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systemdlete2I need to detach the testbox from both the video and usb (kb/mouse) in order to do the install "stand-alone" (without the KVM in-line)00:00
systemdlete2but that means setting up a separate monitor... which was the whole point of the KVM.  Maybe later today or tomorrow I'll stop crying over this and set up my old monitor just for the install.  Once it is installed, it should be fine.  The ascii install went without a hitch, but that was BEFORE the KVM00:01
gnarfacesystemdlete2: yea, i'm sure now there must be some kernel parameter or hotplug config change you can use to make the one box behave.  it might have something to do with different USB implementations still, but what i recall it coming down to was a nasty hotplug hack that was just magically included in the Windows version of the driver but isn't on by default in linux00:01
systemdlete2before I connected the testbox and my main computer to the KVM00:01
systemdlete2gnarface:  Thank you for that info.00:02
gnarfacei remember running into it years ago, and thinking "oh, that's why this KVM was only $1"00:03
brocashelmgnarface: thanks, reading it now00:04
systemdlete2on a different note, logwatch 7.5.x breaks non-systemd distros.  I just updated it in my artix VM, and now the daily logwatch reports tell my that it cannot exec "journalctl" ... Duh.   So another package is now unusable thanks to the new Linux regime at RH00:04
systemdlete2Yeah.  I think I paid $5 for this box.  Something silly.00:04
brocashelmthat blows00:04
systemdlete2They have hardcoded logwatch for systemd!!!00:04
gnarfacesystemdlete2: i'm wondering if the version of logwatch in devuan has been patched so that doesn't happen00:04
systemdlete2rather than parameterizing things to work for systemd also.00:05
systemdlete2(I hope so, gnarface!)00:05
systemdlete2artix channel is not too interested... and arch won't even talk to me.  something about it being artix and my nick...  :p00:05
systemdlete2seems one must go "undercover" to approach arch about issues with packages common to their distro and derivatives00:06
systemdlete2logwatch is at 7.4.3 in jessie and there is no upgrade in the repo now00:08
systemdlete2no sure about ascii00:09
systemdlete2or any other devuan release00:09
* systemdlete2 boots testbox into ascii 00:09
gnarfacelogwatch-7.4.3+git20161207-2 ?00:09
gnarfacethat might include the right patches00:09
systemdlete2ah, ok00:09
systemdlete2the change seems to have occured more recently, with 7.5.x00:10
gnarfacethere's also something called fwlogwatch-1.4-1... not sure if it's related00:10
gnarfacei'm showing 7.5 in ceres, but that doesn't mean the patch wasn't backported00:10
systemdlete2that's for firewall extensions I believe00:10
systemdlete2I don't have  a ceres here, afaik00:10
systemdlete2just jessie, ascii, and beowulf00:11
systemdlete2I should say, "beowulf"00:11
systemdlete2I could create a ceres in a VM and see how it behaves.00:11
gnarfaceit might actually be in better condition than beowulf in some regards00:12
systemdlete2"behave" I meant logwatch.00:12
systemdlete2I'm sure ceres is very, very kool00:12
gnarfaceyea, might be worth a try00:12
systemdlete2Gotta go out for a bit.  I'll try this later.  I'll post my findings here...00:13
rdav__The D in SystemD stands for Danger, Will Robinson! Defanged exploit code for security holes now out in the wild • The Register
golinuxEverybody, please move systemd discussion to #debianfork.00:56
Xenguyrdav__: Thanks for the link (you should /join #debianfork)01:00
rdav__golinux , Xenguy thanks for guidance, will do01:01
brocashelmi'm going to that channel01:03
XenguySome context would be nice01:44
Venkerhi people09:34
gnarfacegreetings Venker, best to just state your question and hope someone has an answer09:34
Venkerthanks, gnarface  :)09:35
VenkerI'm afraid I forgot my devuan laptop at home  :\09:41
Venkerdid someone setted up lxc 3.x in devuan beowulf?10:39
Venkeranyone*, sorry10:39
KatolaZVenker: is it an issue with apparmor?10:44
KatolaZVenker: 'cause you know you have to use an unrestricted profile for lxc to work on beowulf, right?10:45
VenkerKatolaZ: yes, I once disabled (and even deinstalled) apparmor with lxc 2.x but it didn't work either. Containers didn't start10:47
Venkergolinux: thanks for the pkginfo web  ;-)10:48
KatolaZVenker: what error do you see?10:48
KatolaZVenker: you need10:49
KatolaZlxc.apparmor.allow_incomplete = 110:49
KatolaZin the config file10:49
KatolaZor they won't start10:50
VenkerKatolaZ: I purged all lxc packages to rebuild config from zero. I'll check that line, too10:51
KatolaZno need to purge packages10:51
KatolaZthat's the per-container config10:51
KatolaZit's in /var/lib/lxc/CONTAINER_NAME/config10:52
Venkerouch -_-U10:53
Venkerthanks a lot10:55
r3bootMeh .. just found out that my car is not allowed in brussel .. cant make it to fosdem :(16:42
errandir1park in the outskirts or in a different town & take the train.16:51
r3bootWill consider that yeah16:51
r3bootKatolaZ: just wondering, will you be at fosdem?16:52
Venkerr3boot: do you drive a Decepticon car?17:01
r3bootVenker: Mazda MX5 NA8 from 1994 :P17:01
Venkerwhy is not allowed?17:02
r3bootbecause the municipality in brussels wants to do something about the pollution, so they're banning older cars / trucks etc17:03
r3bootGerman cities have similar rules, and the biggest dutch cities also have them17:03
Venkeroh, yes, the hypocrite-green-policies17:03
r3bootmja, it kinda makes sense (old cars are *cheap*, and you can easily spend 500 a year on a car each year w/o any maintenance and still keep driving)17:04
r3bootToo bad that my restored mx5 also falls under those rules :<17:04
r3boot(it has modern cataclytic converters etc, but it's banned just based on the date)17:05
KatolaZr3boot: unfortunately not17:13
HumHi I would like to install and need npm for it. npm isn't included devuan but in debian. devuan is also a package for npm which makes search for this topic not easy. To you have any hint for me?19:08
pardisEnable the backports repo (assuming ascii)19:10
pardisWhich is exactly the same thing you need to do on Debian stretch to get that package19:10
Humpardis: Thx. I will have a look at it19:11
se7enBleachbit now has poblems after trying to fix my partition map22:13
se7enIt's hung22:13
se7enAnd the computer is slow so it must be doing something22:14
se7endebug: re-enabling swap22:14
se7enfollowed by a series of python errrs22:14
se7enfinished with22:15
se7enRuntimeError: swapon: /dev/mapper/lappy--vg-swap_1: read swap header failed22:15
se7en[13:15 root@lappy se7en] > swapon /dev/mapper/lappy--vg-swap_122:16
se7enswapon: /dev/mapper/lappy--vg-swap_1: read swap header failed22:16
se7en[13:16 root@lappy se7en] > swapon /dev/mapper/cryptswap122:16
se7en[13:16 root@lappy se7en] >22:16
se7enN/m my fstab was fucked22:19
se7enBut bleachbit still does this22:20
se7endebug: running cmd  ['swapoff', '-a', '-v']22:20
se7endebug: detected swap devices: ['/dev/dm-6']22:20
se7eninfo: wiping swap device '/dev/dm-6'22:20
gnarfacese7en: i don't know what bleachbit is even supposed to do.  that's not the right output?  it seems like it said it's doing what you want.23:05
se7enIt's not. It gets hung. Bleachbit is a cleaner23:08
gnarfacewell you ran it, and it decided to clean your swap, which apparently requires unmounting it first23:09
gnarfaceseems normal to me23:09
se7enYes, but it is cleaning the wrong thing23:10
gnarfaceso?  what do you want me to do about it?23:10
se7enFirst it was due to an improperly configured fsta. I fixed it23:10
gnarfacei'm not even sure it's cleaning the wrong thing...23:10
se7enThen it said it thinks that my swap os /dev/dm-623:10
se7enBut it gets hung23:10
gnarfacehow do you know it's just not still working?23:11
se7enIt lasted too long23:11
se7enI may be wrong23:11
gnarfacedid the harddrive light keep blinking?23:11
gnarfaceif the harddrive light keeps blinking, it's still working23:12
gnarfaceif it's picking the wrong device, i've got no idea why23:12
se7enIt did keep blinking23:12
gnarfacewell, i have one idea; it might be pointing to the wrong device because it's not smart enough to find your encrypted swap without help, but that's just a guess23:12
gnarfacebut if the light kept blinking, it was still working.23:13
gnarfaceso it's possible it was doing everything perfectly and you just panicked and killed it too early23:13
gnarfacei frankly don't know how long it should take bleachbit to do this23:13
gnarfacebut i'm certain that you haven't read the documentation either, which might actually tell you23:14
se7enharsh assumptions23:15
gnarfacewell i certainly haven't read it's documentation, so if you have, then why are you asking me about it?!23:15
gnarfaceif it's doing anything like badblocks does, it could take DAYS to finish23:16
DocScrutinizer05from in middle of a chat about why KDE5 is such a pile of shit:23:54
DocScrutinizer05[1 Feb 2019 23:52:14] <Avengence> missing and duplicated messages are no surprise, DBus relies on glib, and glib doesn't even check if memory allocation succeeds so anything built on it is going to be crashy23:55

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