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gnarfaceshnaps: were you installing via wireless?00:04
shnapsgnarface, I have broadcom. So no00:05
shnapsWired connection00:05
gnarfacehmmm. strange00:07
gnarfaceyea, i got nothing on that one.  i'm not sure anyone else has seen it do that either.00:07
shnapsIt is fine. But what are the packages inside "install packages" option? What file configure it?00:09
gnarfacei'm not sure what you're asking.  it just installs the base system and the packages pointed to by the meta-packages you selected in tasksel.  i'm not sure what actual files in the installer control that.00:11
fsmithreddepends on what you select at the tasksel window00:11
fsmithredshnaps, did you install task-xfce-desktop?00:12
shnapsgnarface, I mean what are the meta packages there?00:13
shnapsfsmithred, nope. Should I?00:13
fsmithredif you want the full desktop in one command, yes00:13
gnarfaceshnaps: they show up in the repo too.  afaik they all start with "task-"00:14
fsmithredif you want to put it together piece by piece, then no.00:14
gnarfaceshnaps: you can even install tasksel00:14
fsmithredgood idea00:14
shnapsLet me try00:15
fsmithredapt-get install tasksel00:15
shnapsAlready been installed. Guess like dependency00:15
fsmithredtry running it00:16
shnapsWorks. Where does it log?00:16
gnarfacemost likely somewhere in /var/log00:17
gnarfacecheck in /var/log/apt if there's nothing more obvious00:17
shnapsOh, I think I have logs from my last devuan netinstall00:18
shnapsFound my error "Menu item 'pkgsel' succeeded but requeste00:21
shnapsd to be left unconfigured.00:21
shnapsMenu item 'pkgsel' succeeded but requested to be left unconfigured."00:22
shnapsINFO: Falling back to the package description for brltty-udeb. Menu item 'finish-install' selected00:23
shnapsAnd couple more strings. I guess I got them right after I tried to run configuring mirrors and installing packages00:24
gnarfacei wonder why00:29
gnarfaceit certainly sounds like something that could be caused by spurious keypresses00:29
shnapsI checked all other options couple times. No phantom keypresses, nothing weird while typing, no double letter in terminal, etc00:30
telmichI think somebody mentioned to have docker running on Devuan and I was wondering if anyone knows anything about it?20:48
debdogsomeone mentioned a while ago20:52
_stephen_Sure do.21:25
_stephen_telmich: I'm using docker under devuan.21:25
_stephen_To get it working, I had to grab the binary files from the docker web site, install cgroupfs-mount, create a docker group, add my user to that group, and put the binaries in the path so that dockerd could find them.  On one system I used update-alternatives to put the binaries in the path, on another I just made a shell script that sets environment variables for it.21:28
_stephen_There was an obscure problem with some versions, but it looks like I'm using 18.0.1-ce build e68fc7a on my present system.21:29
_stephen_So I know that one works.21:29
_stephen_I have join/part turned off and I don't know if that person is still even here, but I figure this way I can find these details later when my systems are long gone and I need them again.21:32
debdog_stephen_: try tel<tab>21:33
debdog(yes, still around)21:34
telmich_stephen_, debdog: thanks a lot for the pointer, will give it a try tomorrow morning!21:34
_stephen_telmich: oh yeah... tab...21:36
_stephen_telmich: I was trying to find the error I was encountering, but failed.  You may run into some really obscure error about paths in sys or proc, and upon googling them you'll find they're a problem that popped up in short window of somewhat recent versions of docker, if you encounter it, you can just try a different version of the binary, if you go that route.21:43
_stephen_It was a somewhat discouraging issue to encounter, too, because it kind of looked like it needed systemd and it absolutely didnt...21:46
telmich_stephen_: that sounds scary - but I'll check22:48
shnapsHi there! Can I get some help? What can be reason of such situation: I can't startx without sudo after I created .xinitrc in my home directory and just trying to do this "exec volumeicon&"?23:29
gnarfaceshnaps: your ~/.xinitrc needs to start a window manager as it's final action23:30
gnarfaceshnaps: (sudo probably just sets your user to root and home to /root so it would just ignore this ~/.xinitrc in that case)23:31
gnarfaceyou might be mixing syntax too23:32
shnapsOh. And when I'm running with root it is loading default xinitrc config?23:32
gnarfaceit's also running it as root, which is widely recognized as a bad idea23:32
shnapsCool, gonna try to fix it23:33
gnarfacei'm also not sure if you're suposed to mix the "&" and the "exec" syntax in this file though23:33
gnarfacethere's more than one way to write it23:33
gnarfacei write mine as a full-on bash script23:33
shnapsI'm bad with bash. So I have no idea23:33
gnarfacei use full paths to the executables instead of the "exec" keyword, basically23:34
shnapsSo, should I get "which .." and put it in script?23:35
LatrinaGood evening23:35
gnarfaceshnaps: it's almost certainly /usr/bin, but yes23:35
gnarfaceshnaps: you meant "which volumeicon" right?  not literally "which .." ?23:36
LatrinaIs there a OpenRC iso somewhere? I have read Devuan offers a OpenRC option but cant find the installer anywhere23:36
gnarfaceLatrina: it should show up in the regular installer if you're in expert mode.  i'm not sure if you have to add it from the "load additional components" menu or not.23:36
Latrinaoh great, didn't know. I will give it a go. Thanks man :)23:37
gnarfaceno problem23:37
gnarfacenote that the live image is not the regular installer23:37
shnapsBasically, I mean that I definetily will need to write some more stuff like this. But in this case yeah, "which volumeicon"23:37
shnapsLatrina, enable it in "load additional components". Should be option like "change init system"23:38
gnarfaceshnaps: here's an example ~/.xinitrc:
shnapsShould it has "#!/bin/bash" at start?23:39
gnarfaceshnaps: yes23:39
shnapsBecause I definetily miss it23:39
KatolaZLatrina: expert mode, then select "choose-init" when you are offered to load additional components23:40
gnarfaceshnaps: well this might come down to a difference in whether you wanted it treated like a bash script or not.  but this has been working for me in more situations than the other format.23:40
gnarfaceshnaps: (over the past 22 years)23:40
shnapsThen I'll use it23:40
Latrinathank you all guys :)23:40
KatolaZnp Latrina23:41
shnapsHuh, seems like it is easy, but I been fixing this code/xinitrc for 4 hours now :/23:41
gnarfaceshnaps: it really might just come down to you using that "exec" line and the "&" together, and it not being sure what to parse it as23:42
shnapsBut also created basic sh file which I can ran and get all apps/settings, lol23:42
gnarfacethere was some special rule to using the "exec" shorthands.  i think .desktop files might have similar rules?  i dunno, it confused me too and i gave up and went back to bash23:42
shnapsYeah, changing for full path now. I'll try to restart it in couple minutes23:42
shnapsBash I fine I guess23:43
gnarfacei mean, it confused me too, and i gave up and went back to bash about 22 years ago and just haven't revisited the issue since23:43
gnarfacesomeone might know what's actually wrong23:43
gnarfacemost people these days use a gui login though and don't even have this file23:44
gnarfaceKatolaZ: not a bug in the distro.  syntax issue in his ~/.xinitrc23:44
gnarfaceKatolaZ: i'm still not sure how to properly use the "exec" keyword in there.23:45
gnarfaceKatolaZ: so i just don't23:45
KatolaZexec is needed to actually replace the shell with the command to be run as the last command in .xinitrc23:45
KatolaZlike in:23:45
KatolaZsleep 223:46
KatolaZSHELL=/bin/bash sxhkd -c ~/.sxhkd/sxhkd.conf 1>&2 2>/tmp/loglog.txt &23:46
KatolaZexec xmonad23:46
KatolaZno need to put a shebang23:46
gnarfacehmm. interesting23:46
KatolaZ.xinitrc is always considered a shell script23:46
gnarfacei remember removing it once somewhere in 2014-2016 and it stopped working after an update so i had to put it back23:48
shnapsThis is confusing :/23:48
shnapsWhat do I supposed to have in this string then?23:48
shnapsecho -e "exec volumeicon &" >> /home/shnaps/.xinitrc23:48
shnapsI just want to put it in xinitrc and run after i3 loaded23:49
KatolaZthen run i3 first23:49
gnarfacei don't think that works23:49
gnarfacei think the window manager has to be the last thing you run in there23:49
gnarfaceshnaps: my advice is to run i3wm *last* ... which i know is counter-intuitive but it's also the way i thought it had to be.  KatolaZ might have a different way of doing things23:50
KatolaZgnarface: it's not required23:51
KatolaZfrom the manpage of xinitrc:23:51
KatolaZ"An important point is that programs which are run by .xinitrc should be run in the background if they  do  not  exit  right23:51
KatolaZ       away,  so that they don't prevent other programs from starting up.  However, the last long-lived program started (usually a23:51
KatolaZ       window manager or terminal emulator) should be left in the foreground so that the script won't exit (which  indicates  that23:51
KatolaZ       the user is done and that xinit should exit)23:51
Latrinaguys, another noob question. Where is the exper-mode supposed to be located? I went in advanced install but I couldnt find anything related to the init system23:51
shnapsOh, I can also show you what have I done! What service do we use to paste scripts?23:51
gnarfaceshnaps: doesn't have ads23:52
KatolaZLatrina: expert install23:52
KatolaZLatrina: then at a certain point it will ask you to load additional installer component23:52
KatolaZLatrina: there you have to select "choose-init"23:52
shnapsSo, I been tired because I reinstalled distro a lot for last couple days. And created this
gnarfaceKatolaZ: i re-read that section of the man page but i don't think it's disagreeing with me...23:53
Latrinafound it23:53
KatolaZno gnarface23:53
KatolaZit's not disagreeing23:53
KatolaZit's just that the last command should be executed via exec23:53
KatolaZso it will be in foreground23:53
KatolaZand will forbir xinit from exiting23:54
KatolaZbut it does not necessarily have to be the window manager23:54
KatolaZit is normally the window manager23:54
gnarfacehmmm. i see23:54
KatolaZsince you want it to survive until the X server is up23:54
KatolaZ(well, as long as the X server is up)23:54
KatolaZbut it could be any program23:55
KatolaZthe fact is that xinit exits, and shuts the server down, as soon as the last program in .xinitrc exits23:55
gnarfacefair enough23:55
gnarfacei still think there's a lot of stuff in shnaps's example here that probably shouldn't be...23:55
KatolaZhaven't seen the example23:55
gnarfaceall these apt-get commands...  i don't think that should be in the xorg startup...23:56
KatolaZlooking at the link now23:56
shnapsThis is not horg startup23:56
KatolaZline 3-8 are wrong, IMHO23:56
KatolaZalso shnaps, why do you want to install stuff there?23:57
shnapsThis is just script which supposed to help me with install23:57
KatolaZI am confused23:57
shnapsIt is fine, lol23:57
shnaps"[01:53] <shnaps> So, I been tired because I reinstalled distro a lot for last couple days. And created this"23:57
shnapsI just wanted to automate everything and do post-install script which I can download with git23:58
shnapsAnd etc etc23:58
KatolaZgot it now23:59
KatolaZso that's not related to .xinitrc23:59
KatolaZ(apart from the fact that the script puts something in .xinitrc)23:59
shnapsNope, only last string in this script23:59

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