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Bjornnthanks buZz I'll take a look at those00:05
tuxd3vHello Guys02:21
tuxd3vI installed Devuan02:21
tuxd3vBut after reinstall grub202:22
tuxd3vI lost the awesome bootloadermenu02:22
tuxd3vDoes any one knows how to restori it?02:22
tuxd3vThanks in Advance02:23
ravencrowhey gmorning all18:08
tuxd3vDoes any one knows any good screensaver18:52
tuxd3vother than xscreensaver18:52
tuxd3vI am with the oct-2016 version18:52
tuxd3vand it is very slow to wake up after a keyboard lock18:53
tuxd3vShowld it be possible to instead of xscreensaver18:53
tuxd3vUse Slim, to unlock keyboard18:54
tuxd3vin that way it would serve both porposes18:54
nemo*shrug* I'm on mate desktop right now thus using mate screensaver18:55
nemonot super sure this is a distro question18:55
nemoprobably more a question for your desktop-of-choice18:55
tuxd3vthanks in advance,19:09
tuxd3vfor sure it his19:09
tuxd3vmaybe some timers to configure or so19:09
tuxd3vit takes the machine some 5-10 seconds to wake up19:09
ashleyk_hmm, isnt xlock standalone or no19:09
nemo5-10 seconds seems unusual19:12
tuxd3vYes I believe so19:13
gnarfacei think that if you disable the opengl screensavers you will probably not have as much lag19:14
ashleyk_just use blank for the best option19:15
tuxd3vmaybe my machine is entering some standby sleep mode19:15
tuxd3vmaybe the culprit is the power management..19:15
gnarfacethat is quite possible19:15
tuxd3vI think I found the problem..19:17
tuxd3vI am not used to xfce19:17
tuxd3vbut with a 'old clock' Motherboard19:17
tuxd3vI am limited to 4 GB RAM19:17
tuxd3vso I decided to go xfce19:17
tuxd3valso its the devuan default19:17
tuxd3vWhat are the amount of Ram used when you start a clean session booting up?19:19
tuxd3vI have now ~206MB19:19
tuxd3vI mean after a clean boot19:20
ashleyk_tuxd3v, use free -m to find out19:25
tuxd3vyes thats the value I have19:27
tuxd3vI don' tknow if someone has a bether config19:27
tuxd3vI mean using less memory19:27
ashleyk_dont use X windows19:28
tuxd3vWell, In Desktop area I need too19:30
ashleyk_206MB is pretty be happy with that because saving another 20MB isn't going to make any real difference, and if you think it will, im sure you can figure out how to do it19:32
tuxd3vthanks, I understand what you mean, the thing is that maybe someone else, had lets say 170MB or so after boot19:34
tuxd3vAnd wanted to sare19:34
tuxd3v...all of this becasue i Am in a ddr2 machine19:34
tuxd3vÃnd Ram for this, is expensive..19:35
KatolaZtuxd3v: 206MB doesn't look "much" for a full-featured desktop, TBH19:38
ashleyk_tuxd3v, use dillo for a web browser to save memory :)19:42
tuxd3vyeah, 206MB also to me seems..19:44
tuxd3vThe problem starts when you open a browser like always19:44
ashleyk_i think 180MB is the lowest you will likely get at boot anyway19:44
ashleyk_not worth hacking to do it19:44
tuxd3vDoes any one can open extract/close 7zip archivers compressed and encrypted?19:46
tuxd3vWith Xarchiver19:46
tuxd3vde default in xfce19:46
tuxd3vI can pass the authentication faze..19:46
tuxd3vhave to rely on 7za19:46
tuxd3von terminal19:46
tuxd3valso I only have xterminal, for gain some extra megabytes19:47
tuxd3vbut I do have tilda19:47
tuxd3vOk, so for know, I will regards lowering base basic memory consumption has a good value20:03
tuxd3vI am still trilled by the Xarchiver inhability to deal with 7Z files..20:03
tuxd3vthe encrypted ones..20:04
ashleyk_dont use 7z20:09
tuxd3vBut...they are very Safe20:09
tuxd3vWhat is the closest thing that gives you the same amount of compression, and encription?20:10
ashleyk_.xz has encryption?20:11
tuxd3vI saw in Devuan, a project called tomb20:14
tuxd3vit seems to sncript files or so20:14
tuxd3vbut I haven't understood its exact purpose20:15
tuxd3v'tomb' I think I spelled it correctly20:15
golinuxYes that is correct20:21

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