freenode/#devuan/ Monday, 2019-03-04

Ji-eF[m]KatolaZ : sorry, but no, I apt-get my system twice a day, via a cronjob ( apt-get update only :) )10:03
Ji-eF[m]But sure, I'll try to use codenames instead :) Thanks !10:04
KatolaZJi-eF[m]: which mirror did you hit?10:13
KatolaZI am just saying that we check mirrors for consistency on codenames10:14
KatolaZwe don't check if they have the symlinks in place10:14
Ji-eF[m]KatolaZ: The thing is apt-get says "N: This must be accepted explicitly before updates for this repository can be applied. See apt-secure(8) manpage for details."10:17
Ji-eF[m]apt-get update *10:17
Ji-eF[m]"apt update" ask the actual question : "Do you want to accept these changes and continue updating from this repository? [y/N]"10:18
Ji-eF[m]root@devuan:~# host fr.deb.devuan.org10:18
Ji-eF[m] is an alias for
Ji-eF[m] has address
Ji-eF[m]Not sure what was your question about : Is that what you asked for ? ^10:19
KatolaZdid you define it as an alias to
KatolaZoh no it is indeed an alias...10:26
KatolaZJi-eF[m]: will have a look, have to run now10:27
KatolaZbut in the link you posted you were using not
Ji-eF[m]Huh ?? I'll look into it, not sure anymore why I posted that :s12:29
Ji-eF[m]KatolaZ: Look at this ... ?14:09
Ji-eF[m](nothing in source.list.d/ either)14:22
guido_gseeing the same for de.deb.devuan.org14:29
guido_gclassic redirect I assume14:29
guido_gguido@bias:~/tmp$ wget
guido_g--2019-03-04 14:32:17--
guido_gResolving (
guido_gConnecting to (||:80... connected.14:32
guido_gHTTP request sent, awaiting response... 301 Moved Permanently14:32
guido_gLocation: [following]14:32
guido_g--2019-03-04 14:32:18--
KatolaZJi-eF[m]: ?15:02
KatolaZguidog: ?15:03
Ji-eF[m]KatolaZ: the source.list and the apt-get update stdout does not match...?15:04
Ji-eF[m]the mirror in source.list*15:05
KatolaZJi-eF[m]: uh?15:06
KatolaZJi-eF[m]: * should be a CNAME for deb.devuan.org15:08
Ji-eF[m]so there is nothing wrong here ?15:08
Ji-eF[m](actually, I was refering to your comment from before :15:09
Ji-eF[m]> but in the link you posted you were using not
KatolaZJi-eF[m]: what is the problem?15:11
KatolaZJi-eF[m]: I guess the strange thing was that you were notified about a chenge of Origin that actually happened some 6 months ago15:12
KatolaZthat is something I found strange15:12
Ji-eF[m]Oh !? Sorry then for the mess :/15:13
Ji-eF[m]I solved this problem using apt instead of apt-get15:13
KatolaZI mean, it would make sense to see that if your installation had not been upgraded for months15:13
KatolaZI remember we also had an announcement on DNG about that15:13
KatolaZyes, Ji-eF[m] it's an email from me on Jun 01 201815:14
Ji-eF[m]yes, I took note of that comment too, but as I said before, I have a cronjob that "apt-get update" every 12 hours. I manually upgrade and dist-upgrade my system every 2 or 3 days15:16
KatolaZthat's quite strange15:17
Ji-eF[m]But then, I'll change my sourcelist to use codenames instead of 'stable' and 'testing' :)15:17
KatolaZJi-eF[m]: we won't have changed any field in Release files without announcing it15:18

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