freenode/#devuan/ Saturday, 2019-04-06

amarsh04listening to the youtube stream13:44
plasma41amarsh04: discussion is happening in #devuan-conf. come join13:53
* man_in_shack stares at /etc/init.d/networking14:38
ravencrowevening all16:31
plasma41morning o/16:32
KatolaZfsmithred talking now about "How to make your own distribution" #devuan-conf16:40
xrogaanback tomorrow then?18:49
xrogaanAny hope of cutting the huge 9 hours stream into separate ones?21:36
xrogaanI'm alright with 1h-2h videos. But 9 hours is just too large of an amount of time.21:37
aicrashow me21:53
aicralink pls21:53
KatolaZxrogaan: each talk will be put online as a separate video, probably21:58
xrogaanKatolaZ: appreciated :)22:08

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