freenode/#devuan/ Wednesday, 2019-04-10

ErRandirno problem. It has evolved over quite a long time, I guess that's why it may look disorganised to you00:15
tuxd3vGood Morning all13:06
djpho/ tuxd3v14:45
EvilhamI've disabled registration to with gmail addresses for the moment, IDK how people have their hands on so many fake gmail addresses14:46
Evilhamlast time I checked they require people to provide a valid telephone number to create new accounts14:46
Evilhamin any case, if someone comes complaining about that, can you please ask them to drop me a PM? :-D14:47
Evilhamthis is a temporary measure :-)14:47
tuxd3vThat is a good news14:51
tuxd3vprivacy is good14:51
tuxd3vgour: o/14:52
tuxd3vdjph: o/14:52
tuxd3vEvilham: what are the requirements to create projects in ?14:53
tuxd3vI mean if there are any14:53
gourlooking for non-systemd distro which is not too 'stable', iow. i moved (from debian-sid) to manjaro-stable in order to have fresh pkgs, but not at the edge like arch in order not to update every day...devuan stable is like debian, but wonder whether 'testing' and 'sid' are same as debian?14:53
gouri'm evaluating voidlinux, abandoned nixos (still systemd) and looking at guixsd although i need few non-free apps (skype for non-profit monthly videoconfeernces, anydesk to troubleshoot my father-in-law's remote machine etc.)14:54
tuxd3vEvilham: Is there any particular policy that we need to follow, to host their a project?14:55
gouris it possible to install devuan-unstable straight away or stable first and then upgrading?14:55
tuxd3vI am making a tool to build deviam on Several arm sbc's, can I host it in Devuan git ?14:56
tuxd3vgour: yes14:56
tuxd3vyou can14:56
tuxd3vInstall I haven't tested, but you should be able to pass to Beowulf15:01
gourthat's like sid?15:02
tuxd3vsome sort of15:02
tuxd3vPlanet: 3808615:02
Evilhamgour: we have no daily/weekly builds for isos, but you can use the devuan-installer for ascii + debootstrap to install directly beowulf (current testing) if you know how to do that :-), if not we can surely find something that guides you15:03
Evilhamtuxd3v: there are no hard requirements IIRC; gdo is intended to be used by devuan-related things, so you are on the safe side, if you run into project limits let us know and we'll see15:04
Evilhamin any case, with git being decentralised, you can (and should) always have a copy of your data, so you can move away wheneveryou want / need15:04
tuxd3vEvilham: Thanks for your reply15:05
tuxd3vI have another project..15:05
tuxd3vWhich is to control a simple fan15:05
tuxd3vat the moment I needed to release it for systemd, but I plan to add Devuan to that platform( rockpro64 )15:06
tuxd3vat that stage could I host the project in Devuan git?15:07
tuxd3vthis his the project15:07
Evilhamtuxd3v: I'd say, if it's really within your plans to support devuan in there, go ahead15:08
Evilhameven if you first have to support systemd15:09
tuxd3vEvilham: I had too, because no Devuan release for rockpro64 yet15:09
tuxd3vI plan to add it, and my makefile is also prepared to support SysVinit15:10
tuxd3vits a mather of creating a image for it..15:10
Evilhamgour: take a look at this table of rough equivalence between releases:
tuxd3vtherefor I plan to develop exclucivlyy on Devuan15:11
gouris there a non-free repo for devuan available?15:11
tuxd3vBecasue I need a release that has all the requirements to do kernel developing, has I will need to develop at least one, maybe 2 kernel drivers..15:12
tuxd3vAnd current images, or doesn't have source code, or doesn't have header kernel files, and so on..15:12
Evilhamgour: yeah, check this here too:
Evilhamtuxd3v: IIRC parazyd was working on this15:13
tuxd3vEvilham: yes I know of that, with the zsh sdk15:13
gourEvilham: thanks, just found it15:13
tuxd3vI spoke to him , and he was a big help, on orienting me at beguining15:13
Evilhamyeah, parazyd is awesome :-)15:14
tuxd3vyes, its awesome15:15
gourdo you recommend some other init system (openrc, runit,..) for a new install?15:16
tuxd3vlots of helpful contributions from him, he helped me a lot!15:16
Evilhamgour: it's a matter of preference, in the end OpenRC relies on SysVInit and I don't recall the state of runit as an init system. I rely on SysVinit for init and runit for service management15:19
gourEvilham: runit is used for service management by default install?15:20
* gour is preparing usb stick for install on (spare) machibe (netbook)15:21
Evilhamthere were a couple talks about s6 at devuan-conf as well, which has a similar approach to service management, you can check that here: mind that sound is not the greatest because there were some issues with the stream, there will be separate videos with good sound quality "sooN"15:21
Evilhamgour: no, devuan hasn't changed the defaults (SysVinit as init and no real service management), but it is fairly easy to start runit/s6 and manage your own services with it15:22
gourahh, ok15:23
Evilhamsomeone should write some documentation as to how to do that :-), if you are up for that, commenting on a draft is usually easier than writing from scratch15:25
gourbtw, in {devuan, guixsd, voidlinux}, devuan seems to be the optimal choice considering debian's maturity and my previous experience running it...15:30
Evilhamgour: I hope you have a good experience then, do mention if there is something that is too rough atm15:34
goursure. btw, nice t-shirts for buying in the shop ;)15:38
gourfinally, after doing some household work, i'm doing install on my netbook...16:42
gourchecking package repo and noticed - that one is probably too old (will check it soon) - there is a need for a new weather provider since the old one does not work any longer...iirc16:58
goureverything is fine with my netbook install...automount of media does work properly, system is very fast, looks nice, many pkgs, no-systemd - that's just what i wanted and now i can proceed to migrate my main machine to devuan :-)19:06
_abc_Hello. Been tinkering with linuxcnc-wheezy-2.7 live .iso today. Made a cnc machine move with it. But it is totally sucky. In the past, I talked about devuan on #linuxcnc, to no avail, they stayed with wheezy so far. Wheezy if of course systemd free.19:07
_abc_Is there an interest in pushing devuan as the next live disk support for linuxcnc?19:08
gourhowever, as predicted, xfce's weather-plugin needs update since the current one (even in ceres) does not work19:08
_abc_linuxcnc has special kernel build requirements and the real time tasks in it have a REAL problem with something optimized to consume as many resources in the kernel as possible, which systemd is. I believe that there is a future in that direction for devuan.19:08
_abc_I asked people who run linuxcnc self-compiled, on systemd enabled systems, and they seem to think it works.19:09
_abc_That is of course not a benchmark, I assume, with good reason, and 100% hindsight, that sub-par systems will have trouble running systemd and real time tasks in parallel.19:09
gourcan anyone suggest some EU mirror for devuan packages?19:23
gnarfacethere is only 13 mirrors19:24 is a round-robin pointing to all of them19:24
gnarfacejust go down the list and traceroute all of them till you find the closest one and use it directly, if you want19:24
gouris it the same to use ceres or sid in sources.list?19:26
gnarfaceceres is unstable, and corresponds to sid19:26
gnarfacethey are not technically identical19:26
gnarfaceso it would be wrong to say they are the same19:26
gnarfacethey are not interchangeable19:27
gnarfacedon't switch back and forth19:27
gnarfacebut you can probably successfully get away with it if you're lucky19:27
gnarfacei got away with it19:27
gourok, i use ceres now...and doing apt-upgrade19:28
gnarfaceyou might still run into any of the problems normally plaguing sid19:29
gourok, so far i like it (devuan)...some problem that my wired connection does not work - forgot which firmware have to install, so using wifi, but i can in the meantime start with installing on my desktop machine19:30
_abc_gour: 90% your ethernet depends on a module which is non free or not loaded.19:31
gnarfacethe firmware package names haven't changed from Debian, so if their wiki mentions the device in question, that package name is still the right one19:31
gnarfacenot all devices work, that's not a given, mind you19:31
_abc_enabling non-free in the dpkg sources should bring it in19:31
_abc_Unless you have a very weird or very new ethernet adapter it will work.19:32
gnarface(but any devices that work in Debian should also work in Devuan, as the kernels are identical)19:32
_abc_gnarface: the systemd components load into the kernel as modules?19:32
gnarface_abc_: so far as i know, the only devices relying on systemd so far are some temperature sensors and the Steam controller19:33
negevhi, i'm on beowulf/ceres and want to install an older kernel, specifically 4.15, what's the easiest way to do that?19:33
gnarface_abc_: sorry, not sure if that's the answer to the question you're actually asking... but to clarify, in most cases, drivers have nothing to do with systemd.19:33
_abc_gnarface: systemd logger component is in the kernel afair? It is one of the items I wrestled with hard in the past. Dr. Knopper has an article on that.19:33
* negev shudders visibly at the thought of lennart&co writing device drivers19:34
_abc_Sure, nothing about drivers and systemd, except systemd is very good and optimized to print all errors, repeating and all, from drivers, and it does this with amazing speed.19:34
gnarface_abc_: i don't even know that much about it.  i was under the impression that all systemd's stuff is primarily in userspace19:34
_abc_gnarface: nope.19:34
gour_abc_: i've old netbook, let me restart it19:34
_abc_BUT someone kicked their butts out of core kernel code, they have modules iirc19:34
gourapt-upgrade can't fetch some pkgs...19:35
gnarfacegour: "apt-get update && apt-get upgrade"19:35
gnarfacegour: (always update before you upgrade, but expect that transient package problems are normal in unstable)19:36
gourgnarface: i did that19:38
gnarfacegour: deb ceres main19:39
gnarfacedeb-src ceres main19:39
gourstrange, nm-applet shows that my wired connection is "device not managed"19:39
gnarfacedo you have these lines in your sources.list ?19:39
gouri only have deb line with additional 'non-free contrib'19:40
gnarfacebut you are using for the hostname, right?19:40
* gour nods19:41
gnarfacealright, /msg me the error output, i'll help you decipher it19:41
gnarfaceprobably it is an issue with unstable that you'll just have to wait to clear up, but it could be some local package conflict too19:42
gourgnarface: now it is updating...maybe some network error was due...let me see19:42
gouri rememmebr it was complaining about missing pkgs, e.g. yelp-something19:42
gnarfacewell, remember is a dns round-robin, so if you retried and it worked on the second try, that just means you got unlucky the first time and caught a repo currently being updated19:42
gnarfacethat will become less common as there are more repos added19:43
gourstill, i wonder about the issue with my ethernet connection...usually it is the other way around...although i did install via ethernet19:43
gnarfacethere are some new intel ethernet devices out there that don't work in the 4.9 kernel ascii uses.  the driver is there i think but needs to be patched.  the 4.18/4.19+whatever kernel in backports/unstable should have the patch though19:44
gnarfaceis it possible you updated to ceres but are still using the old kernel?19:45
gnarface"uname -a" will tell you the running kernel19:45
gourmy netbook is >5yrs old, even more...lenovo e12519:46
gnarfaceoh hmm19:46
gnarfacethat kernel is about that old too19:46
gnarfaceso yea, update the kernel and see if that fixes the ethernet19:46
gouri was using tht machine with 3.x kernels, iirc19:46
gnarfaceregressions aren't unheard-of either19:47
gourok, waiting for apt-upgrade to finish first19:47
gnarfacethere may be other things in unstable that kernel is too old for as well19:48
gourbut i'm sure everything is going to to be sorted out...19:48
gnarfacenothing is a guarantee19:48
gourwell, i used 4.19 on the same machine (manjaro)19:48
gnarfaceand that one worked?19:48
gnarfaceshould be fine then19:49
gnarfaceis it amd64 or i386 hardware?19:49
gnarfaceinstall 'linux-image-amd64' and 'linux-headers-amd64'19:49
gnarfacethen you'll get the kernel updates with everything else19:49
gnarface(otherwise the kernel will never be updated unless manually requested)19:49
gourin case of that xfce4-weather-plugin, devuan has to wait for debian's updates?19:52
gnarfaceyes, though there may be exceptions19:52
gournow i see that 0.9.0 is in debian's experimental, although sid is still at 0.8.10, while arch/manjaro have 0.8.1119:53
gnarfacemy experience with debian experimental is that it's usually worth it to wait until it makes it to unstable19:53
gour0.8.11 is the one which restores functionality of the plugin due to support for new weather provider19:54
gnarfaceif you try to build it yourself, you might find out why it's not been updated yet in debian19:54
gnarfacethat's the way this type of thing has usually gone for me anyway19:55
gourinstalling 4.19.28 kernel now...20:00
gnarfacegour: i probably should have reminded you to take a backup first20:07
ashleykis there a backdown?20:26
ashleykmaybe it would be frontdown i guess20:26
gnarfacethat's a clever idea for a name20:26
ashleykname for a yoga move20:28
gourgnarface: actually wired connection does work, but the icon is misleading...however, the desktop install will probably have to wait for tomorrow20:33
tuxd3vgour: you set the iface to eth0 in the configs?20:36
gourtuxd3v: yes, i did20:48
tuxd3vyour ifconfig what tells you?20:49
gouraccording to hwinfo, the driver should be atl1c20:55
tuxd3vgour: you have the interface configured?20:56
gourtuxd3v: i've in network-manager applet only?20:57
tuxd3vI though that you had wicd20:57
gourand the lines you posted are in /etc/network as well20:58
tuxd3vif you do20:58
tuxd3vifdown eth020:58
tuxd3vand then ifup eth020:58
tuxd3vit does obtain ip?20:58
tuxd3vmayne you don't have dhcp client installed..20:59
gourit obtained ip via dhcp21:00
gourbut it does not reflect in nm-applet which still holded wifi connection21:00
fsmithreddon't use a network manager (of any name) and /etc/network/interfaces. Use one or the other.21:01
gouri get ip, but nm-applet still shows as there are no active connections21:01
fsmithred...not both.21:01
gourbut when i do 'ifdown eth0' it says that connection has been disconnected21:02
gourso, some problem with nm-applet not detcting when eth0 is up21:02
tuxd3vits correct21:02
tuxd3vmaybe becasue it his expecting enspx thing has a name..?21:03
gourhmm...i do not recall such behaviour on other distros21:03
tuxd3vyes there are anny outthere21:03
tuxd3vwhith recent renamings of interfaces21:03
gouraha...right, on my desktop wired is enp6s021:04
gourany idea how to fix it?21:04
tuxd3vthats the problem..21:04
tuxd3vyou need to add a thing to /etc/default/grub21:04
tuxd3vso that it doesn't rename eth021:04
tuxd3vhold on21:04
tuxd3vGRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="net.ifnames=0 biosdevname=0"21:06
fsmithredeudev should default to the old names21:06
tuxd3vthen update-grub21:07
fsmithreduse net.ifnames=1 to use the new names with eudev in devuan21:07
tuxd3vvia eudev is also pissible, but you need to create rules for it21:07
fsmithredwhat is the interface called when you run 'ip a'?21:08
fsmithredip a21:08
fsmithredwhat I described is the default in devuan21:09
fsmithredif gour is getting some other behavior, then something is wrong.21:09
fsmithredwas this a fresh devuan install, or a migration from debian?21:09
tuxd3vI don't use network-manager21:10
tuxd3vI don trust too much on it21:10
tuxd3vbut there are lots of people using it..21:10
gnarfacefsmithred: i inferred he upgraded to ceres from sid21:11
gnarfacefsmithred: er, from sid to ceres, i mean21:11
ashleykfsmithred, i saw devuan name a usb ethernet as a really long name, but eth and wlan are fine, fwiw21:11
fsmithredthen maybe udev is still running instead of eudev21:12
fsmithredthanks ashleyk, I haven't tried my usb dongle in beowulf yet. Good idea.21:12
gnarfaceon ceres with udev i'm still getting the old style names, but i think that might be due to my old /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules file21:13
gnarface(which i've manually corrected before)21:13
fsmithredI'm getting old names with new beowulf installs21:13
fsmithredsame version is in ceres unless it changed in the last week21:14
fsmithrednap time for me. bbl.21:15
_abc_What is beowulf in this context please?21:26
gnarface_abc_: devuan testing; corresponds to debian buster21:31
gourtuxd3v: that helped. i put net.ifnames=1 biosdevname=0 in the grub and re-created old connection and nm-applet is now behaving properly. thanks a lot for helping me out?21:31
gourfsmithred: by default, i was getting eth0 for 'ip a'21:31
gourall in all i'm very happy with devuan and even more with the help here!21:32
gouron manjaro one almost never gets any reply and from the past i recall that #arch was so off-topic that i could not stand there as well :-)21:32
gourtomorrow i'll do migration of my desktop to devuan and say goodbye to manjaro21:33
tuxd3vgour: i am glad you succeded21:33
gourand then i do not see a need for any other distro for a long time...debian+non-systemd is winning combo21:33
tuxd3vgour: can you make a ifconfig?21:34
gouratm, i have problem with thunar's automounting which was working in one way or the other for ages, but now one has to fiddle with so many systemd-services21:34
gourtuxd3v: you mean to check default interfaces with ifconfig or do you mean to skip over nm?21:35
gnarfacegour: there's a couple of things that might be causing that automount problem, but i don't know thunar well.  check to make sure you have udisks2 installed and running, first21:36
gourgnarface: see
tuxd3vgour: to check interfaces21:37
tuxd3vmaybe you need gvfs-fuse21:39
gnarfacegour: that is clearly about a systemd distro, but i note that they also diagnose the problem as related to udisks2 not running21:39
tuxd3valso for thunar, the extras21:39
tuxd3vgour: thunar-volman21:40
gnarfacecould also be a permissions issue21:40
tuxd3vif you have them installed already, force a reinstall21:41
gnarfacemaybe the wrong choice of elogind or consolekit combined with xorg not running as suid root21:41
tuxd3v'apt-get install --reinstall gvfs-fuse  thunar-volman'21:42
gnarfaceanyway i don't use it because automount freaks me out, but i've heard of it it breaking down at a couple different places before21:42
_abc_fsmithred: do you know if the kernel cli option persistence-label= is obeyed in all cases? I see cases where this is not so, and reading source seems to prove me right?21:42
gourthis automount issue is on manjaro, not devuan :-D21:44
tuxd3vgour: so you now should be with ensXsY interface right?21:51
tuxd3vsince you disabled the dell attempt for persistent names, and activated the udev one..21:52
negevhi is there a guide to compiling arbitrary kernels for devuan?22:03
negevi need 4.15 specifically22:03
negevgot it from but it'd be nice if there was a way to automatically configure all the normal options that are present in devuan22:04
tuxd3vnegev: I don't know about a better way22:07
tuxd3vbut you will certainly need the /boot/config-* file you are using22:08
gourtuxd3v: correct22:08
tuxd3vget apply whats is knew22:08
tuxd3vgour: nice22:10
negevhow can i find out what source the 4.15.0-45 package for ubuntu is based on?22:11
buZzjust a guess, but look in ubuntu's kernel source repository to see the original commits?22:13
_abc_fsmithred: what is a good way to test live iso / refractausb images in an emulator? I've had qemu lock up on me after booting images and worse. The images were okay, booted cleanly on other machines.22:18
gnarface_abc_: qemu maybe you just didn't give it enough ram?22:32
_abc_gnarface: the real system runs in 512MB real ram, I gave qemu 768 then 1024, still not nice22:32
_abc_tbh it was a linuxcnc wheezy based realtime linux image (the iso from
gnarfacehave you successfully tested anything in qemu yet?22:33
KatolaZ_abc_: what is the problem you experience?22:36
gnarfacenegev: make sure you can't get by with the kernel in ascii-backports... it's 4.18 or 4.19 now i think, but it's unlikely you actually need 4.15 that specifically.  plus, the source will be missing all of debian security/stability/compatibility patches22:38
_abc_KatolaZ: boots to gui (slowly), then when the rtai part is to start up it freezes. Axis/linuxcnc. I asked in #qemu, no answers so far.22:38
gnarface_abc_: tried it with -enable-kvm ?22:40
KatolaZ_abc_: -enable-kvm22:41
_abc_I do not have kvm here, the old cpu has it locked out, I have it on other machines.22:41
gnarface_abc_: intel lies about this.  it's actually a motherboard feature.  all their cpus have it.22:42
_abc_I tried various cpu's from qemu's list.22:42
_abc_gnarface: depends how old and depends if the bios locked it out22:42
_abc_My cpu on the latop is a virtualization-less one.22:42
gnarface_abc_: well, do make sure that it's not just turned off in the bios22:43
_abc_if it is, you can't turn it back on22:43
_abc_It's not an option gnarface, the cpu does not have it.22:43
_abc_Old laptop, period.22:43
_abc_Anyway, I'd like to know why it locks up with very high load.22:43
gnarfaceit's the GPU usage22:43
_abc_I could debug interrupt it in the monitor and look where it spends it's time22:44
gnarface3d is gonna bottleneck it22:44
_abc_No gpu.22:44
_abc_It does not get to the gui of axis.22:44
gnarfacewell anything that needs DMA heavily is gonna bottleneck it22:44
gnarfacebut typically it's 3d rendering that it's most obvious with22:44
_abc_I don't think it uses dma at all. I've run axis on 1.5GHz celerons with 512MB ram from 15 years ago and it works22:45
gnarfacehmm. same version of the software and everything?22:45
_abc_Pretty much yes.22:45
_abc_It's just wireframe rendering, a 486 could do it.22:45
gnarfacekeep in mind that's not the same as a 486 doing it in a VM22:45
gnarfacethe VM adds its own overhead that the hardware vt-d/iommu thing mitigates22:46
_abc_I know but there are limits to how bad things can get.22:47
gnarfacewell it could slow down so much it seems frozen22:47
gnarfacethat seems perfectly reasonable to me22:47
gnarfacemaybe try giving it even more ram22:47
_abc_I've let it be for an hour. That is excessive with fans on max.22:47
_abc_Ram is clearly not the problem.22:47
_abc_I think it tries to init some hardware in ways which qemu does not implement.22:48
_abc_Specifically timers.22:48
gnarfaceyou sure you didn't leave out any other hardware it needs?  i seem to remember someone having a similar problem until realizing that the software was hanging waiting for an audio device they forgot to specify on the qemu command-line22:48
_abc_The real time task thread in rtai linux uses timers exclusively.22:48
_abc_Nope, no gnarface. On the contrary, it runs better with the crud removed.22:49
_abc_Default debian live boots bring in the kitchen sink. cpusd, nfsd, bluetoothd, avahi, exim, the works.22:49
_abc_I have a script to kill that crap off upon install, leaving only ssh22:49
ashleyki said devuan to someone and they said devjose22:55
ashleykmaybe i said it wrong22:57
tuxd3vHello Guys,22:58
tuxd3vI have a strange problem with my colour syntax schemes..22:58
tuxd3vI am in xfce22:59
tuxd3vI don't know...I can't describe it..23:02
tuxd3vI passed several days trying to activate this theme:23:02
tuxd3vI couldn't23:02
tuxd3vit never apeared in mousepad23:03
tuxd3vknow that I was fustrated with it..23:03
tuxd3vI tried again..23:03
ashleykdid you check permissions?23:03
tuxd3vAnd sudenly it apears has a option..23:03
tuxd3vits ok now!23:03
tuxd3vI can't describe it.23:03
tuxd3vWhat I sufered arround this theme maybe more than a week23:04
ashleyksmoke less weed!23:04
tuxd3vroot@desktop0:~# ls -l /usr/share/gtksourceview-2.0/styles/ilynx.xml23:04
tuxd3v-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 7762 Apr 10 22:00 /usr/share/gtksourceview-2.0/styles/ilynx.xml23:04
tuxd3vits exactly like I had it before!23:04
ashleykyou probably had to restart xfce23:05
tuxd3vNow mousepad, starts to be something very aceptable for me..23:05
tuxd3vor create some caches or so23:05
ashleykrm -rf ~/.config is good too, or its something like that....i dont really use desktops23:06
tuxd3vWell, now I am feeling myself a duck..23:06
tuxd3vI am sorry, for trouble you guys about was because I coudn't continue like that..23:06 could be then a problem between the chair and the keyboard...23:07
ashleykwtf you need mousepad for23:07
tuxd3vwhat else23:07
ashleykxterm + nano!23:07
tuxd3vI use mousepad, because its like leafpad, but with some nice things :)23:07
ashleyki use notepad++23:08
tuxd3vI program all day in Vi23:08
tuxd3vbut in my house, I like to have a desktop application23:08
tuxd3vyou know, commit an abuse from time to time23:08
ashleyki would NEVER23:08
tuxd3vapart fron that, I noticed that gtksourceview is still not able to recognize, files by their sheebang23:09
ashleykonly X i use is Xvfb and x11vnc, if i have to run graphical app remotely23:09
tuxd3vI don't use graphical tools at all, in the work23:09
tuxd3vonly the shell23:10
tuxd3vbut in my house, I like to have mousepad23:10
ashleyki just use windows on pc and laptop because i have enough putties for everything23:10
tuxd3vits low resources since its leafpad based..23:10
tuxd3vbut its also a problem beccause its NOT multithread23:11
tuxd3vbut the problem is..23:11
tuxd3vWhy GTKSourceView still, is not able to identify a file by its sheebang..23:11
tuxd3vwhich is que equivalent to the Magic number in a binary file23:12
tuxd3vque ->*the*23:12
tuxd3vthey had a bug open for more than 10 years and still each time you save your loose your language syntax..23:13
tuxd3vand you need to go again select it by hand...crazy23:13
tuxd3vant text file that is to be edited via GTKSourceView should read the first line23:14
tuxd3vand check what kind of file it his..23:15
tuxd3vThe command 'file' do that23:16
tuxd3vI don't know if anyone else solved this problem yet?23:19
tuxd3vor if anyone else has this problem..23:20
gnarfacei just use emacs23:20
tuxd3vI don't know a solution for it..23:20
tuxd3vI don't want to use file extensions23:20
tuxd3vsince they missrepresent what interpreter will run the code for real..23:21
tuxd3vI tried emacs some 15-20 years ago23:23
tuxd3vbut I never got deep into it23:23
tuxd3vI now that it his very powerfull23:23
tuxd3vemacs has some nice graphical environment?23:28
tuxd3vI don't try it for a long long time23:28
tuxd3vmousepad its nice, but if it was multithread, it would be awesome23:29
tuxd3vand a litle more things..23:29
tuxd3vlike vertical selection23:29
ashleykmulti threaded?23:30
ashleykwhy does that matter23:30
ashleykyou mean tabbed interface?23:30
tuxd3vbut that its a scintilla thing, and not related with notapad++ also23:30
tuxd3vno I mean multy thread23:30
ashleykwhat benefit would that add23:30
tuxd3vthat mathers a lot, when you are with keys to the righ or to the left to viw outside window23:31
tuxd3vtry to do that in a thread only application23:31
tuxd3vfor example in ARM devices and you will see23:31
ashleykim not sure what you mean23:31
ashleykwhen you are with keys?23:32
tuxd3vif you move the cursos outside window were you are working on... you are like 1 second to move to next key23:32
ashleykgrab your car keys and look outside your window?23:32
ashleykim not sure about moving to the florida keys23:33
ashleyki need more than a second to decide23:34
tuxd3vwell that is very anoying23:34
tuxd3vthe unique option you have is 'home' and 'end' keys23:34
tuxd3vbut still you have to wait some 2 seconds..23:34
ashleykthat doesnt make sense23:35
tuxd3veach time you want to see code outside scope view23:35
tuxd3vtry it for yourself23:35
tuxd3vNot in My Xeon Desktop ofcourse23:35
tuxd3vbut in a ARM device ho yeah23:36
ashleykso you mean you click on mousepad then press home, and it takes seconds to do it?/23:36
tuxd3vmousepad is a aplication23:36
tuxd3vgraphical one23:36
tuxd3vyou have the cursor in a line23:37
tuxd3vand you want to see the end of that line for example23:37
tuxd3vif you use the right or left key, you are could take some 10-20 seconds to acomplish that23:37
tuxd3vso the best alternative is home and end keys which even so, takes you some 2 seconds23:38
ashleykits probably font rendering and video card related23:38
ashleyknot single threaded problem23:38
ashleykyour colors could be part of it23:38
ashleyktry black and white only23:39
tuxd3vIt could be rendering problem, yes, but its not only rendering problem, because for example using a basec Lua text editor, I could go from beguining to the end of the line, almost in a blink of an eye23:39
tuxd3vand this editor is multithed23:39
tuxd3vbasec -> basic23:40
tuxd3vmousepad is single threaded23:41
ashleyki dont think that making it multithreaded would fix that problem23:42
tuxd3vI think that maybe fix23:43
tuxd3v2 threads23:43
ashleykif its slow with one thread it will be slow with t223:43
tuxd3v1 for dealing with all stuff and the other do be able to use keyboard controls and so..23:43
ashleykgo tell #xfce that23:44
tuxd3vNobody until know ported mousepad to multithread invironment23:44
ashleykits not that easy23:45
tuxd3vthey are used to use it in x86, which is plenty of power , even with one thread, so they don't feel the need for it..23:45
tuxd3vI know that its not so easy :)23:45

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