freenode/#devuan/ Saturday, 2019-02-23

DocScrutinizer05the good old arabian chocolate torture00:55
icariousDoes OpenRC works fine in Devuan or its still experimental?16:43
shift-it works in debian even afaik16:44
shift-i dont think you should have any problems16:44
icariousUnfortunately I didn't find any Debian/ Devuan documentation to switch to OpenRC during installation / debootstrap16:44
shift-i tried it out on debian with first installing sysv and then installing the openrc package, if i recall correctly16:52
shift-i think just chrooting into the bootstrapped root partition and installing the openrc package should be enough?16:52
icariousshift-: Is a total blacklist / cleaning of systemd possible in Debian?16:52
shift-not sure16:52
icariousGuess I will have to tinker a bit16:53
icariousHow nice it would be to convince Debian to drop systemd and use sysv + OpenRC as its default and just provide systemd optionally as Gentoo does.16:56
icariousLike a nice option in the curses installation16:57
Centurion_Danicarious: no - Debian has built some packages with hard dependencies on systemd.  That is why Devuan was needed to be forked, we fork the infected packages.17:06
icariousCenturion_Dan: ya that's what I guessed. Its beyond fixing now and needs a hard fork17:14
icariousAnd lol @ "infected packages"17:14
icariousI thought only I call systemd a rootkit :P17:14
Guest50428hello everyone22:54

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