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user312321can someone help me with something?04:18
Jjp137it's better to ask your question directly04:20
user312321My USB drives would always be able to mount through the XFCE GUI, I'd just click the icon on my desktop and mount them04:21
user312321today all of a sudden this doesn't work anymore, I get the message "failed to mount, not authorized to perform operation"04:21
user312321any idea what could be causing this?04:21
golinuxWhat release?04:23
golinuxCould be a policykit consolekit mismatch.  Have you read the release note (especially if you're on ascii)04:24
user312321I'll sound like an idiot but I'm not sure, how do I find that out?04:24
user312321I believe I am on ascii actually04:24
golinuxHave you read the release notes?04:24
user312321I haven't read the release note, is that just online?04:24
golinuxOf course.04:25
golinuxLook in the session management section04:26
user312321I think I may know a possible cause, I tried installing the plymouth login manager IIRC04:26
user312321based on what was posted here:
golinuxThat is a banned package iirc04:27
golinuxsystemd dependencies
user312321crap, I had no idea04:29
golinuxYou shouldn;'t just go installing stuff outside the devuan repos04:29
user312321OK. I can't see the package in my package manager, though. is this because it's not in the repos so it won't show up even if installed?04:31
golinuxDid you install with gdebi?04:32
golinuxThen it would show up.04:32
golinuxJust search for it.  The package manager probably doesn't know it's there.04:32
user312321I installed it from the command line, not the package manager, I think I blindly added an external mirror to the list of repos as well04:32
user312321looking back I should not have done that04:32
golinuxThat's an understatement.04:33
user312321I've removed the lightdm package from the command line as well, I think that was causing a conflict.04:35
golinuxHave you read the release notes?04:35
golinuxslim is the default in Xfce04:35
user312321At the time I didn't realize the external packages I installed would interfere04:37
user312321Thanks for the help04:38
golinuxTake a look at this wiki page
user312321This is a good link, thanks man04:40
golinuxDon;t create a Frankende**an04:40
golinuxI bet you'll never try that again.  You aren't the first and won't be the last.04:41
user312321Life is a learning experience right now04:41
user312321by the way, in recovery mode as root what is the proper way to revert to the defaults?04:42
golinuxThat is a definition of life.04:42
golinuxI don't know that the damage can be reversed that can be done.04:42
user312321I will probably reinstall and not try to break it again04:43
golinuxBut then I've never had to ask that question04:43
user312321but I can start slim, and log in as a user account, but it goes to a black screen.04:43
golinuxIf it's new, yes would be easiest to just reinstall.04:43
user312321so most likely I will reinstall04:43
user312321yeah it's only a week or two old anyway04:43
user312321on my spare laptop as well04:44
golinuxJust backup anything important.04:44
user312321I already did before, so I should be fine04:44
golinuxSounds like a plan.04:44
user312321actually I think I'll try to fix it anyway, might as well learn some new things before I reinstall it anyway04:44
user312321thanks for the help again04:44
user312321and good night (or morning, wherever you are).04:45
golinuxYou too and welcome to Devuan04:45
user312321actually I figured I'd pop in since I actually just got things working again04:47
user312321my drives mount properly and I've learned my lesson04:47
golinuxWhat did you do?04:48
user312321it was actually strange, I'm not entirely sure what I did that fixed it04:48
user312321I restarted once into recovery mode, manually started slim, logged in as a regular user and met with a blank screen04:49
golinuxGremlins!  LOL!  Happy to hear that you're good to go.04:49
user312321then I restarted into regular mode and slim started up, I logged in and the window system showed up as well04:49
user312321yeah I appreciate the help, although it would be nice to have some closure on how the heck it fixed itself lol.04:50
user312321now I'm logging out for real, thanks man04:50
golinuxSometimes starting stuff launched from tty works differently than from a normal user session.04:51
gnarfacei've had problems where some session managers seem to cache old xorg configs unless they're completely closed before being restarted04:54
gnarfacecould have been something like that04:54
gnarfacebut really when you're dealing with preinst/postinst scripts in a package for another distro, there's no upper limit on the amount of stuff that can break in the hidden dark corners of apt/dpkg04:55
golinuxgnarface: He nay discover that before long . . .05:34
nr23hi. is there [y/n] a text that lays out the debian/devuan infrastructure? if yes would you mind shortcut me into it? I am sorry for bothering, I am giving a try in case anyone free. Thank you.16:43
sixwheeledbeastnot sure i understand the question16:51
djphnr23: ... is there ... what?16:54
unixmannr23, do you mean the file system hierarchy?16:54
unixmannr23, if that is what you mean, try 'man hier' at the command line.16:56
nr23djph, unixman: I mean package servers, bug tracker, install media build systems, mailing list server, project source servers, website files, package manager design document, project decision philosophy rules, stuff necessary to vote, etc.17:07
nr23e.g. everything the devuan project had to do to fork debian17:07
nr23sixwheeledbeast: have not seen you sorry17:08
nr23I aks so I not seen them over the years, what devuan just pulled off17:10
unixmanIf there is a single document anywhere that has all that, I have not seen it.17:12
nr23unixman: so you like one thing after another?17:12
unixmannr23, I do not know what you mean to ask, so I do not know how to answer your question. Regardless, I suspect is a good place to start finding out about the project.17:14
nr23unixman: I thought it is a user website?17:21
nr23unixman: o Thank you!17:21
unixmanYou're welcome.17:22
KatolaZnr23: some of the information you are looking for is on https://www.devuan.org17:38
KatolaZinstallation images are at https://files.devuan.org17:38
KatolaZBTS is at https://bugs.devuan.org17:39
KatolaZ(linked from
KatolaZpackage information is at pkginfo.devuan.org17:39
KatolaZ(linked from
KatolaZthe package sources are on git.devuan.org17:39
KatolaZ(linked from the development page)17:39
gnu_srs1Hi, did anybody see this before?  mkdir FOO; mv FOO BAR;mv: cannot move 'FOO' to a subdirectory of itself, 'BAR'19:53
fluffywolfnope.  what filesystem, and have you fsck'ed it lately?19:55
gnu_srs1It's ext2 on GNU/Hurd. And recently fsck'ed all partitions.19:56
koollmanon hurd ?20:10
koollmanbut ... why ? :)20:10
koollmangnu_srs1: ls -ld BAR FOO20:11
nr23KatolaZ: thank you! who builds the packages and the installation images?20:33
nr23maybe sounds so personal, I mean where20:34
nr23I mean someone a task is given... how to know what to do20:35
nr23I try find out, just know... in case20:38
gnu_srs1ls -ld BAR FOO21:07
gnu_srs1ls: cannot access 'BAR': No such file or directory21:07
gnu_srs1drwxr-xr-x 2 xxx xxx 4096 Feb 27 18:21 FOO21:07
AntoFoxif anyone is interested he can install gnome-shell from hezeh.org22:55
system32Hi how can i schedule a backup using the command line ? i want the backup utility / the os to backup specific folders to a specific folder on a separate hard disk. the separate hard disk is mounted on startup so no worries there23:10
system32i want it to back the home folder every 2 weeks at Friday23:11
system32if you want to reply to my please ping me.23:13
KatolaZsystem32: if you have no experience of backups, maybe it's better to start with one of those easy-to-use backup tools23:19
KatolaZ(just wondering)23:19
system32well i backup my stuff on my windows machine23:20
system32i have never backed up stuff on a linux system before23:20
system32also what backup tool do you recommend ?23:20
system32does that utility allow me to choose a time frame and a destination folder ?23:21
KatolaZsystem32: I mostly do backups with rsnapshot or custom rsync scripts23:23
system32apt install rsnapshot ?23:25
KatolaZsystem32: if you have no previous experience of backups from cli, rsnapshot is not the right tool for you23:26
KatolaZjust google for "linux backup" and try one of the suggested tools23:26
system32but the results are for those who have a GUI23:26
system32i dont have a gui or a de23:27
KatolaZare you on a command line?23:27
KatolaZthen read the documentation for rsnapshot before installing it23:27
system32im using ssh rn23:27
system32well man rsnapshot does not say a lot of things23:29
system32oh wait my bad. it scrolls down23:29
system32# All snapshots will be stored under this root directory23:30
system32can i change that to my hard disk ?23:30
system32is there an alternative to rsnapshot ? its too complicated for me. cant figure it out even after reading the manual23:38
ericnoansystem32: There are multiple ways to achieve what you want. If you only want to backup your home folder to another hard drive every 2 weeks, rsync can take care of it along with a cron script23:39
ericnoansystem32: but there are many other programs which can act as front-ends to rsync, or even use their own backup solution, i recommend you take a look at this page:
ericnoanYou probably want to take a look at the incremental backup section23:41
system32rsync is a separate utility or its part of rsnapshot ?23:41
ericnoanrsync is a standalone command line tool which just copies files, but it can handle incremental copies, so whatever hasn't changed won't be copied, only what has changed since the last backup23:42
ericnoanrsnapshot is a helper tool which uses rsync and simplifies some of the operations23:42
system32well great. thats all i want. i just want it to copy the home folder. i dont care about the os.23:42
ericnoansystem32: check that web page i sent you, the arch wiki is a very good resource to learn. but also try 'man rsnapshot' and 'man rsync', they will tell you what arguments to use23:43
system32those are the list of apps that do Incremental backups right ?23:45
ericnoanyes under the incremental backups section23:46
system32uhh im not sure which to choose. i wont do the backup over my network.23:48
system32also rsync is pre-installed.23:48
ericnoanjust use rsync or rsnapshot. to complete this task you must learn how to use the arguments (e.g. 'rsync -av23:52
ericnoanthere are many tutorials online on how to do it, try googling 'rsync incremental backup'23:52
system32will do. after setup, everything will be automated right ?23:53
KatolaZsystem32: you need to automate it, either with rsnapshot or with rsync23:53
KatolaZyou need to create appropriate cron jobs to do that23:53
KatolaZand make sure that your machine will be up when the cronjobs are due to run23:53
system32oh god. its getting more FUN23:54
system32its a server. its always on23:54
ericnoanyes, you just have to figure out the right rsync/rsnapshot command line, then make a cron job (cron means you can make something run every day/week/month etc...)23:54
KatolaZsystem32: there is no fun without understanding though :)23:54
KatolaZso maybe start with a simple tutorial on using rsync for incremental backups23:55
ericnoani agree23:55
system32yes. i am sure there is a tutorial on youtube23:55
KatolaZno system3223:56
KatolaZyou need a written tutorial23:56
KatolaZa HOWTO23:56
system32oh ok.23:56
KatolaZvideo won't add any single bit of information23:56
KatolaZif you want to learn, you must learn to learn first :)23:56
KatolaZand reading manpages and howtos is part of the game23:56
ericnoanthere probably is a video on youtube that explains it, but you can get the same information by following a howto. i found this rsync howto by doing a simple search
ericnoanlol great minds think alike23:58
KatolaZthat's the first entry on duckduckgo for "incremental backup with rsync" :D23:58
ericnoanhaha thats uncanny23:58
KatolaZstill system32, that's just a pretty rough introductory document to get you up and running23:59

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