freenode/#devuan/ Monday, 2019-03-11

Hypertables"apt-get update" returns strange errors for me (Hash Sum mismatch). I've tried two or three times by now - could still be a mirroring delay though02:08
Hypertableshere's my /etc/apt/sources.list: (the errors do not seem to be related to the node entry)02:10
Hydr0p0nxit looks like is down02:14
XenguyHydr0p0nx: I think you're right02:14
Hydr0p0nxhappen to know if it's planned?02:15
Hydr0p0nxthanks golinux, at least appears to be back up now02:24
Hydr0p0nxI have a linode instance that gets very little use if i can help out02:25
golinuxProblem is the DNS access on that piece of our infra.  Hopefully will be worked out tomorrow.02:26
golinuxIt was quite unexpected and the worst timing on a Saturday night.02:27
Hydr0p0nxi believe it02:27
Hydr0p0nxBe happy to help if I can be of assistance02:28
ejrhi. am i the only one unable to update packages on devuan right now? the packages repo seems to be down07:52
KatolaZejr: which repo are you using?07:58
KatolaZejr: which repo are you using?08:10
ejrKatolaZ: ceres main contrib08:12
KatolaZtry now08:13
KatolaZ(in your case, the repo is
KatolaZceres is the suite08:13
KatolaZ"main" and "contrib" are the sections08:13
ejrahh, now it works, thanks. It's directed to now though08:13
KatolaZit has been like that since 6 months ago08:14
KatolaZmaybe 708:14
ejrok, never noticed. anyway, now it works08:19
KatolaZyeah there was a glitch in the web server configuration08:21
KatolaZhad to restart it08:21
KatolaZanywat ejr, please consider using deb.devuan.org08:21
KatolaZwe will decommission as a mirror in the medium term08:22
ejrjust changed it to, thanks for the advice08:23
xrogaanKatolaZ: Error ascii-backports/main amd64 rsyslog amd64 8.1901.0-1~bpo9+111:29
xrogaan404  Not Found [IPĀ : 80]11:29
xrogaanI just did an apt-get update11:29
KatolaZxrogaan: please try again11:31
KatolaZmust be  a glitch on sync11:31
KatolaZor a failing mirror on the debian side11:31
xrogaanWent through this time.11:31

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