freenode/#devuan/ Tuesday, 2019-03-19

buZzhow did i ever live without
va7lnxbuZz: you were awake all the time?06:04
BjornnI'm thinking I saw a page where it shows how my sources list should appear. I'm not getting the correct driver to enable video hardware accelleration for some reason.17:17
KatolaZBjornn: but you might need non-free drivers depending on your hardware17:18
BjornnI think I have it, but I'll check it. thanks.17:21
Bjornnit's a fresh install so I expect the defaults were inclusive. I'll know in just a sec. I need to install my editor17:24
KatolaZBjornn: cat /etc/apt/sources.list17:25
KatolaZyou don't need an editor :)17:25
KatolaZBTW, Bjornn, non-free is not added by default17:26
Bjornnit looks like the non-free is selected for each entry. I could do a pastebin or something if someone could verify the correct syntax17:34
KatolaZBjornn: you most probably need to install the driver you need18:05
KatolaZit's not installed by default in Devuan18:05
Bjornnlet me see what I can find for a help on polling hardware and such. thanks.18:17
Bjornnhere's a question that might sound silly. but here goes, I have a copy of debian stretch that I use, it runs quickly and appears to have functioning video acceleration. While on this same machine devaun 2.0 does not. Can I pick the driver out of debian and copy it to my devuan partition.23:15
furrymcgeehow did you install driver in debian? it should be same prcedure in devuan23:16
BjornnI didn't do anything different.23:22
Bjornnjust devuan didn't install the driver23:22
BjornnI'm using devuan now, but it's painfully slow on some things23:23
KatolaZBjornn: there is no need to get the driver from Debian23:23
KatolaZjust install the corresponding package in Devuan23:23
Bjornnit seems to be a non specific ati clone. Debian seems to have picked something compaitible. I don't know what it would be.23:24
KatolaZBjornn: look for a 'firmware' package among the installed ones23:26
Bjornnok. I will look.23:26

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