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tuxd3vgolinux, you still there?01:24
tuxd3vDoesn you know the 'tomb' tool and its capabilities?01:24
Acaciatuxd3v: you can "unix way" it and use zst for a good balance of speed and compression ratio, and gpg for encrypting. Usually you use the program with a gpg key, but it can also encrypt with a passphrase01:30
ashleyk_openssl enc -aes-256-cbc -salt -in "$file" -pass file:$HOME/enc.pass02:04
ashleyk_openssl enc -d -aes-256-cbc -salt -pass file:$HOME/enc.pass02:04
ashleyk_or w/e02:04
golinuxtuxd3v: I know about tomb but not how to use it.  LOL!02:06
tuxd3vthanks to all tree :)02:07
tuxd3vSeems a interesting project02:07
tuxd3vI think the downside its that it his a shell script02:07
tuxd3vBut could be coded in such a way that maybe could be a good thing02:08
tuxd3vIs something that I will look into when I had some spare time..02:08
tuxd3vwell thanks to all 402:09
tuxd3vI see very very bad..02:09
tuxd3vgolinux; I only counted 3 responses, becasue I am visually disabled02:18
golinuxAh, my bad. I couldn't see the forest for the trees.  A literal interpretation escaped me.  I hope that tomb works out for you.02:25
tuxd3vyes, I forgot a 'h', and like I said, because I don't see well, it escape my control, .. I end submitting my erroneous response02:28
tuxd3vYou welcome, no problem :)02:28
golinuxWe all make typos.  It one of my most prodigious talents.  LOL!02:30
tuxd3vI should be a master there, LOOL02:30
g0zzyGot a problem here post-install. I've never installed dual boot on EFI before and can't for the life of me get /dev/sda6 (devuan root) to boot on this box. I've disabled UEFI booting and even when i choose the HD from the boot menu it tries to boot pxe. I installed grub to /dev/sda (presumably Grub knows that we have a GPT here). This is what the partitions on the HD look like: Help pl15:59
fsmithredg0zzy, your partitions looks right. Can you get to a grub menu or grub prompt? And is this ascii or beowulf?16:06
fsmithredwhat happens when you turn the computer on?16:07
g0zzyCan't get to grub prompt as such as won't boot but i'm into the box at the mo with System Rescue CD16:07
g0zzyIt goes ino PXE16:08
fsmithredcheck to see what's on the efi partition16:08
g0zzyNot quite with you there ...16:08
fsmithredmount /dev/gpt2 /mnt16:09
fsmithredls /mnt/16:09
g0zzyHang on - will just ssh in16:09
fsmithredprobably ls /mnt/EFI/16:09
fsmithredshould be a devuan directory with grubx64.efi (or something like that) inside.16:10
g0zzyShall look16:12
g0zzyThe other have Microsoft in front of them :(16:13
g0zzyIs that looking promising or not?16:15
g0zzyCan i run the installer again and skip all but installing grub?16:35
fsmithredg0zzy, what's the point of installing again?16:38
fsmithredcan you boot microsoft?16:39
fsmithredboot rescue cd or install cd in efi mode and run efibootmgr16:41
fsmithredit will show you the order of the bootloaders16:41
g0zzyI'm wondering whether i can make it as simple as using rescure and then grub-install --target=x86_64-efi /dev/sda216:41
fsmithredobviously, microsoft is first16:42
g0zzyOh is efibootmgr something i can run in the rescue shell?16:43
fsmithredor maybe --boot-directory=/dev/sda616:43
fsmithrednot sure, but it should be there16:43
g0zzyShall try to run it before i do the other16:43
fsmithredor in SystemRescue CD16:43
fsmithreddon't bother. There's no devuan dir on the efi partition, so devuan's grub didn't install a bootloader16:44
g0zzyThat doesn't like anything without /sbin/init ;)16:44
g0zzy(SystemRescue CD)16:44
fsmithredrescue mode with installer media and re-install bootloader16:44
g0zzyOK, i seem to have i386-pc not x86_6417:01
g0zzyI get /usr/lib/grub/x86_64-efi/ doesn't exist17:02
fsmithredwhat installer image are you using?17:04
specingI installed ZNC on my devuan, but no init script was installed and no user setup was done. Is this normal? Is the first only due to pruning of systemd and sysvinit files and nobody writing openrc init for it? (I have OpenRC devuan ascii)17:05
g0zzyThe latest afaik17:07
fsmithredi386 or amd64?17:07
g0zzyI'm still in a rescue shell so can check stuff17:08
fsmithredare you chrooted in the installed system?17:08
gnarfacespecing: i don't know but did you check in /usr/share/doc/[package name]?17:08
g0zzyYes. I'm in /dev/sda6, the root partition17:10
fsmithredif you booted in efi mode17:11
g0zzyNot found17:12
fsmithredls /sys/firmware/efi17:12
fsmithreddoes it exist?17:12
g0zzyNo. Maybe the machine booted in legacy into rescue?17:13
fsmithredyeah, sounds like it17:13
g0zzyYes ;) What next?17:14
fsmithredsince you have a bios_grub partition, you could grub-install /dev/sda17:14
g0zzyTried that before. Didn't get me anywhere17:14
fsmithredwhat error do you get?17:14
g0zzyWell nothing as such. Just didn't boot via 'MBR'17:15
specingfsmithred: I did not. README.Debian says one is supposed to start it manually or in cron on reboot17:15
specingfsmithred: so I guess the debian maintainer chose to not provide an init script or dedicated use17:15
fsmithredsorry, specing I was asking g0zzy17:15
fsmithreddoes openrc use its own init scripts, or does it use the sysv scripts?17:16
g0zzyI've thought of a possible wheeze: install grub to a stick and then let the box boot from the stick -> root partition17:17
fsmithredyeah, that'll work17:17
fsmithredis it HP computer by any chance?17:18
fsmithredHave you gotten any other linux to work on it?17:18
specingfsmithred: its own, based on GNU Bash17:18
fsmithredI know openrc in devuan uses some part of sysv, but I don't know what part it needs.17:19
specingfsmithred: well, the thing is that I've looked over all the installed files of the znc package, and none looked like any kind of init script17:20
specingfsmithred: so together with README.Debian, I suppose that there are no init scripts for it17:20
fsmithredok, that's consistent with the readme17:20
specingstrange, as both Gentoo and Fedora provide an init script and set up a system user for it17:21
g0zzyYay. That worked17:22
fsmithredwould still be nice to boot from hard drive17:23
g0zzyJust a temporary thing while i replace an HD on the user's real box. I've got a simple thing to fix now - i just accepted 'start with no panel' instead of the default. How do i reset the desktop?17:43
tuxd3vyou are on xfce?17:44
tuxd3vassume you are talking about desktop panel17:45
tuxd3vyou need to add one17:45
fsmithredg0zzy, rm -r ~/.config then log out and in again. It'll be just like the first time.17:46
tuxd3vmenu->Settings->Settings Manager->Panel17:47
tuxd3vfsmithred is also a option17:49
g0zzyfsmithred: I'd like to thank you for your support. Most helpful18:44
hightower2fsmithred, so you mean since ascii the installer supports encrypted /boot ?19:00
hightower2(I seem to explicitly remember it not working before, complaining that /boot was on an encrypted partition)19:01
fsmithredhightower2, which installer are you talking about?19:01
fsmithredlive-iso or installer-iso?19:02
fsmithredrefractainstaller can handle it19:02
fsmithredI've only tried it in beowulf with d-i and it didn't work out so well19:02
hightower2(or whatever I get when I download netinst iso)19:02
fsmithredfor several reasons, I think19:02
fsmithredyeah, netinst has debian-installer19:03
fsmithredI don't like full-disk encryption - grub is slow about responding to the passphrase19:04
fsmithredand if you get impatient and press Enter, the grub menu flies by in about 1/10 second.19:05
fsmithredno pause19:05
jellyunrelated, how does grub pass the luks key to the kernel?  Or does the user have to provide the passphrase two times?19:09
fsmithredtype it twice, jelly19:14
hightower2jelly, yeah, twice. some people suggest storing it into a file somewhere so that second time it is read from it. But that scares me. E.g. someone hacks in into the machine, then changes encryption key on the fly and sends you a nice email  :)19:22
fsmithredyou won't be able to read it19:23
jellyhightower2: that is clearly unsafe, but passing it to kernel in a similar way command line is passed might be acceptable19:41
jellyor next to initrd19:42
specingIs there a debian/devuan colours package for the shell? Things like PS1, directory/file colours, ...20:33
ashleykPS1="devjuan: "20:36
debdogspecing: should be an option inside ~/.bashrc20:37
specingdebdog: ls is now colourful, but PS1 remains bleak and unnoticeable in a pile of output20:42
KatolaZspecing: what do you want to do exactly?20:42
fsmithreduncomment force_color_prompt=yes in ~/.bashrc20:43
fsmithredif you want other than green, edit the first PS1 line after that20:43
specingfsmithred: there is no such comment20:43
debdogthe PS1 is an extra line I bit down20:43
KatolaZspecing: there is one in .bashrc20:43
fsmithredinstall bash-completion20:43
specingbash-completion has nothing to do with this20:44
specingand I don't want it20:44
fsmithredand copy /etc/skel/.bashrc if it's different20:44
KatolaZfsmithred: no need to have bash-completion20:44
fsmithredmight already be the same for user, but for root it's different20:44
KatolaZspecing: how are you setting PS1?20:45
KatolaZyou need ansi codes for colors20:45
specingKatolaZ: I'm not20:45
KatolaZspecing: this is a snippet to have a random colour on each new bash instance20:45
KatolaZactually, it's a combination of two colours, randomly selected in a pool20:46
KatolaZ(that's personal preference: use any ansi color visualiser to set your own ones)20:47
specing /etc/skel/bashrc is indeed much longer than root's .bashrc20:47
KatolaZspecing: have a look at that link20:47
specingKatolaZ: I did20:47
specingKatolaZ: I know how to set all this myself, I'm just wondering what is available "by default" on devuan20:47
KatolaZdo you need a package for that?20:48
KatolaZor something available "bu default"?20:48
specingKatolaZ: the latter20:48
specingor rather, easily obtainanble and "official"20:48
specingwhy are HISTSIZE and HISTFILESIZE set so low?20:49
jellyfor... historical reasons20:50
* jelly hides20:50
specingI have hundreds of thousands of lines saved on my boxes, and it is quite often that I have to look something up that was typed over 1000 commands ago20:51
jellyif only there was a way to change the values!20:52
ashleykeverytime i look for somethings its been blasted away by another terminal20:52
ashleykill do 1000 commands, then come back and there are 520:52
ashleyki think i need to use HISTAPPEND20:53
tuxd3vin bash, history is only saved when you log out20:55
jellyis that like zsh' setopt incappendhistory?20:55
tuxd3vin that faze will be apppended your current history to ~. /bash_history20:55
tuxd3vin that faze will be apppended your current history to ~.bash_history20:56
jellyafter each command line?20:56
jellythen yes20:56
tuxd3vlog as root type,then 'exit'20:56
tuxd3vthen login again, and you will see the history there20:57
specingtuxd3v: incorrect, it can also save as you go20:57
specingwhat I'd like it to do is to save after 10 lines or 3h, whichever comes first20:57
tuxd3vhow ton you save ?20:57
tuxd3vspecing: how can you save?20:58
specingbut I guess I'll have to patch bash for that20:58
specingtuxd3v: check the manpage, it should be there20:58
tuxd3vbut bash by default doesn't do that20:58
ashleyknothing worse than losing your entire history20:59
tuxd3vonly on logout20:59
specingashleyk: yes21:04
specingbtrfs snapshots ftw :)21:04
ashleykexcept when you want to21:06
ashleykHISTSIZE=0 rm -rf ~/.bash_history; exit21:06
specingI do not condone destruction of history21:11
jellywhy would you -r or -f a single file of your own21:12
ashleyki didnt mean to type -rf21:13
furrywolfI virtually never use -f.  you shouldn't make a habit of it.  nor -r.  lol21:16
* Lydia_K -rf's all over the place.21:22
* furrywolf pounces Lydia_K to stop her'21:26
tuxd3vI have tried something for History..21:29
tuxd3vcat <<EOF >>~.bashrc21:29
tuxd3v# Avoid duplicates21:29
tuxd3vexport HISTCONTROL=ignoredups:erasedups21:29
tuxd3v# When the shell exits, append to the history file instead of overwriting it21:29
tuxd3vshopt -s histappend21:29
tuxd3v# After each command, append to the history file and reread it21:29
tuxd3vexport PROMPT_COMMAND="\${PROMPT_COMMAND:+\$PROMPT_COMMAND$'\n'}history -a; history -c; history -r"21:29
ashleyktuxd3v, niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee21:31
tuxd3vBut I need to test it..more21:33
tuxd3valso you guys could test too21:33
tuxd3vhistory is saved, on all sessions...but only on exit21:37
tuxd3vI tyhink21:37
tuxd3vstill not imediatly availlable in other sheels I think21:37
tuxd3vCAn anny one confirm?21:38
tuxd3vany one21:38
* Lydia_K -rf's!21:41
tuxd3vcat <<EOF >>~.bashrc ---> cat <<EOF >>~/.bashrc21:44
tuxd3vsorry that was the mistake21:44
tuxd3vI think its working guys :)21:44
furrywolfbbl, work21:45
tuxd3vCan you guys confirm its working nice21:46
tuxd3vbbl is what?21:47
tuxd3vit Is Working , but a new command needs to be emitted  before you see the other sessions history :(21:50
tuxd3vtype 'ls' after21:50
tuxd3vthen history is availlable on other shells too21:50
jellyclearly you need to implement some sort of IPC for the shell so they get history updates before <enter> is pressed!  And maybe you can also set up updating the enviroment vars for all the open interactive shells at once!21:52
tuxd3vSo the Snipet is:21:55
tuxd3vThis works with ! command of delay21:56
tuxd3v! - > 121:57
specingtuxd3v: I won't test it, I have my own working setup that does just that21:59
specingand fidding with bashrc tends to result in syntax error and then bash taking defaults, which are to wipe history22:00
specingI seriously have to patch bash22:00
specingor switch to a better shell22:00
tuxd3vbetter shell...Ksh?22:00
specingzsh or sparforte22:02
tuxd3vmksh, I am on it!22:09
tuxd3vI love Ksh22:09
tuxd3vbut how is its speed compared to Ksh?22:10
tuxd3vbut Ksh93 is still in heavy developing..22:13
tuxd3vKsh93 was the default in the magnificient QNX neutrino based BB10 os22:18
tuxd3vmksh is the default in debian has a package I think, and in Android also22:19
jellyI made /bin/sh -> mksh for a bit but some things broke22:21
tuxd3vksh is not completly compatible with bash22:22
jelly/bin/sh needs only to be POSIX sh compatible, on Debian22:22
decent-usernameYo, I'm getting the following error when trying to load certain code that uses opengl:
decent-usernameIt looks like I'm missing a 32bit version of the nvidia driver or so.22:26
decent-usernamelike described here:
decent-usernameIs there a 32bit version somewhere in the repos? I couldn't find one.22:27
decent-usernameI would appreciate any pointers.22:27
specingtuxd3v: a shell's execution speed is no longer important22:28
specingwhat is important is the speed you produce scripts for it and the correctness of those scripts22:28
tuxd3vspecing: I understand what you said, but speed is always important, and Ksh has it..22:29
tuxd3vbut Ksh88 is not something I would sugest to a friend..22:30
tuxd3vKsh93 is diferent22:30
tuxd3vOn aix running in power7 a number has a signed int size...22:31
tuxd3vthat is very limiting22:31
tuxd3vthat problem was solved in Ksh9322:31
tuxd3vbut that was Aix related/power722:32
tuxd3vbecause on sparc it has a 128 bit size22:32
tuxd3vSo its a bit tricky to port code on Ksh between archs22:33
tuxd3von that regard bash works better22:33
tuxd3vBut its a nice shell22:34
tuxd3vfast to fork&exec22:34
tuxd3vif you end Running millions of jobs in a machine it matters22:35
tuxd3vI have some aix systems ripping at full throttle, doing Database Cleaning Stuff22:37
tuxd3vAnd its matters a lot22:37
decent-usernamelooks like people in here don't seem to know the answer. > . < I'm so tired, I'll figure it out tomorrow. Have a good night everyone.22:45
buZzdpkg --add-architecture i386  ; apt update ; apt install libgl1-nvidia-glx:i38623:01
buZzno patience = no answer23:02

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