using a laptop?  Is it plugged in ?05:43
XenguyYes and yes Criggie05:43
Criggiesorry for asking obvuous, but we've all been there :)05:43
XenguyBattery indicator shows as such also05:44
XenguyOf course05:44
XenguyThank you for showing any interest in my dilemma at all : -)05:45
Criggieyeah trying to think of what else to suggest05:45
XenguyMe too, very random05:45
XenguyI've checked:  System > Preferences > Hardware > Power Management05:48
XenguyI don't get the sense it's the same system that is producing the random/unexpected behavior tho05:48
XenguyChanging a couple of settings there now, for 'battery' state05:50
Xenguyjust to test05:50
XenguyNote that I am plugged in, so 'battery state' should not apply05:52
XenguyWell I unchecked a couple of 'dimming' options in the area I mentioned...05:54
XenguyAnd now things seem to have appeared to normal, so I'm now wondering if there is some kind of bug that is misinterpreting a plugged-in state for a battery state05:55
XenguyAnyhow, not sure, bit of a mystery05:55
XenguyThis is a MATE desktop05:56
Xenguyon Ascii05:56
cinch"configure: WARNING: No package 'libsystemd' found." Excellent. :)06:35
watchcatXenguy: i don't even install mate power mgmt, screensaver, notifications daemon, all that crap.07:45
* man_in_shack looks around13:26
man_in_shackfun little problem in xfce here, if i try mounting a filesystem, i get "not authorised to perform this operation"13:27
man_in_shackbut if i mount it with udiskctl from terminal, it asks for a password and mounts13:27
amesserit should not ask13:27
amesserseems your session management is not properly installed13:27
amessercan you please check which polkit packages are installed13:28
man_in_shacki have policykit-1-gnome installed14:22
DocScrutinizer05LOL!!!  >> “Michael Biebl, long-time maintainer of systemd for Debian (2010 or earlier, based on changelog.Debian.gz), is taking undetermined holidays from packaging it.” “Will stop maintaining systemd in debian for a while. What's going on is just too stupid/crazy.”<<  ( [DNG] Debian dev takes a break from packaging systemd    22 Jan 2019 00:08:42     From: wirelessduck--- via Dng <> )14:23
amesserman_in_shack: sure, but there are other, i'm referring to the libpolkit packages. Can you please run the following command and post its output:14:24
amesser $ apt list --installed | grep polkit14:25
Wonkafunny that policykit-1 in stable has a larger version than policykit-1 in unstable...14:26
Wonkaalso, policykit-1 is uninstallable in unstable because of missing dependencies14:27
Wonkain testing too14:27
man_in_shackwho does what now?14:29
amesserok, you're polkit is installed for consolekit session mangement. Can please addittionally check:14:29
amesser $ apt list --installed | grep consolekit14:29
amesser $ apt list --installed | grep elogin14:29
man_in_shack   so i have elogind installed. i should also have the polkit backend for it then?14:31
amesserah i see, that is the problem14:31
amesserwhen elogind and consolekit are installed at the same time, consolekit becomes broken14:32
amesseryou have two possibilities:14:32
amessereither remove all elogind packages14:32
amesseror remove cosolekit packages and install for all libpolkit*consolekit the corresponding libpolkit*elogind packages14:33
man_in_shacki know something i wanted to try wanted elogind so i'll probably just switch to that14:36
amesserelogind is dependencies on several packages14:38
man_in_shackthanks amesser, that did the trick :)14:38
amesseryou're welcome :-)14:38
man_in_shacknow, lightdm is still autologging in when i log out14:39
man_in_shackbut i suppose that's ok14:39
man_in_shacki don't actually have other users :P14:40
amesserhmm, sounds also strange :-)14:45
amesserI'm also using lightm14:46
amessermaybe have a look at /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf14:46
BeerbelottErr:3 ascii-security/main amd64 apt amd64 1.4.915:14
Beerbelott  404  Not Found [IP: 2001:878:346::116 80]15:14
KatolaZWonka: there was a bug in apt which allowed remote code execution16:09
KatolaZbased on redirects16:09
KatolaZit's not possible to disable redirects for Devuan repos16:09
KatolaZso the safest thing would be to upgrade apt by downloading the deb16:09
KatolaZ(if you don't trust devuan mirrors)16:10
Wonka"apt download" would probably also be affected...16:10
KatolaZI mentioned downloading manually16:10
Wonkawell, no.16:10
Wonkaanything using the http acquire method16:10
KatolaZoh sure16:11
KatolaZanything that interacts with the repo via http16:11
Wonkabrowsing the repo with firefox (via https) would be ok, and downloading a fixed package16:11
Wonkaweeelll... anything that lets itself be manipulated with rogue Location: headers16:11
WonkaI'd hope that would not work with wget16:12
Wonkathe rce depends on the http acquire method unquoting the Location header _and_ the caller getting confused by that, if I understand correctly16:13
KatolaZWonka: I am sending an email to DNG as well16:13
KatolaZWonka: devuan repos work on redirects16:13
KatolaZif you remove redirects, they just don't work16:14
Wonkacan't hurt to notify more people, yes16:14
WonkaI'll manually acquire apt-method-https, verify that, install it, and change all my sources16:15
KatolaZwhy should you change sources?16:17
_abc_Hi. fsmithred ? apt-file list refracta2usb -> empty list. Is there a -doc package? Not yet? And hi.18:22
_abc_Same outcome for all the other installed refracta related packages, like -gui -base etc18:23
KatolaZ_abc_: which repos are you using?18:26
KatolaZ_abc_: apt-file update18:26
_abc_I did the update18:26
_abc_KatolaZ: the ascii ascii-updates ascii-security ascii-backports plus the same source repos18:27
KatolaZ_abc_: apt-list will list the files in a package18:33
KatolaZgiven the package name18:33
KatolaZI guess that refracta2usb is a file, not a package?18:34
KatolaZthere is no package with that name in the devuan repo18:35
_abc_It appears installed here, in aptitude, I think I imported it manually after fsmithred gave me a link to it.18:51
_abc_KatolaZ: sorry was away, filled my piehole18:52
golinux_abc_: It is in his sourceforge files18:53
_abc_golinux: I assume it was online outside the repos, I did not remember where.18:53
_abc_We can wait for him to chip in, I assume there is no proper info page (or manual page) yet18:53
_abc_apropos refracta comes up empty. Here we go, back to what we do best, read source code :) Hopefully with comments.18:54
golinuxOf course there is on the website18:54
golinux_abc_: ^^^18:56
_abc_I think he modified the official refracta?18:56
_abc_Or is it his in it's entirety18:56
golinuxI thought you were talking about refracta2usb18:56
golinuxIt is his entirely18:56
golinuxHe inherited it from meandean18:57
golinuxAbout 6 yyears ago18:57
golinuxAt least the snapshot and installer18:58
golinuxThe tools are probably his.18:58
golinuxHe'll be around later.19:00
_abc_I might not be, I am broken. 2 gubmint offices queueing today, both with no results.19:01
_abc_2morrow I go to a 3rd.19:02
_abc_Weekend is more likely. Meanwhile I'll re-read the docs. Thanks for the links golinux.19:02
fsmithredping _abc_19:44
fsmithredthere are no doc packages for refracta tools. Check in /usr/share/docs or select Help from within the program where it's available.19:45
golinuxThere is refracta2usb, no?19:46
golinuxthe readme?19:46
fsmithredyes, they all have readme files included19:51
fsmithredbut there is not refracta*-doc package19:51
KatolaZfsmithred: I guess the problem is that _abc_ was trying to track down the package refracta2usb belonged to19:52
fsmithredoh, ok. It is its own package but not in the repo. Maybe next version will go into the repo.19:53
golinuxI explained that a bit and he understood19:54
_abc_Hi. Thanks for the tips.20:07
booyahall debians can be hacked to get root on them trivially20:58
booyahdevuan already released that patches too?20:58
booyahapt redirect exploit20:58
KatolaZbooyah: the patches are in the repos already21:04
KatolaZsee message on DNG21:04
KatolaZalso posted here vefore21:04
KatolaZbooyah: ^^^^21:05
xrogaanYou may want to do an upgrade :)21:17
* xrogaan is late21:17
xrogaanwhat is dng btw?21:19
fsmithreddevuan mailing list21:20
fsmithredactually stands for (stood for?) debian's not gnome21:20
xrogaanI understand the joke.21:21
arminI actually got back to using gkrellm...21:22
arminEven worse: under KDE.21:25
arminis there a more recent kernel i can install and use on devuan ascii if this here is simply too old?  4.9.0-8-amd6421:35
* golinux loves gkrellm. Workd fine on jessie.21:36
gnarfacearmin: there's a newer kernel in ascii-backports21:37
armingnarface: works like a charm, ty21:52
gnarfaceno problem, armin21:59
_abc_I see that triggered a major update here, hope it will end well23:00
_abc_Killed it started over clean23:03

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