freenode/#devuan/ Sunday, 2019-02-03

BjornnThis is probably not news to anyone here, but it surprised me to see the message. I loaded an old copy of devuan v1, I guess it would be. I opened up google chrome and it gave a message that updates would soon be disable because the OS was not going to be supported.05:26
gnarfaceBjornn: that kernel is really old05:48
gnarfacethe kernel in v2 should be new enough for most purposes though05:57
gnarface(and if it's not, there's an even newer one in ascii-backports)05:59
va7lnxnice. a devuan channel06:34
va7lnxmy kind of place06:34
va7lnxsetting up devuan ascii on an older rpi. should I use wdm or lightdm for the display manager?06:34
va7lnxI'm a little out of date on this stuff. been using mint for too long.06:34
gnarfaceva7lnx: i use e17 on mine :D07:39
va7lnxgnarface: thanks. I did install lightdm and xfce07:44
va7lnxthe system is an old 2011 model, so not sure if I should bother with a GUI and just go CLI instead.07:44
va7lnxand firefox-esr crashes on startup07:44
va7lnxI'm using netsurf right now07:44
abcabc__not enough ram for firefox?09:22
abcabc__om rpi va7lnx09:23
gnarfaceva7lnx: for video, you'll have better luck using omxplayer without a GUI.  but you can do some desktop stuff with it if you're patient.  midori at least used to work for me...09:48
va7lnxabcabc__: that might make sense.09:52
va7lnxgnarface: well, I think I'm just going to get a new one. I'll use this without X.09:53
ejrdoes anyone else have problems getting tor to run on ceres?09:53
ejri always get a config error since dist-upgrading09:53
va7lnxit has 512MB of RAM. probably a little lean for modern use.09:53
va7lnxmaybe make it into a pi-hole09:54
va7lnxor do some embedded stuff with it.09:54
ejrva7lnx: i currently have rss feeds open, w3m running, mutt mail + irssi etc on a gui-less devuan and it uses 112 MB ram right now :) on a 13 year old thinkpad09:55
va7lnxwhat model?09:56
va7lnxI think I have an X61 here.09:56
ejri have six X60 lying around and use them for all sorts of stuff, with an SSD they are unbelievably fast still09:57
ejrX61 is also great, and even has 64 bit oftentimes09:57
va7lnxor not. I think I may have recycled it already09:57
va7lnxI have a lot of old gear I'm going to turf.09:58
ejrthe old IBM thinkpads are becoming more and more priceless :)09:58
ejrgiven how good they are, compared to newer laptops09:59
va7lnxi have a newer core2duo thinkpad as well.10:01
va7lnxit's a good laptop10:02
va7lnxyeah, I think I recycled the old one.10:02
va7lnxit might've been a T61 now that I think about it10:02
va7lnxmy bad! I found it. It's a T4110:02
ejrah, the T41 unfortunately do not have the benefit of being faster with an SSD, as the X6/T6 do10:04
va7lnxwell, it's an old P4, so I'm not surprised.10:04
va7lnxah. found it. the core2duo is a T6110:05
va7lnxgood laptop. if it wasn't for the size, I'd carry it to and from school. I use my HP Folio for that.10:06
va7lnxthe T61 runs windows 7 right now. that's really only so that I can program my logitech remote control :P10:07
va7lnxoh yeah, and access my government services website.10:07
ejrhehe. i had a T40 once, and also a T60, but eventually I got rid of all bigger Thinkpads and now I only use the X60/X60s I have, for everything.10:08
ejrgood idea to keep gov site access on windows ;)10:08
va7lnxyeah. when I want to do real work, I go back to Linux ;-)10:09
va7lnxI even do my school work in Linux and import it into Visual Studio when I've tested it.10:10
va7lnxVS is a disaster.10:10
va7lnxwe're doing simple single file programs. doing that in VS is like taking a 747 from home to school.10:10
va7lnxit's just not the right tool.10:10
ejri'm glad i'm so removed from everything MS that i don't even know what Visual Studio is exactly :D10:10
va7lnxgnu C++ is.10:10
va7lnxit's Microsoft's IDE for C++, C#, Python, whatever else they have.10:11
va7lnxthe only IDE I need is Vim and g++ or clang10:11
va7lnxwell, for the first time in about 2 years, I don't need to get up at 7am for church.10:15
ejrwhy not?10:16
va7lnxbecause I'm not running the sound system this week.10:16
va7lnxnext week, however, it's back on :P10:16
ejrnice :) but then nobody is going to hear the preacher's voice, right?10:17
va7lnxsomeone else is working the console.10:17
va7lnxhopefully he's learned how we want things mixed. it's not easy to mix a full band.10:18
ejryes, a friend of mine, who is a musician and also does that kind of stuff, often cringes when we are at a place where the sound is mixed horribly10:19
va7lnxejr: I could always put a CF card into an adapter for the T41.10:33
va7lnxI even have one10:35
ejryeah, but cf cards are not comparable to SATA SSDs in terms of speed afaik10:35
va7lnxno. but I can still get them, unlike IDE hard drives.10:36
ejrah, right. retrocomputing :P10:37
va7lnxapparently I can get 40GB IDE hard drives still10:37
va7lnxamazon is amazing sometimes.10:37
ejryeah, there are even ide ssds I think, but they are not as good as SATA ones obviously. or you can use some kind of adapter, i think10:37
va7lnxno space for the adapter10:37
va7lnxlimited by the IDE bus at that point10:39
ejryeah, I've played around with those ideas for a while, but as i said, in the end i sold the bigger ibm thinkpads and got some more X60 thinkpads :) plus ultrabases into which you can also put an extra ssd/hdd with an adaptor for the ultrabay slim disc caddy.10:40
va7lnxyeah. that's what I've done with the T61.10:42
va7lnxSSD for the main drive. Spindle in the CD tray10:42
ejri gotta debug the tor problem i have on ceres now. ttyl10:44
ejr(you don't happen to run ceres?)10:45
va7lnxno. I'm running ASCII right now.10:46
va7lnxwell, 2am. bedtime I guess10:51
ejrwhat could be the reason that i cannot launch tor on devuan ceres? it works fine on my other devuan (ascii) installation on another system.i always get the error that it cannot bind to and 9051 even though netstat does not show the ports being used12:00
va7lnxyou don't have anything like selinux running in enforcing mode?12:01
ejrnot that i know of, though i dont know how to check that12:04
ejri can't remember installing or launching it12:04
ejri also cannot bind to it with socat, so i am sure it's related to devuan, not tor (already asked in #tor as well)12:06
va7lnxcan you bind to ::9050 ?12:07
KatolaZejr: what is the exact error you get?12:07
va7lnxI'm just wondering if its expecting an ipv6 address to bind to. :: or ::1:905012:08
KatolaZFailed to parse/validate config: Failed to bind one of the listener ports.12:09
ejrva7lnx: the command i tried wiht 9050 and 9051 is socat tcp-listen::9050,bind=,reuseaddr -12:09
KatolaZit looks like your config has an issue?12:09
ejrKatolaz: it is exactly the same torrc as that of my other machine, and I also already tried an empty torrc, without success12:09
KatolaZejr: are you sure it is using the torrc you are providing?12:10
va7lnxand can you run it with higher verbosity?12:11
ejrKatolaZ: yes, i already point to it with -f /etc/tor/torrc12:11
ejr(trying to figure out how to get it more verbose currently)12:13
KatolaZand you have a SocksPort 9050 in there, right?12:13
KatolaZejr: Log debug stderr12:13
salsburyejr: what are the permissions on /etc/tor/torrc ?12:14
KatolaZand you should disable RunAsDaemon12:14
ejr12 -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 9676 Feb  3 11:14 torrc12:15
ejrRunAsDaemon is set to 012:15
KatolaZejr: then Log debug stderr12:15
ejri have set that option now, but where exactly to the log messages go now? dmesg?12:17
ejrone sec, rebooting. i just deinstalled apparmor, maybe that's causing the problem12:17
furrymcgeeIs AppArmor anything good?12:21
ejri dunno, but now my system is running wild while booting. it seems to be caught in some sort of infinite loop because of tor (giving constant messages about failed tor circuit builds)12:22
ejris there any way to interrupt a service that is trying to launch while booting? because i cannot even get into the console now12:23
ejrit obviously cannot connect to tor yet because the machine isnt online yet, but there seems to be nothing that stops it from trying to launch tor12:23
ejralright, fixed. tor works was due to apparmor.12:31
Latrinagood afternoon guys14:46
Latrinaa quick question. Is there any repo for installing latest 0.14 lxqt ?14:47
Latrinathe one available in ascii is a bit old, sadly.14:47
* enyc meows14:53
* enyc has Devuan-Ascii unbootable ;-(... its constantly trying to cryptsetup a disk at boot that no longer exists, not important for the devuan system itself14:54
enycthe cryptsetup for the devuan ascii rootfs opens ok14:54
enycbut it keeps oin oorunh in look trying to mount all the other fs etc....14:54
enycany $clue how to break out of this?14:55
enyc'EVENTUALLY it times out and gets to (initramfs) but if you 'exit' you get round same loop again14:55
enycat some point i mounted root mantually from there, mounted /boot into it, /dev /proc /sys  via rbind into it...   commented out extra entries in /etc/crypttab ,  and did update-initramfs -c  [version]   .......14:56
enycbut this doesn't seem to have fixed it,  sOMEHOW it still sees somehow critical-devices, that ... aren't.14:56
ejrLatrina: did you check the backports?14:59
Latrinaejr: no to be frank15:02
Latrinawhat is the repo?15:02
Latrinaceres apparently has lxqt 0.1415:03
Latrinathough I am not sure how unstable it is15:04
ejri think you need to add either ascii-backports or ceres-backports to your sources.list and install it from there, not sure which one though. maybe someone else knows. you could also check the debian instructions for their backports, they are pretty well documented. just exchange their sid/whatever for ceres I think15:04
Latrinayeah found it, thanks15:05
Latrinalast question. Is it safe to use ceres backports on ascii?15:05
enycAHA turns out i'd made a mistake when update-initramfs  or mkinitramfs,  put - rather than . in kernel erison and got wrong file15:06
enycAHA got devuan ascii booted finally15:10
Latrinacan't find ceres backports though15:13
Latrinaascii backports does not cointain lxqt 0.1415:13
fsmithredno backports there15:16
fsmithredtrying to use a whole desktop environment from ceres on ascii probably will not work15:16
fsmithredwhat's special about that version of lxqt?15:17
Latrinafsmithred: nothing in particular I guess. I just wanted to have it that is all15:17
LatrinaI guess I will pass on the deal and play safe :)15:18
fsmithredinstall ceres on a test box or in a VM15:18
fsmithredthen you can play all you want15:18
Latrinawill give it a go for sure. Thanks man15:19
fsmithredenyc, run: lsinitramfs /initrd.img | egrep "cryptroot|resume"15:23
fsmithredyou might need to remove one or both of those files from the initrd15:24
fsmithredLatrina, which lxqt package were you checking for version?15:28
fsmithredfor lxqt metapackage I see 13 in ascii and 27 in beowulf/ceres15:29
Latrinafsmithred: I was referring to the entire desktop dependecies15:36
Latrinaceres has got the latest 0.14 for the entire desktop15:37
fsmithredI believe desktops are now working on beowulf/ceres because of new policykit15:37
Latrinawhile ascii uses 0.11, which IMO is a bit too old15:37
fsmithredwhat package name?15:37
fsmithredjust lxqt shows me whole number versions15:37
Latrinathey are all on 0.1115:38
Latrinaso the desktop itself is 0.1115:38
fsmithredok, that's a little weird. lxqt and lxqt-core are 13 but lxqt-session (and others) are 0.1115:41
fsmithredand in beowulf/ceres those numbers are 27 and 0.1415:41
fsmithredI don't understand their math15:42
enycfsmithred: coo ok15:43
enycfsmithred: not at the machine right now but will look later!.15:43
Latrinafsmithred: yeah and I seen the same going for plasma 5 in ascii15:49
Latrinait uses plasma-desktop 5, however most of the deps and kdeapps are from plasma 415:49
LatrinaI remember I had the same setup on gentoo while the devs were getting plasma desktop all moved to 515:50
fsmithredI shouldn't complain - devuan's had some crazy numbers, too.15:51
nailykhi all. For information, I attempted an ecnrypted install of ascii yesterday (with refractainstaller) and it totaly failed. Would you like a proper issue on this or are you already aware of it ?15:51
nailyk(don't care cause refracta need a proper rewrite answer accepted too :p )15:52
fsmithredwhat did you do?15:53
fsmithredit should have worked (unless you were trying to do lvm)15:53
nailykno lvm.15:53
fsmithredwhat happened?15:53
nailykbut initrd link was borken, and dm-crypt entry was missing into /etc/modules too15:54
nailyk(generated initrd was /boot/initrd) and a symlinked to /boot/initr-d.4-9.0.6-foo-bar15:54
fsmithredwas this with the ascii desktop-live iso?15:55
nailykbut grub.cfg was created with the symlink as a target (/boot/initrd-4-9.0.6-foobar))15:55
nailykminimal live, yes15:55
fsmithredok, I'll have to try it today15:55
nailykno rush. BTW I selected UUID instead of phyz names15:56
fsmithredare you testing, or are you trying to install it to use the system?15:56
nailyktrying to use it15:56
fsmithredok, you might try the latest version of the installer15:56
nailykwas able to solve but has too much problem for a daily driver laptop. So back on xubuntu for nom :(15:56
fsmithredin ceres repo or from my sourceforge site15:57
nailykdunno, downloaded yesterday from :
nailyknot related fsmithred I made the PR about the password yesterday. Tested while installing. Should be ok unless it is an infinite loop15:57
fsmithredyeah, there are newer versions of refractainstaller15:57
fsmithredthan what is in the live isos15:58
fsmithredand I made some changes around the initrd stuff related to encryption15:58
KatolaZnailyk: which problem with minimal-live?15:58
fsmithredproblem with encrypted install15:59
fsmithredsymlink for initrd.img was wrong?15:59
fsmithrednot sure how that would happen (it's pretty old code)15:59
nailyknext time I tries, I will ask you for latest version then :)16:00
KatolaZnailyk: the name of the initrd in minimal-live is different from desktop-live I guess16:23
fsmithredoh, if that's the case, the name should go in the config file16:28
fsmithredor maybe I'm thinking of refractasnapshot16:29
fsmithrednailyk, next time run 'refractainstaller -d' and you'll get a more verbose log.16:29
nailykKatolaZ: probably yes, thats why, next time, I will ensure using latest version16:31
KatolaZnailyk: it's latest version16:31
KatolaZonly, the initramfs file has a different name in minimal-live16:31
fsmithredlatest version of the installer, not the iso16:31
KatolaZoh ok16:31
nailykor I will use debootstrap again to prevent issues xD16:32
fsmithrednailyk, do you have a separate partition for /boot?16:33
nailykyes, made a /boot of 512M16:33
nailykat first, I didn't realized that symlink error16:33
fsmithredok, that should work. I guess it's just the name problem.16:33
nailykbut having initrd.img as real file and initrd.img- as symlink looked weird16:33
nailykok. I am trying to solve some dedicated servers errors then I will give another shot16:34
nailykI guess it was the original issue16:34
fsmithredI really want to see the debug log on this16:34
nailykgrub wasn't able to find the initrd file, because the real one was /boot/initrd.img, and the grub.cfg was for /boot/initrd.img.
nailykas the symlink was: /boot/initrd.img. -> /boot/initrd.img, grub cannot find it (no /boot into grub loader, it is / only)16:35
nailykmaybe a relative symlink would have do the trick16:36
nailykbut realized after runing rm -rf /boot/initrd* ....16:36
fsmithredum, that's the way it is in the iso16:39
nailykoh you are right, it is the same here:16:40
fsmithredlrwxrwxrwx 1 root root   16 Feb  1 01:11 initrd.img-4.9.0-8-amd64 -> /boot/initrd.img16:40
fsmithredKatolaZ, how did that happen?16:40
nailykbut this one boots16:41
nailykthe laptop failed with /boot/initrd.img-4.9.0blabla not found16:41
nailykfsmithred: log file:
nailykand same result with installer from minimal live:
nailykthanks to you !16:52
nailykso replacing the symlink with the real file fix (partially) the issue16:54
nailykas cryptsetup binary is still not included:
hashlogopenssh-server depends on libsystemd0. Is this a faked-package from devuan, or did I just install some piece of systemd on my system?16:55
fsmithredlibsystemd0 is the real thing, but all it does is tell some packages that systemd is not running16:58
fsmithredI believe it will be replaced in the future. (maybe near future)16:58
fsmithredI don't see any errors in the installer log17:00
nailyk:facepalm: it is /etc/initramfs/modules, not /etc/modules I was talking about17:00
fsmithredbut the screenshot suggests that grub got confused17:01
fsmithredfor cryptsetup, now you should edit /etc/cryptsetup-initramfs/conf-hook and then run update-initramfs -u17:02
fsmithredset CRYPTSETUP=y17:02
fsmithredrunning 'CRYPTSETUP=y update-initramfs -u' still works, but you get a warning that it's deprecated.17:03
nailyknow it works:
nailykI am trying into a vm right now, just to reproduce and ensure I was not saying too many craps ;)17:04
hashlogfsmithred: thank you for the clarification.17:08
ejrdoes anyone know how to permanently set the framebuffer resolution to a different value? right now, when i boot on my laptop only, it's at 1024x768, and when i attach a second bigger monitor to that device it cannot be changed to 1920x1080 (works only if the screen is already attached upon boot). that tells me it has to do with grub probably, or maybe some other basic console setting. any ideas where to find17:59
ejrand change those?17:59
Hurgotronejr: It's been almost 20 years since I used these, so i don't know if there are other ways to do it. But I think yiou have to use the kernel command line and give it settings depending oin your hardware.18:07
HurgotronSee and
hashlogejr: also you should take a look at early-kms loading18:08
fsmithredejr, you can edit a line in /etc/default/grub to set the resolution18:08
fsmithredlooks like this works, too: GRUB_GFXPAYLOAD=1024x76818:09
Hurgotronfsmithred: that's only valid for grub I guess, but not the kernel it boots.18:09
hashlogejr: and look at the 'vga' kernel parameter
fsmithredor press e at the boot menu and (or edit) set gfxpayload=1366x768 (or whatever your laptop uses)18:10
fsmithredHurgotron, it seems to carry over to the whole system18:10
enycfsmithred: coo, didin't know about lsinitramfs etc...18:10
Hurgotronfsmithred: I don't think I've seen that, but thta may be kernel and hardware dependent.18:11
fsmithredyeah, it's nice to be able to look into the closed box18:11
fsmithredHurgotron, try it with installer media - I have to give it the right resolution or the screen is scrambled18:11
fsmithredactually, that's not true - 640x480 works, but 800x600 doesn't18:13
enycfsmithred: discovered mkinitramfs was somewhere keeping track of misakely-created initramfs's and that as confusing matters, htad to  mkinitramfs -d  the relevant error ... to then keep system happy and "dpkg-reconfigure cryptsetup" ;p18:13
fsmithredwow, enyc. I've never been there.18:13
ejrthanks for the answers guys, i will look into what you suggested so far. i don't really think editing the resolution at boot menu would be of much help; as i said, it does get the right resolution when the second monitor is attached at boot time. it just doesn't accept a higher resolution than that of the laptop screen when I attach an external monitor after startup18:14
ejram reading the docs on kernel/boot options from Hurgotron right now to check, but I'm sure editing them after boot will not make higher resolutions available either. so i guess there is no way to achieve what i want18:15
enycfsmithred: yes, i had ot re-instate the (since deleted) wrong-kerenl-version initramfs, then delete it .... ;p18:15
* enyc tests reboot!18:15
fsmithredejr, you can create /etc/X11/xorg.conf18:16
fsmithredmight need to specify the driver to use and/or resolution18:16
fsmithredor try lxrandr18:16
jonadab`/w 5618:16
Latrinafsmithred: is ascii still tied to any systend dependencies at all?18:16
fsmithredLatrina, just libsystemd0 I'm pretty sure18:17
fsmithredwe have elogind and libpam-elogind now18:17
ejrfsmithred: no xserver here :)18:17
Latrinanot sure what both alpine and gentoo do use as replacement of libsystemd18:18
fsmithreda replacement is a lot easier than rebuilding everything that wants lsd018:18
enycfsmithred: not 100% certain but i think it was important i removed/commented no-longer-accessible entries in /etc/crypttab , then "dpkg-reconfigure cryptsetup" [which then updates initramfs's ...]18:24
ejrok, now my fbset problem with the framebuffer resolution gets really strange. apparently there is /etc/fb.modes which contains the defined available modes for one's framebuffer. it has no 1920x1080 line at all. however, when i reboot with my big screen attached, the resolution can be set to 1920x1080 with fbset -xres and -yres. setting it to that value with fbset when the external monitor is NOT attached at18:27
ejrstartup does not work though.18:27
nailykLooks like quagga package is broken. Missing all the init files. Do you know where I can see the file list of the package please ?18:27
enycfsmithred: as in this case, cryptroot still in use, just it was inissiting ot setitng up crypt disks at boot that are no longer present. you see =)18:28
nailykmy bad, may be not devuan specific:
KatolaZnailyk: we haven't forked quagga18:54
nailykyes, thinked about it after posting on IRC, sorry18:54
KatolaZnp nailyk18:55
ejrhow can i get lo to function properly? as of now, it does not accept any connection to unless i run ifconfig lo down && ifconfig lo up once19:10
ejrmy interfaces contains "auto lo / iface lo inet loopback"19:10
gnarfaceejr: i've never run into a problem with lo.  what did you do to it?21:00
gnarface(i don't know if you figured out the monitor thing yet, but probably the tool you're looking for there is "xrandr")21:01
gnarfaceoh wait, unless this is a raspberry pi or something weird...21:01
furrywolfhe's not running X21:02
gnarfaceoh, he said he's not even running xorg anyway, you're right.  that means he'd have to specify it as a kernel parameter, unless it's ARM hardware or something, then all bets are off.21:03
ejrgnarface: i didn't do anything to lo, i just installed a minimum devuan ceres two days ago and added my wlan0 to interfaces. nothing else network-related.21:05
ejras for the monitor problem: it's an i386 librebooted laptop but without X21:05
gnarfacewlan0?  maybe you did something to it with your dhcp configuration?21:05
gnarfacedoes libreboot preclude grub?  because unless it does, you should still be able to pass kernel parameters at boot.21:06
ejri didn't change anything dhcp-related, just the typical iface wlan0 inet dhcp.21:07
ejri do have grub installed, yes.21:07
ejri will look into what kernel parameter i would need; thanks so far21:07
gnarfacethe kernel parameter is vga=21:07
gnarfaceit hooks into an old vesa feature that's implemented in most BIOSes traditionally since a few decades ago.  i have no idea if libreboot will obey it or not.21:08
gnarfacei have no idea if libreboot even can do this.21:08
gnarfacei think it is possible for it not to be able to.21:08
ejralright, we'll see :)21:09
gnarfacealso, whatever video card driver you're using may be limited to different resolutions outside of X than in it21:09
gnarfaceso try something modest first21:10
gnarfaceif it's a generic framebuffer driver, don't expect it to be hardware accelerated or be able to use all the features of the video card either21:11
ejrhmm, yes, if thats the case i might just live with not being able to plug in my second monitor randomly, but only on boot. it doesn't happen too often that i use it anyway21:12
ejrnow, for something completely different: is there no way to download a package from the devuan website directly, when one has no access on the system one wants to install a package on?21:13
ejrtalking about pkginfo.devuan.org21:14
gnarfacei'm not really sure what you're asking21:22
gnarfacethe repo mirrors all support HTTP21:22
ejryeah, but is there no way to download a package from the webbrowser instead of via apt-get?21:23
gnarfacewhich part are you having problems with?21:23
gnarfaceuse pkginfo isn't a repo.  it's just a search tool someone put together hastily to fill the need.  you should be able to connect to a repo mirror with any browser21:25
gnarfaceor with curl or wget21:25
gnarfaceor even netcat, if you're clever21:25
gnarfacetry instead21:26
ejrah great, thx21:27

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