freenode/#devuan/ Monday, 2019-02-04

va7lnxoh boy. Armv6... I can't even get raspberry pi utilities now.01:02
g4570nHi, does anyone know if the policykit-1 package will be updated in Jessie? Debian has version 0.105-15~deb8u4
gnarfaceg4570n: if you have a different version from anything in debian, that's not in the banned packages list, your sources.list is probably wrong02:24
furrywolfdo your uids go over INT_MAX?02:24
gnarfaceg4570n: oh wait, scratch that for policykit-1, it might not be true for that package, because it might have had to be patched for devuan...02:25
g4570ngnarface: this
furrywolfand do you use systemctl?02:25
fsmithred0.105-15~deb8u3+devuanSEC1 is in jessie-security02:25
fsmithredmy last update was a couple days ago02:26
gnarfacedoes ~deb8u3+devuanSEC1 correspond to ~deb8u4?02:26
furrywolffor that matter, do you even have systemctl?  I'd hope not.  :)02:27
g4570nfurrywolf: I'm a normal user, you say I will not have problems with that vulnerability?02:27
furrywolfit would require a very unusual setup (really big user IDs, like if you had more than thirty thousand users on your system) to allow people excessive access to systemctl...  which I'm pretty sure devuan does not have in the first place.02:29
fsmithredit doesn't, but I just got a scare running 'locate systemctl' and a long list scrolled by02:30
furrywolfwhoops they mean the 32-bit int_max, so you'd have to manually create a user with a stupidly huge number for a user id.02:30
fsmithredall in the source code that I downloaded02:30
furrywolfI suspect that bug affects close to zero systems.02:30
furrywolfsince devuan doesn't have systemctl, and you haven't pathlogically set up your user ids, you are doubly not vulnerable to it.02:31
g4570nthe user number start in en 1000, true?02:35
va7lnxoh, this is interesting. the pi I have is an armhf04:31
va7lnxeven though it says Armv604:32
DonkeyHoteithere are many chips that can run either04:34
DonkeyHoteiiirc only the very first pi could not do hf04:35
va7lnxyeah. this one is a rev 204:37
DonkeyHoteiand i am probably not remembering correctly04:38
va7lnxthe CPU is architecture 7 and revision 704:39
va7lnxbut the model says ARMv6-compatible04:39
va7lnxi wonder if there's any spybits in these ARMs04:39
DonkeyHoteiarm is not exactly open hardware, but at this point, intel is far less open04:40
DonkeyHoteithe broadcom gpu firmware is an atrocity, though04:41
gnarfacethe first pi was an armv6 with hf capability, but critically, *debian* wouldn't support hf for v6, only v7 and later04:42
DonkeyHoteiah yes, that was it04:42
gnarfaceso that's why raspbian existed04:42
gnarfacei guess hf didn't become a common thing until v7 or something like that04:43
gnarfaceso v6 was already a generation old when the first RPI was released04:43
gnarfacedebian wouldn't build a kernel for it, or include the proprietary firmware that required by the RPI, but that might not actually be a limitation of the devuan rpi image...04:44
gnarfaceeh, maybe it is though, i forget actually04:45
gnarfaceis there an easy way to check?04:45
gnarfaceoh, no, it doesn't support armhf, it's armel04:47
gnarfacejust checked04:47
va7lnxwell, I think I'm just going stick with raspbian lite on this pi and continue to use Devuan on my laptop05:02
va7lnxI'll have to get a new pi later. when I can afford one.05:04
va7lnxstupid student life05:04
va7lnxI can't believe I traded a 20+ year career for this05:05
gnarfaceva7lnx: but the v7 rpi should work fine with regular armhf debian ... shouldn't be a problem05:05
gnarfaceor so i thought, anyway05:05
va7lnxgnarface: the other option is a different platform.05:05
va7lnxIt'd be nice if there were some truly open CPUs to work with.05:09
gnarfacesome day...05:09
va7lnxit'll happen eventually05:10
va7lnxgrrr... I really hate using Blackboard to do my homework. I sit here with a window open and then have to do everything on paper to answer the questions.06:19
djphas opposed to ... sitting there with two sheets of paper?11:52
enycanybody know if any of the linux/x11/gui filebrowsers can do  display of picture-date-taken  jpeg-metadata, like windows-explorer extra-columns does?12:51
AcaciaI don't know any, but you can open the picture with mediainfo12:58
roo^yhi, i tried installing the live-desktop ISO to a USB stick with dd. i tried to boot with my mele pcg35 opo computer, but all i got from those partitions was a black screen. (sdb1 997M total/used, 0M free & sdb2 FAT32 1.4M total, 1M used)14:32
roo^yGParted only sees sdb2 at the start of the drive, with flag 'esp'. the remaining 7.45GB is unallocated, with no flags set14:34
KatolaZroo^y: which command did you use to burn the image on the flash drive?14:48
roo^ydd if=/devian.iso of=/dev/sdb bs=4M (that .iso was an example, was a longer if=/mnt/sdc/etc) once complete, i typed 'sync' & hit enter ..which doesn't do much imho14:56
fsmithredroo^y, do you get a boot menu?14:57
roo^yi do not. pretty much black screen. one "flat curser '_' near bottom right14:57
fsmithredcheck sha256sum on the iso to make sure it was a good download14:58
roo^ys/"flat curser/"flat curser"/14:58
fsmithredcursor, unless you were swearing14:59
roo^yi never do that, but good point :D best i rule that out. then if not corrupt, i can try a image writing tool15:00
fsmithredbottom right seems like an odd place for it15:00
fsmithreddd should work15:00
fsmithredgparted gives weird results for isohybrids15:00
roo^yi see15:00
fsmithredignore it15:00
fsmithredyou using uefi or legacy bios?15:00
fsmithredok, either should work. uefi gives you a grub menu, bios gives isolinux15:01
roo^yok. i've been booting a experimental OS (easy pyro *it's like puppylinux*) for a little while on this fanless PC. it crashes a lot. i've ordered a SSD, which i may install devuan on. giving the live version a go 1st15:03
fsmithredwhat cpu on that thing?15:05
fsmithrednm, found it: Celeron J345515:07
fsmithredI can tell you that the live isos work on a J190015:07
fsmithredwhat kernel does pyro have?15:08
fsmithredI can also tell you that whatever was current when the J1900 was new did not work, but xubuntu did. (14.04)15:09
fsmithred(current in debian, I mean)15:10
roo^ykernel 4.14.91 (86_x64)15:13
roo^yi got it in 2017. haven't really been using it until a few wks ago15:15
fsmithredmight need a newer kernel than ascii has15:17
roo^yi see15:17
fsmithredchecksum ok on the iso?15:18
roo^y:D i found a gHasher program in pyro, i'll see if i can use it15:18
fsmithredrun: sha256sum devuan_whatever.iso15:20
roo^ythanks for cmd. i've been avoiding all forms of check sums, as i never have a prob. at a glance, they look identical. i might spam with both :P15:34
fsmithredno spamming or you get auto-bounced15:35
fsmithredhere's a test iso I made with ascii-backports kernel (4.18 I think):
roo^y76584ce7183993306af8b00edc8ffce3a1dc69b10f0a97e0a6302d49b0a63858 76584ce7183993306af8b00edc8ffce3a1dc69b10f0a97e0a6302d49b0a63858 well that rules that out. maybe a kernel issue15:35
fsmithredyeah, that looks right (quick glance)15:36
roo^yrefracts was exactly the same. could only get a black screen with a '_'16:06
fsmithredno boot menu again?16:09
roo^ythere wasn't16:10
fsmithredhow do you know you're booting from the usb?16:10
roo^yI smack away at the F7 key, for boot options. I pick either partition offered on the I installed usb16:12
fsmithredoh, can you pick the whole device instead?16:13
fsmithredit might not be finding the bootloader16:13
roo^ysort of. one is the device, other option is partition16:14
fsmithredtry the device.16:15
roo^yI would've. 2 partitions was a bad description16:16
fsmithredanother thing to try would be to set the bios to legacy boot if possible16:17
roo^ymaybe can't do that on this one (maybe I shouldn't have ordered a 2nd one also) XD16:19
fsmithredroo^y, do you know your way around grub command line?16:29
fsmithreduse the installed grub, press c for command line16:29
fsmithredset root=(hd1)16:30
fsmithredchainloader +116:30
roo^yok, mod grub of usb with easy pyro to get usb of devuan to boot. 2.30am down in Australia. almost in bed16:33
fsmithredoh! yeah, sleep is important. You can try booting later.16:34
fsmithredI'm not sure if what I posted is right. I tried it with a usb that was made differently. About to test with isohybrid in a minute or two.16:35
roo^ycool. thanks again for help16:36
hummaWhat package contains loadkeys?16:36
hummaI get -bash: loadkeys: command not found16:37
fsmithredyeah, that works with isohybrid usb16:37
fsmithredhumma, looks like it's in kbd16:38
fsmithredit's /usr/bin/loadkeys16:38
hummathanks, fsmithred16:39
roo^yI should test to see if it boots from my external usb2 cd/dvd drive16:42
BjornnI've got to go offline to work on an old installation of devuan v1. the ethernet connection is not working so I can't update. Can someone offer some tips on what to look at to debug? I can't get online to search while on running it.17:21
hummadhclient for lease, route for well.. routing, and getent hosts for dns lookup, would be my 2 cents.17:24
hummaApparently 2.0 has codename ascii, and I'm curious if someone has some ascii art to brand my sshd with?17:28
Bjornnthanks. appreciated17:33
hummasu -l humma -c "cowsay -f ghostbusters GTFO systemd" > /etc/ # did it for me18:08
KatolaZ~.,_       ___ _   ____  ______ _____18:18
KatolaZ    "+.   / _ \ | / / / / / __ `/ __ \18:18
KatolaZ      @) /  __/ |/ / /_/ / /_/ / / / /18:18
KatolaZ    @@)  \___/|___/\__,_/\__,_/_/ /_/18:18
KatolaZ    _______   ____  __      __    _18:18
KatolaZ   / ____/ | / / / / / __  / /   (_)___  __  ___  __18:18
KatolaZ  / / __/  |/ / / / /_/ /_/ /   / / __ \/ / / / |/_/18:18
KatolaZ / /_/ / /|  / /_/ /_  __/ /___/ / / / / /_/ />  <18:18
KatolaZ \____/_/ |_/\____/ /_/ /_____/_/_/ /_/\__,_/_/|_|18:18
hummacat - > /etc/issue < KatolaZ18:23
golinuxhumma: What kind of branding are you needing?18:25
golinuxNM. seems you solved it.18:25
hummaDunno, I just figured someone made some art given the release name, and evidently I was right18:25
golinuxMine is graphical18:26
golinuxso wouldn't work for you anyway.18:26
hummaCool, I'm a command line hipster, and this is for my server though18:26
KatolaZwe should actually have a devuan ascii-art contest18:26
debdogpun intented?18:27
KatolaZdebdog: as you like :P18:27
KatolaZI did a couple of experiments while branding minimal-live18:27
KatolaZbut I am sure there are better farters18:27
KatolaZ(than me)18:28
hummaKatolaZ: Nah, after escaping the backslashes I'm satisfied18:41
hummaDoes anyone know how to stop the shell from displaying username@hostname upon login? It's interfering with scp18:42
debdoghumma: for bash based shells in /etc/bash.bashrc18:46
debdoghere it looks like: PS1='${debian_chroot:+($debian_chroot)}\u@\h:\w\$ '18:46
debdogthe \u is the username and \h host18:47
debdogthis overwrites the settings in /etc/profile18:47
hummadebdog: Hm, I commented that line out, but it still does that thing18:48
debdogand you've restared the shell?18:49
hummaI logged in again, so I'd assume it sourced the bashrc18:49
KatolaZhumma: what do you have in your ~/.bashrc18:49
KatolaZ(or ~/.profile)?18:50
debdogit's been more than 20 years since I've actually fiddled with this stuff18:50
hummaA bunch of stuff..18:50
KatolaZlook for 'PS1' in there18:51
KatolaZthere must be a PS1=....18:51
hummaI commented out all occurences of PS1, but scp still gags on user@host18:52
KatolaZhumma: what do you mean by that?!?18:52
humma.. in ~/.bashrc18:52
KatolaZnope, by scp 'gagging'?18:52
DonkeyHoteiuser@host cannot by itself break scp18:53
KatolaZyou must have an incorrect invocation18:53
hummaI mean that when I scp a file to my devuan install, it replies with \033kuser@host\033\ , and does not copy it18:53
KatolaZoh no way18:53
KatolaZwhich command are you using?18:53
hummascp ~/Downloads/devuan-logo-purpy.txt
DonkeyHoteitry -v18:55
KatolaZhumma: user@
hummaHuh, I tried scping it to another machine, and it said scp: devuan-logo-purpy.txt: Permission denied18:56
KatolaZhumma: -v, as suggested18:56
DonkeyHoteithe user@ part is not needed when it's the same on both machines18:56
hummascp: devuan-logo-purpy.txt: Permission denied, again18:57
KatolaZhumma: -v18:58
hummaSo I guess the PS1 is not the culprit18:58
KatolaZDonkeyHotei: but :~/ should be needed, IIRC18:58
hummadebug1: pledge: network18:58
hummadebug1: client_input_global_request: rtype want_reply 018:58
hummadebug1: Sending environment.18:58
hummadebug1: Sending env LANG = en_US.UTF-818:58
hummadebug1: Sending command: scp -v -t devuan-logo-purpy.txt18:58
hummaSending file modes: C0664 5214 devuan-logo-purpy.txt18:58
hummaSink: C0664 5214 devuan-logo-purpy.txt18:58
hummascp: devuan-logo-purpy.txt: Permission denied18:58
hummahumma@Yogi:~$ debug1: client_input_channel_req: channel 0 rtype exit-status reply 018:58
hummadebug1: channel 0: free: client-session, nchannels 118:58
KatolaZ(or an absolute path)18:58
hummadebug1: fd 0 clearing O_NONBLOCK18:59
hummadebug1: fd 1 clearing O_NONBLOCK18:59
hummaTransferred: sent 2472, received 3512 bytes, in 0.1 seconds18:59
hummaBytes per second: sent 30070.1, received 42720.918:59
KatolaZhumma: you are gonna be kicked by a abot18:59
DonkeyHoteiKatolaZ: nope18:59
hummadebug1: Exit status 118:59
hummaOops, sorry bot18:59
DonkeyHoteino path nor filename is needed for scp19:00
DonkeyHoteii do things like "scp foo.txt" all the time19:00
hummaI must be doing something wrong though, because this can't a devuan issue in it self, if both machines reject it19:01
DonkeyHoteido you have read permissions for the file you are copying?19:01
hummaDonkeyHotei: Alright, that'll save some pasting19:01
KatolaZdo you have read perms on the file you are sending?19:01
humma-rw-rw-r-- 1 humma humma 5214 Feb  4 17:43 /home/humma/Downloads/devuan-logo-purpy.txt19:02
KatolaZhumma: -vvv19:02
KatolaZhumma: do not paste here though, please19:03
hummaKatolaZ: Heh,
hummaSo now my laptop doesn't want to scp at all, as it turns out19:13
hummaAh, screw it19:13
hummaIf you looked at the paste and wondered why I named one of the hosts Rectus, it's because the other one is called Radical. Combine a radical with a rectus and yu've got the square root. No homo19:16
hummadebdog: I called its predecessor Vinculum, but I chose not to revive it out of nostalgia19:28
hummaI've given it some thought, and I've decided to name my Devuan install Directrix instead.20:27

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