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specingicarious: devuan does openrc btw00:13
icariousspecing: I know. It was an offtopic question00:16
icariousOn a related note. How is openrc in Devuan Buster? workable?00:16
golinuxspecing: Look on #debianfork00:17
golinuxicarious: There is not devuan Buster.00:17
golinuxThere is Devuan Beowulf00:17
icariousgolinux: I meant the upcoming release based on Buster00:18
icariousSorry for the wrong term00:18
specingWhat is the state of apparmor/selinux in devuan? Is there a document on this?00:20
icariousBuster was supposed to enable it by default. I wonder if it will roll down to Devuan too00:20
icariousI mean AppArmor00:21
golinuxI've only heard negative comments in this camp00:21
specingI'm torn00:22
specingFedora seems like the only distro serious about security00:22
specingbut they ship very new software and have SELinux :/00:23
specinghave systemd*00:23
specingWhy isn't there a systemd-less distro with SELinux?00:23
KatolaZspecing: devuan00:24
KatolaZyou can install selinux00:24
specingKatolaZ: ?00:24
specingI know I can, but are there policy files and are they good?00:25
watchcatdidn't you say exactly the same thing about apparmor a while back? someone did.00:32
ashleyk_how do you disable the console blanking?  setterm --powersave off ?00:34
zeph1ro@katolaz hello...14:41
zeph1roanybody here that got a solution to this? ...or a workaround?14:41
zeph1roor a different path than this How-To ?14:42
zeph1rohi @jaromil :) :wave:14:42
gnarfacezeph1ro: what happens if you just override that host name in your /etc/hosts file?14:49
zeph1ro@gnarface, yeah... it's an option... hopefully they do not serve over https15:08
zeph1rocurl: (60) SSL: no alternative certificate subject name matches target host name ''15:09
zeph1romeh :facepalm:15:10
gnarfacewell the forum basically says to rebuild the one from the gitlab, right?15:10
gnarfacesomeone might already have done that work and put it somewhere you can download15:11
zeph1royeah ... @gnarface15:13
zeph1rothing is... i got the package from experimental15:14
zeph1rohow comes is not yet the one with such a patch? it is 7mo old15:14
gnarfaceare you sure it's the right one?  did you remember "-t experimental"   ?15:14
gnarfaceor whatever the -t value is for that...15:14
gnarfaceyou gotta "apt-get update" first too15:15
zeph1roi'm blindly copy pasting from the how to15:15
zeph1roso... of course i did :)15:15
gnarfacehmmm. i couldn't say then15:15
zeph1roI got the feeling that they did not tag a new release15:16
zeph1ro staging version 0.2+4 · 1 year ago15:16
gnarfacecould it be your repo mirror though?15:16
zeph1rodoesn't look like my repo15:16
gnarfacehmmm i see15:17
zeph1roI'm a damn n00b... can anybody tag it and trigger the building process? please... :cat big eyes:15:17
gnarfaceit is out of my hands15:18
gnarfacebe patient though, someone may hear your plea15:18
golinuxgnarface> be patient though, someone may hear your plea16:04
golinuxWe are all frantically busy with the conf coming up next week.16:05
zeph1rouh, ok. noted @golinux16:05
golinuxHope you will take care of things while we're occupied elsewhere.16:05
golinuxyou = gnarface16:06
golinuxOr someone not involved may be able to sort things.  But the d1h is KatolaZ' work16:07
golinuxzeph1ro: Sorry for the bad timing . . .16:10
zeph1rono worries... it just started out of job offer that came along for debian packaging16:14
zeph1roi needed to refresh my hands... and, I wanted to do it on my beloved devuan16:15
gnarfaceis it possible it's just building still?16:17
gnarfaceand is it even right for it to be querying debian servers at all?16:18
golinuxgnarface: (in case you haven't seen it before)16:33
mukeHey, I'm trying to set up an nfs server on my devuan machine, but it's telling me there's no support in the current kernel. Before I go off compiling my own kernel with support, I just wanted to check that the default devuan does not in fact come with nfs support, and I'm not doing something else wrong?16:34
gnarfacegolinux: sorry, i did see it i just didn't read the whole thing16:38
gnarfacemuke: it should come with nfs but maybe you aren't loading the modules right16:39
golinuxI'm pretty sure it needs to import the Debian source oif the pkg hasn't been forked before/16:39
golinuxBut it's too much for me to digest16:40
mukegnarface any idea on how to check that? it seems like the nfs modules are loaded in in lsmod, but idk exactly which one I'm looking for16:41
gnarfacemuke:  you probably need a couple of them, i'm not sure which either, but try this: find /lib/modules/`uname -r` -iname 'nfs*'16:43
gnarfacemuke: you will need the right version of nfsv2/3/4 for your setup too16:44
gnarfacei think you only need one of those particular ones16:44
gnarfacebut you probably also need a couple of the others16:44
gnarfacemuke: make sure you also have the nfs-common and nfs-kernel-server packages16:45
mukegnarface seems like nfsd wasn't loaded in, gonna give it a try after running modprobe on that16:45
mukeah yea that fixed it, but now it's complaining about portmapper not running16:46
mukeok yea I got it, thanks for the help16:47
gnarfaceno problem...16:47 has invalid ssl cert17:01
Xenguy.oO( seems ironic )17:02
queipmaybe a coverup for the critical thunderbird bug?17:09
queipdid devuan fixed this one already? where it devuan's tracker of security bugs?17:09
gnarfacebug fixes will typically be inherited from upstream17:19
gnarfacethere is a though if you want to report something17:19
icariousDevuan doesn't support openrc-init like Gentoo?21:59
icariousCouldn't find a /sbin/openrc-init22:00
MinceRiirc there is an openrc package22:03
MinceRnot sure what the executable is named, probably /sbin/init22:03
MinceRbut it's possible to query what files are in a package, somehow22:04
icariousMinceR: openrc-init is actually a standalone init which replaces /sbin/init.22:04
MinceRi thought openrc used the same init executable as sysvinit22:05
MinceRjust replaced the rc scripts22:05
icariousMinceR: that is the default behaviour yes. Most people use it that way along with sysvinit as a supervisor. But these days it can act as an init itself22:05
icariousIts possible in Gentoo. But I guess its built differently in Devuan22:06
MinceRmaybe the debian/devuan package isn't that new22:06
* icarious checks version22:06
icariousOh yes22:07
icariousASCII is using openrc-0.2322:07
icariousopenrc-init was introduced since 0.2522:07
icariousMinceR: just checked the installed version. So that answers22:08
icariousThe upcoming buster based update should come with it22:08
icariousNo matter. I am trying out Devuan for the first time22:08
icariousIts a breather to see the system without systemd22:09
icariousBack to the old days22:09
icariousIs there a Devuan equivalent page to ?22:11
icariousfsmithred: thanks22:24
silverwillowHey all. new-ish to Devuan. Wondering how to setup repositories... are the 'vanilla' Debian ones where it's at? Running ASCII 2.x22:56
plasma41silverwillow: No, see
silverwillowthnx :)22:59
plasma41Point your sources.list exclusively to Devuan repos. Packages forked by Devuan will be served from there and unforked packages will be transparently fetched from Debian.23:01
silverwillownice. good to know.23:01
icariousJust for the same of reviewing. My Devuan installation went smoothly. Switching to OpenRC was smooth.23:04
plasma41icarious: nice23:07
silverwillowon the installation front... moving to Beowulf should be as simple as replacing 'ascii' in the repositories file... (need latest GNUstep packages and they are in Beowulf)23:12
rrqkind of: beowulf doesn't have backports, proposed or proposed-updates.23:15
silverwillowfair enough - so how do i get up to date GNUstep packages for 'stable' ASCII? the ones available are 'ancient'...23:17
rrqmmm ascii has gnustep 7.8 and beowulf has 7.1023:18
silverwillowgnustep 7.x is a package with various applications... the issue is that GNUstep just released an important 'stable' release of the make/base/gui/back packages.23:20
plasma41silverwillow: When I've needed a specific package from testing, I'll typically add the testing repos to my sources.list, apt update, install the desired package, then comment out testing from sources.list, and apt update again.23:21
plasma41So long as you don't need to install a lot of deps from testing, it's a reasonably straightforward pa23:23
silverwillowwell, i guess it's all good. I'll just run with the older stuff i guess. So ASCII never get's updated until Beowulf gets promoted to stable. Sorry for asking these newbie questions... I haven;t used a Debian-style system in a long time (been on Alpine and Arch instead)23:23
plasma41So long as you don't need to install a lot of deps from testing, it's a reasonably straightforward process.23:23
plasma41silverwillow: For the most part yes. There are exceptions for security updates and the like.23:24
silverwillowi may just opt to stay with ASCII as a base system and then build GNUstep from git and live 'dangerously' :)23:25
plasma41Each new stable release is essentially a snapshot of testing at the time of the release.23:25
icariousSome screenshots of my Devuan installation for the interested,AlQSUHc2Q4kI/80Sjpm7eHjJU.png,lj2hzDL9Trfy/YzH6ddkzWD2S.png,gxB65FMSGbcB/1oGcYey8kEj6.png :P23:25
icariousOh dear, huge link23:25

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