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gnu_srs1sokan: I think popcon helps a lot, especially wrt installed packages for Devuan. But I might be wrong...00:16
g0zzyBack to the issue of unattended-upgrades: could someone tell me the difference between ascii-updates and ascii-proposed-updates?00:58
fsmithredsokan, don't format your efi partition - some motherboards don't like that.01:33
DantalionSwitching from ISP based routers to PFSense was a big relief for me, I never tried OpenWRT maybe some day I will have time to play with it.08:17
evilhamI built my own router :-D09:53
evilhamIt runs devuan and nftables :-)09:53
gnarfaceto both of you09:56
heaven-i thought bpfilter was the new hot thing12:18
g0zzyJust wondering what the best way to get the default desktop background a solid colour? Doesn't seem to be selectable by right-click on desktop13:00
gnarfaceon xfce?  there's gotta be something in the system menu somewhere13:03
gnarfaceor something like that13:03
g0zzyWell a right-click on the desktop should do it but it only allows me to choose different bg images13:04
gnarfacehmm. strange, i don't know.  i'm not using xfce13:05
g0zzyAhh. Got it. 'None' is under the Style dropdown13:05
gnarfaceoh, that makes sense13:06
g0zzygnarface: Thanks for your help15:10
gnarfacei didn't really help but you're welcome anyway15:11
sokanfsmithred: currently my system has MBR w7 iirc15:23
sokanAnd since I'm consiering going full dev1 I thought that I could go UEFI15:24
fsmithredsokan, yes you can use uefi with devuan16:13
sokantmp TMP0 error occured while system was booting from DVD. is that normal?16:16
fsmithrednot normal, and I don't know what it means16:18
fsmithredit's not a samsung notebook, is it?16:18
sokanthinkpad t42016:20
KatolaZsokan: does it boot anyway?16:20
sokantmp tmp0: A TMP error (6) occured attemptin to read a pcr value16:20
sokanis what it says16:20
KatolaZsokan: does it boot anyway?16:20
sokanand then everything goes well16:20
sokanisntallation starts yes KatolaZ16:21
KatolaZthen forget it16:21
sokanaye aye sir16:21
sokanirreleavnt: I now understand why all devs addor thinkpads16:22
sokanmost solit laptop build I've come across so far16:22
KatolaZsokan: you will only fully understand it in five years ;P16:22
sokanfingers crossed all we be well so i can confirm what you said16:23
sokansince i've never worked with de*an before, I dl a .deb package and I install it via apt?16:25
KatolaZno need16:28
KatolaZ(to download by hand)16:28
KatolaZapt will connect to the repos, download the packages you want, and install them16:28
KatolaZsokan: which distro were you using before?16:28
sokanarch ~2-3 years ago, then a break from computers and came back with gentoo16:30
KatolaZsokan: apt is a package manager16:32
KatolaZ(the real package manager is dpkg, to be precise, but you normally don't need to use it)16:33
KatolaZapt has a set of repositories configured16:33
KatolaZit will use them to retireve available software and install it16:33
golinuxDebian is a rudderless ship in the calms?
KatolaZnot at all golinux16:35
golinuxI'm sure that RedHat would be happy to send someone to the rescue.  LOL!16:36
sokanthanks KatolaZ16:37
KatolaZgolinux: the Debian leader has to be a DD16:37
MinceRit seems unlikely that there wouldn't be a DD on rh payroll already16:39
sokanwhat's the advantage of having a seperate /home partition?16:44
unixmanOne can fill up home and the system will still boot. Fill up root and see what happens.16:46
sokanfair point16:46
unixmanIt's the same reason to have a separate /var. Runaway logging won't kill your ability to boot.16:47
errandir1also you can have multiple distros and still use the same /home16:49
MinceRwhat could possibly go wrong?16:50
sokanI'm going for an encryption as well16:50
unixmanHehe, well, KDE might whine and die if you have different versions? Maybe?16:50
MinceRdunno, plasma couldn't keep its settings intact even with only 1 distro using that /home...16:51
unixmanNot surprised. I left KDE for Xfce years ago. After the 3.x to 4.x debacle where the KDE devs would *not* own that it was their screw-up.16:52
errandir1so I must be using sensible software then... no problem with that16:52
MinceRtook me a while to figure out which ones were sensible16:53
gnarfacewell some stuff handles version switches on old configs better than others16:54
gnarfacethat can mess you up even with just one distro16:54
gnarfacemost the time those annoyances are minor and you just purge the ~/.directory16:54
sokanhmmm. Idebootstrap error16:55
sokanfailed to determine the codename for the release16:55
MinceRpurge the unclean16:55
gnarfacesokan: stackexchange says it could be an integrity failure of the install image (did you skip the integrity check?) or it could be that it got unmounted somehow by the LVM encrypting process, which can be corrected by remounting it from a side shell17:00
gnarfaceseen in debian:
sokangnarface: same issue even with "normal" patitionin without LVM17:01
sokanmaybe I use a stuck as an installer17:01
gnarfaceyea i'd say maybe verify that install image17:02
gnarfaceit is not unheard-of for them to get corrupted in transit17:02
gnarfacebut the raid+encryption+lvm setup is a little fragile it seems too, judging from feedback17:03
sokangnarface: so I should better leave encyption for now?17:08
sokanor try out installing via usb anyway?17:08
gnarfacewhat were you using before?17:09
sokanDVD-rom to be precise17:09
gnarfacewell you should run the integrity check on it, is what you should do first17:09
sokangnarface: any idea how ca I check that?17:10
gnarfaceit should have been a menu option in there somewhere...17:10
KatolaZsokan: which image are you using?17:10
sokanKatolaZ: ^17:11
KatolaZwhy on earth are you using an RC?17:12
gnarfacehmm, yea don't ask for trouble17:13
KatolaZsokan: ^^^17:15
sokanwhat's wrong with RC? :\17:52
KatolaZit's the release candidate17:52
KatolaZnot the final one17:52
KatolaZwe should remove that mirror from the list17:52
KatolaZbut FFS, how could you pick the only one which was not updated? :D17:52
sokanbad luck? XD17:53
sokandling the new one now17:53
KatolaZuse, please17:53
KatolaZand check the SHA256SUM17:53
sokanaye aye sir!17:53
sokanI always check SHA25 after dling :)17:53
sokanwhen I learned about it, it was a revelation17:54
sokanso many pointless dvd-burns and usb stick usage17:54
KatolaZsokan: the SHA256SUM file is also signed17:54
KatolaZplease refer to the README17:54
sokanokey doke17:55
sokanhow can I combine gpg and sha25 checking?17:55
KatolaZplease read the Release Notes :17:56
KatolaZunder "Getting Devuan ASCII" <- sokan17:56
sokanokey doke17:58
sokana few minutes to be able to fiiinally install devuan :318:36
sokanbtw, big big big big thumps up for the whole space conecpt of the distro :318:36
KatolaZsokan: uh?18:41
sokanand all that18:46
sokanand logo gives me a feeling or Nasa, SpaceX etc :P18:46
sokanmaybt it was unintentional but it's pretty cool :D18:46
MinceRthe logo was indeed inspired by a minor planet in orbit18:49
KatolaZoh sure sokan18:50
KatolaZit is all intentional :)18:50
sokanKatolaZ: is it ok to PM you for verification about that gpg thingY?18:53
sokandon't want to flood here18:53
KatolaZsokan: you shouldn't trust me18:53
KatolaZyou should trust the PGP key :)18:53
sokangpg: Good signature from "Vincenzo (KatolaZ) Nicosia <>" [unknown]18:54
sokangpg:                 aka "Vincenzo Nicosia (KatolaZ) <>" [unknown]18:54
sokangpg:                 aka "Vincenzo Nicosia (KatolaZ) <>" [unknown]18:54
sokangpg:                 aka "KatolaZ <>" [unknown]18:54
KatolaZno sokan18:54
sokangpg:                 aka "Enzo Nicosia <>" [unknown]18:54
sokangpg:                 aka "Enzo Nicosia -- KatolaZ <>" [unknown]18:54
sokangpg: WARNING: This key is not certified with a trusted signature!18:54
KatolaZyou're gonna be kicked18:54
sokangpg:          There is no indication that the signature belongs to the owner.18:54
KatolaZthere is a bot that kicks upon multiline pastes18:54
KatolaZagain, trust the signature18:54
sokanthat's fine. I wwas worried about emails or something18:54
sokanI'm not sure how to "read" the signature. I followd the guidelines on how to check the immages and this was the result I got18:55
KatolaZ(anybody can claim to be me, but only I can use that key)18:55
KatolaZsokan: it says :Good Signature"18:55
sokanand this warning?18:56
KatolaZjust means that you have not declared that you trust my key and there is no chain of trust to actually trust it18:56
KatolaZ(you can ignore it unless you want to know me in person before trusting my GPG signature)18:57
fsmithredSpeaking of keys, are we going to have a key-signing party in Amsterdam?18:59
sokanwho knows? Maybe I will eventually :P19:01
sokan(know you in person)19:01
sokanso since gpg is ok and sha25sum is ok. I'm good to go with the burning19:02
KatolaZyou should be fine, sokan19:04
KatolaZfsmithred: I guess so19:08
sokanbah... Bad DVD this time :\19:40
sokanw00t! it works now20:21
KatolaZsokan: good20:31
sokanssh server during installation means that my machine will work as an ssh server?21:06
sokanor re-phrased: I can still use ssh without my laptop having ssh server installed?21:06
KatolaZsure you can sokan21:13
KatolaZthat option is only to install an ssh server21:13
sokaninstalled! :D21:47
sokanmy repos is from dvd still22:07
sokanhow do I change to something else?22:07
fsmithredcomment out the cdrom line in /etc/apt/sources.list22:07
fsmithredthere should be some lines with already, but if not, you can see an example at devuan.org22:08
sokanupgarding as we speak. thanks fsmithred22:11
sokansince I have kde working finely, can I safely remove xfce4 and all it's dependencies via apt somehow?22:15
sokanfigured it out :)22:35
sokanhow come there's no pcsx2 package in repo? :(22:35
KatolaZsokan: pkginfo.devuan.org22:38
KatolaZsokan: what is pcsx2?22:38
sokanplay stations 2 emulator22:38
KatolaZsokan: ^^^ could this be the one?22:38
sokansadly no.22:38
sokan <---  for reference22:39
KatolaZsokan: that package is not in stretch22:39
KatolaZhold on22:40
sokanno luck eh?22:42
KatolaZit's strange22:42
KatolaZit looks like the package is in stretch22:42
sokanbut it's not somehow?22:44
KatolaZsokan: we are trying to understand why it's not there22:44
sokansorry for the trouble too22:50
Jjp137it's only available for i386 apparently22:57
sokanoh dear22:59
Jjp137if you're on amd64, you can probably still install it, but first you need to enable the i386 arch with uh...let me find the command23:01
sokanamd64 here yeah23:01
Jjp137with: dpkg --add-architecture i38623:01
Jjp137then apt-get update23:01
Jjp137then install it23:01
sokanso i need to make my system multilib so to say23:02
Jjp137probably with: apt-get install pcsx2:i38623:02
Jjp137yes basically23:02
sokanI can pull it now :)23:06
sokanwill try to install tomorrow23:06
sokanthanks Jjp137 KatolaZ :)23:06
sokanwhoever's running a wm, which panel do you use alongside it? (asking since polybar isn't in repo)23:14
MinceRfor now, xfce4-panel, but it has gone to shit, so i'm looking for a replacement23:18
sokanMinceR: the only solutions I have atm are dzen2 and lemonbar but no clue how exactly they're configured23:20
MinceRdo they support multihead properly?23:20
MinceR(fbpanel/lxpanel just stretches itself along the bottom of the desktop, even if it spans multiple displays...)23:21
sokanxinerama support23:22
sokanit's v. old though23:22
MinceRi made a note to try bmpanel2 and pypanel but forgot about them23:25
sokanand just saw tint23:25
MinceRcan dzen2 do font antialiasing?23:27
sokanno clue man23:27
heaven-it doesnt do that by default?23:28
sokanI've never used it so far23:28
heaven-i imagine it reads the .xdefaults Xft.* settings or something23:28
sokanI was a polybar person23:28
sokanBut I"m not planning on leaving dev1 just for polybar :P23:29
sokanand there's also MinceR23:30
MinceRi used tint2 under #! but didn't like it. some screenshots suggest it can do more now, though23:31
sokanricing is tough crap23:31
KatolaZse7en: it's available only for i38623:43
KatolaZsokan: it's pcsx2 is available only on i38623:43
KatolaZyou should enable multi-arch to install it23:43
sokanJjp137: led me there :)23:43
KatolaZoh sorry23:47
KatolaZactually parazyd let me notice it23:47
sokanit got solved so all is a-ok :)23:50
sokanout of curiosity: if say debian goes on hiatus with that leader thingy, will devuan be affected by that?23:50
KatolaZsokan: I think the leader thing is pretty irrelevant, if you ask me23:51

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