freenode/#devuan/ Friday, 2019-04-19

_abc_The current idea is to locate where the noeject is used, and force a remount ro there, then a fsck if the former succeeds00:00
_abc_Sounds good?00:01
fsmithredmake sure it's not a CD00:02
_abc_Well a remount ro will fail succesfully on an already ro mounted media00:02
fsmithredI'm gonna reboot the stick and see if it messes up the fat again, now that fsck fixed it.00:05
_abc_See it is ro before that?00:05
_abc_grep -l noeject $(locate bin/live-) -> /bin/live-medium-eject00:06
_abc_Right, that file is not in the initrd.00:07
_abc_So I can edit it in the running system once booted, but that is a hen or egg problem. I think I will add a dir of files to copy into the system after squashfs mount, but before pivot root. I did this way back when 10 years ago but I do not remember how. Probably an arch unpacked on top of the mounted but not pivoted syste,m00:09
_abc_reading /bin/live-medium-eject :: they specifically do not umount usb mass storage devices?! HUH? "need coldboot to recover" means what?00:13
_abc_wow, sounds like 640 kB will be enough for everyone.00:14
fsmithredyou can make a hookscript that will make the changes for you each time you boot00:15
_abc_I can put the /bin/live-medium-eject on the persistence medium manually, now, edited a bit, so it will remount ro && fsck, I think00:16
fsmithreduse same format as the live-config scripts for the hookscript00:16
_abc_Or,rather, in the morning, since it's 1:15AM here and my error rate is going up a bit.00:16
_abc_fsmithred: hm? Oh, put it in a dir so it gets exec'd?00:16
fsmithredwell, you use persistence as you just described00:17
fsmithredno need for the hookscript unless you want it to work when there's no persistence00:17
_abc_Yes. But would a hookscript be stored on the initrd?00:17
_abc_I keep getting back to my 10 year old hack using a packed arch on the inird "dumped" on top of the squashfs+overlay mount before pivoting.00:18
_abc_Looks like I'll revive that some day soon, perhaps Sunday.00:18
_abc_Windows has one thing I like, there's a set of RunOnce scripts or programs it can run once upon reboot/when needed, this could be very useful for linux at some times. Like now.00:19
_abc_Okay, thanks for the help, will go zzz a bit in 5 mins and pick this up tomorrow or in the weekend.00:19
_abc_fsmithred: did you check if the rebooted stick has a fsck fault after reboot?00:23
fsmithredyeah, it does00:24
_abc_Note dosfsck reports a fault even if the media was mounted ro after that.00:24
fsmithredI also found errors inside my persistent loopfile00:24
_abc_Oh that is not good.00:24
fsmithredjust said it was not cleanly unmounted00:25
_abc_I once tried to shut down to runlevel s then to umount the media manually, and it would not let me00:25
_abc_That also needs addressing.00:25
fsmithredwhen I mount and unmount it in r2u, it's ok00:25
_abc_mount -f -o MUST work00:25
_abc_I gather someone made -f not work sometimes in the kernel, or in libc, I don't remember.00:26
_abc_Was a long time ago but now it haunts me.00:26
_abc_Okay, more things to try out00:27
_abc_Signing off now, going to bed a bit. Thanks and bye.00:27
tuxd3vby accident I deleted my .bashrc file00:28
fsmithredtuxd3v, you can find a copy in /etc/skel00:28
tuxd3vwell the problem is that I already had lots of my stuff there00:29
tuxd3vI still have my session open00:29
tuxd3vcould it bee since bashrc is sourced00:29
fsmithredmaybe you have a .bashrc~00:29
fsmithreddid you have a lot of modifications in your .bashrc?00:30
tuxd3vI have some00:30
tuxd3vthe problem, is that right now, I don't remember details :(00:30
fsmithredwell, unless you have a backup copy, they're gone00:30
fsmithredbut you probably should use the one in /etc/skel for now00:31
tuxd3vI was to delete .bash_history, has I found a security breach in one of my echoed my passwd to stdout :S00:31
tuxd3vwas --> have00:32
_abc_fsmithred: related00:32
tuxd3vbut I typed ~/.bashrc00:32
tuxd3vshould be there any environment for my session at least that could retrieve some data bask?00:33
tuxd3ver, back00:33
_abc_tuxd3v: normally cp /etc/skel/.bashrc ~/ does fix it00:34
_abc_unless you edited it00:34
_abc_tuxd3v: ?00:34
tuxd3vyes I had it edited..00:35
tuxd3vcompilers toolchains, and a lot of my stuff including personal visualization stuff00:35
_abc_Well, in that case, copy in the above, then patch in your backed up edits. You did back it up, right? :)00:35
_abc_Since you put so much personal stuff in it, instead of sourcing a special file with those settings, like . ~/.my_bashrc_settings00:36
tuxd3vI haven't done that.. I setet up a backup system with 12TB, but I am still configuring the remainings part of it..00:36
tuxd3vso not yet doing backups..00:37
_abc_And err not backing up your $HOME is one of the other things one does not do.00:37
_abc_Looks like starting again from scratch, then. Sorry.00:37
_abc_In theory there are undelete file options but they do not work on modern systems and fs's.00:37
tuxd3vwhen you source a file...does it remains with a file descriptor open to .basjrc?00:38
tuxd3vI still have my session open00:38
_abc_No. And bash unfortunately reads and then closes it.00:39
_abc_So no running bash instance holds an open file desc on bashrc00:39
Hurgotronthe running bash process might have copied to its memory somewhere, though.00:40
tuxd3vthat is a way to save what you have deleted has the file descriptors on that inode would then not be equal to zero, and so, the space would be retrievable00:41
_abc_Hurgotron: it does not do that it interprets the file's contents00:41
_abc_It MAY have survived in kernel buffers though00:42
_abc_tuxd3v: you can try to open /dev/kmem with something binary reading capable and search for a string you remember from bashrc00:42
_abc_This will be messy and you will likely need to find all the pages if it was larger than 4k00:42
_abc_Messy because x86 is little endian and you do a binary search on unaligned strings00:43
_abc_err eww. Looks like systemd interferes even with initrd. I see red warning lights. Something may be broken at script or kernel level there.
tuxd3vwell fsmithred, thanks, that will be the last resource, both bash proceses that I have none has file descriptors open to ~/.bashrc, I checked with 'lsof -nP -p processid'00:46
_abc_I just told you they do not00:47
_abc_tuxd3v: I am serious, open /dev/kmem and look for strings00:47
_abc_ >> tuxd3v00:48
Hurgotron_abc_: good idea.00:48
_abc_It's a nasty hack. Strings are not always stored in byte order in kmem00:50
_abc_wchar_t etc00:50
HurgotronBTW - I'd *immediately* power down a system where I deleted something without backup. As in, yanking the power cord within seconds. Then image the disk and deploy forensic tools.00:50
_abc_Core dump is a better idea.00:50
_abc_Using SysRq00:50
_abc_This will still not help much but power down is a really bad idea00:51
_abc_You can also halt the system from SysRq and you can shut down without committing buffers etc from root cli00:51
_abc_Going to run level s and then umounting all volumes remounted ro is another way.00:52
Hurgotronanything which prevents the system from writing to the sector with your data. Never wrecked a system losing power accidentally, so I'd take the risk.00:52
_abc_Uhh I don't know what you see as systems, but to not pull the power on any modern boxes. Especially not industrial ones. Juniper you pull power twice in a row without waiting for it to boot and self fsck you reinstall. If it's pre 10.x junos it takes one try.00:53
stiltrYou can try a set | less and see if what you need is in there.00:54
_abc_stiltr: why would it be in a var? The content of bashrc?00:54
Hurgotron_abc_: Well desktop systems obviously. I don't usually work in the vicinity of a server so I'd have to opportunity to unplug it directly :)00:55
_abc_Also grepping /dev/mem is urgent since all movements consume (reuse) buffer space. Whatever is in the buffer space will be overwritten eventually.00:55
_abc_Hurgotron: unplugging a server is usually not possible without a screwdriver.00:55
stiltr_abc_: Depends on what he's had in there. If it's just how his PS1 is set, it's there. Something else, maybe not.00:55
stiltrA memdump to file would preserve what's there for inspection later.00:56
_abc_A memdump to file on mounted external volume perhaps, with mount options set to NO BUFFERING. I do not remember those by heart.00:57
_abc_Causing a core dump and then interpreting that is the "clean" bad old way to do it.00:57
stiltrYa, I don't know what they are either.00:57
Hurgotron_abc_: Depends on the server. the 1-4 U units at work would be easy enough to unplug if you have physical access.00:58
_abc_The screws ensure you do not have physical access. Like cleaners, etc.00:58
stiltrI think I did something similar a long time ago trying to get back a file I deleted...eventually gave up. haha00:59
stiltr^^^memdump, not pulling the plug00:59
Hurgotron_abc_: well, cages. Which are usually open when I'm working on that stuff.01:00
Hurgotronstiltr: pulling the plug once worked for me. Actually I was fast enough that the file was not even erased :)  buffers not written.  It's been a long time ago though.01:01
stiltrI'm sure it's doable. I've just not tried it. = )01:02
stiltrtuxd3v: What sort of stuff was in your .bashrc file that you're wanting back?01:03
_abc_He said env paths for compiler suites and something about visualization01:04
stiltrOh, you're right. Forgot he'd said that. Thanks!01:05
tuxd3vsorry for the late, I was checking in a disk for something.. I don't have /dev/kmem in this machine01:41
tuxd3vIam in the process of migrating my all disks to iscsi01:42
tuxd3vtons of disks around and uncategorized information..01:42
tuxd3vits not usefull at the moment..01:42
tuxd3vneed to be put in 1 year it will be ok..01:43
tuxd3vI had compiler suites, cross compiler suites, console congigs, colors, and so on..01:43
tuxd3ver, configs01:44
tuxd3vlua environments for diferent situations also.. which is a pain in the ass to get again..01:44
tuxd3vAny one of you have already worked with amanda backups?01:45
tuxd3vfirst of all, sory, I am late..01:45
tuxd3vThanks for your help on this! :)01:46
Hurgotronthe next best thing to backups is to deploy simple versioning to your scripts, ie. cp -a<timestamp>01:46
HurgotronDoesn't help you now, but most of us had to learn from data loss.01:46
HurgotronI'm mirroring my stuff to mobile disks or external servers with rsync and hardlink "deduplication" (--link-dest)01:48
tuxd3vyeah that is another solution..01:49
tuxd3vjust need to find the correct setup01:49
tuxd3vthen will come the rules to aplly at each machine.01:49
HurgotronThat way I have versioned full backups without them taking up much more space than a single full backup plus incrementals.01:49
stiltrWere you using aliases or exporting variables or something totally different?01:49
tuxd3vat least exporting them I should be01:50
tuxd3va printenv doesn't find much01:50
stiltrtry set | less01:51
stiltrI'm able to find function and whatnot from my .bashrc01:51
stiltraliases will also print current aliases01:51
stiltr(I could see the function with set, but not printenv)01:52
stiltrThough, it may be worth mentioning that isn't on a devuan box.01:53
tuxd3vI rememebr know that I had functions to save history in another shells to .bash_history also01:55
gnarfacei could be wrong but i thought that was a built-in feature now that's just not on by default01:56
gnarfacei don't think you need to load extra functions for it01:56
gnarfaceanymore, anyway01:56
tuxd3vgnarface, yes its a builtin but I needed to set functions, to control the way it behaves01:57
tuxd3vI just don't recall why01:57
gnarfacei got nothing, sorry01:58
tuxd3vbe dafault history is only appended in .bash_history when you logout session01:59
tuxd3ver, default01:59
tuxd3vWell, for know I followed fsmithred, advice and just 'cat' from 'skel' path to my home02:00
tuxd3vI will let this shell open, just in case I remember something..02:00
stiltrtuxd3v: Not to beat a dead horse, but was there anything interesting in set? I'm mostly curious if it's doing something different on my box than yours.02:17
tuxd3vit depends on what you want, your configs and such..02:22
tuxd3vfor example I now remember that I had a HISTSIZE=6000002:22
tuxd3vby default you only have 2000 lines02:23
tuxd3vone simple sulution woulçd be to set a git server in my NAS server, and commit every half-day or so02:25
tuxd3ver, would02:25
stiltrI'm not sure I follow. What I'm saying is that everything I have in my .bashrc can be found in the output of set.02:26
stiltrSure, a git repo for configs isn't an uncommon solution.02:26
tuxd3vI will save set output, since its big, and then will diff it with the one in new session..02:31
tuxd3v<stiltr>, nice hint02:32
stiltrHope it help!02:35
Hurgotronstiltr: good hint. Why didn't I think of it... I should go to bed, I guess.02:36
stiltrThanks! = )02:37
tuxd3vThanks to fsmithred, _abc_, Hurgotron, stiltr, gnarface for the help on this.. great community! thanks again!02:44
gnarfacei didn't help much but you're welcome02:44
stiltr: )02:46
tuxd3veveryone of you helped a lot, I already recovered some things02:47
tuxd3vthe rest will be 'like the first time'02:47
tuxd3vlessons learned..whats the first thing to configure? right backups..02:47
gnarfacehaha yep02:48
* stiltr feels the need to start a backup immediately02:54
* fsmithred is staring at the empty 2T external hard drive on the desk02:55
* stiltr wonders if fsmithred is looking over his shoulder03:05
fsmithredI'm figuring out how to create a torrent03:06
fsmithredok, I made the torrent file, now what?03:09
stiltrPresumably, upload it to a tracker.03:10
buZzget all yr buddy to download and seed it03:15
fsmithred phone...03:17
fsmithredI can just send them the torrent file?03:19
buZzjust the .torrent is fine03:22
buZzyou could also send them the full file, so they can start seeding directly, but there's no need specifically03:22
stiltrI've only used a tracker, but I believe with DHT, the .torrent file will be enough.03:22
fsmithredit's 3.2GB03:22
fsmithredand it's already on a server03:22
buZzwith DHT, you can even just give the infohash :P03:23
buZzand it'll figure everything else out03:23
buZzits pretty cool03:23
stiltrOh, nice!03:23
fsmithredwould somebody like to test a torrent file and tell me if it works?04:34
va7lnxwhat kind of torrent file?04:39
fsmithredit's for a usb-hdd image04:40
va7lnxah. you just want to see if I can download it?04:40
fsmithredmulti-boot all the devuan live isos04:40
va7lnxor actually run it?04:40
fsmithredjust download04:40
fsmithredI'll pm you a temporary link to it04:40
averagefsmithred: you can test it yourself..05:25
averagebut anyways ..05:25
fsmithredit's working05:25
fsmithredI don't understand why I'm not seeding05:26
fsmithredif I pause and resume, I get a connection for a few seconds, and then it disappears05:26
fsmithredoh, three now05:27
fsmithredok, I'm seeding one now05:27
tuxd3vfsmithred, it his working nice for me05:41
gouri just submitted bug report using 'reportbug' and mailing it via my mailer (claws), but similarly to the last time, i do not see report, although i've found same problem - pulseaudio not starting (with the same solution) in the tracker, so just wondering what is going on with devuan's bug tracker?06:58
furrywolfI couldn't get reportbug to report a bug to debian due to mailer issues.  reportbug seems...  buggy.06:58
gourwell, i just wonder how people report bug to devuan then? my report was sent to Devuan Bug Tracking System <>07:02
gourotoh the original report for the same problem which encountered was submitted on Dec 29th, fix was posted on Jan 29th, but still not applied :-(07:16
golinuxUse email directly to report bugs to bugs.devuan.org07:21
golinuxThere are instructions on the site.  Don't use reportbug07:21
gourgolinux: i used reportbug just to compile report, it was sent to the correct address containing required fields in the body etc., but can't find it08:05
gourahh, now i see it08:17
Evilhamgour: it does take a bit to show up11:23
gourEvilham: ok, got it ;)11:33
_abc_Hi. fsmithred ? I did some work on the unclean shutdown issue. Still working on wheezy but it's the same generation as ascii in the scripts. I have a solution. Are you here?22:55
_abc_fsmithred: I will go soon, if you read this: edit the /etc/init.d/halt in your persistence volume to use this final action instead of poweroff or whatever: shutdown -h -n now ;; this does the crucial umount of all volumes even if it is a forced one. The outcome is, both the sdb1 and sdb2 respectively vfat and ext2 made with r2u are found to be cleanly umounted after reboot.23:06
_abc_fsmithred: the next step is to add fsck to the persistence mount phase at boot time, in the initrd.23:06
_abc_I will do that on Sunday.23:06
_abc_fsmithred: it is not clear if the cretins from the systemd camp are responsible for this failure too, apparently halt relies on things which happen in the background to umount the disks, does not do that itself, as shutdown does.23:07
_abc_The way I remember it, it used to halt and poweroff cleanly in slackware days, including from live media. This was in the early 2000s23:08
_abc_</end of communication>23:08
fsmithred_abc_, I tested the script you sent me awhile ago, and it seems to be working23:10
_abc_See above about unclean umounts on live fs's.23:11
fsmithredI'm getting clean shutdowns on reboot and halt23:12
fsmithredtesting in beowulf23:12
_abc_Maybe something changed. I don't know. I have to do this to get ascii to shutdown clean after live+persistence session: in /etc/init.d/halt:23:13
_abc_        # new halt action, use shutdown instead of halt, does proper umount23:13
_abc_        log_action_msg "Will now halt (1)"23:13
_abc_        if [ "$poweroff" = "-p" ]; then23:13
_abc_          shutdown -h -n now23:13
_abc_        else23:13
_abc_          shutdown -r -n now23:13
_abc_        fi23:13
_abc_        # *** Should never reach this: halt"23:13
_abc_        log_action_msg "Will now halt (2)"23:14
_abc_        sleep 523:14
_abc_        halt -d -f $netdown $poweroff $hddown23:14
_abc_Sorry oops.23:14
_abc_That was supposed to be a pastebin link.23:14
fsmithredyou got lucky23:14
_abc_Would be interesting to know if there is a change in the /sbin/halt source from ascii to beowulf23:14
fsmithredyou're still here23:14
fsmithredmultiple lines can get you auto-bounced23:14
fsmithredoh, not as harsh as the alternative23:15
fsmithredspammers were pretty bad for awhile23:15
_abc_kickban! Undernet style. By continent prefix :) I know, I remember those times.23:15
fsmithredI think I still have a wheezy here23:15
fsmithredso I can check /sbin/halt on wheezy, jessie, ascii and beowulf23:16
fsmithredwill you be around later today/tonight?23:16
_abc_I am tinkering with wheezy because the nice people at released their live edition on wheezy live. That's what I then wedged into a stick with r2u alongside devuan ascii and other things.23:16
_abc_I'll be around, just remember my TZ is like 10 hours ahead of you. I need to sleep now and then :)23:16
_abc_It's 00:18 hours here.23:17
_abc_Maybe 823:17
fsmithredafter 5pm here now23:17
koollmanneed to sleep ? what's that? ;)23:17
_abc_Oi, I got to be over 50yo and my brains still work. It's worth taking care of it after all this :)23:17
fsmithredIf you go get 5-6 hours of sleep, I can greet you at your morning coffee23:17
_abc_It's more like 8 I need, and weekend, but I'll work on something else tomorrow in "my" daytime.23:18
_abc_fsmithred: what do you plan to do?23:18
koollmandamn. I don't think my brains will still work when I'm 50yo23:18
fsmithredcompare four versions of /sbin/halt23:19
_abc_fsmithred: ok, what package is it in? I'm looking at the one in ascii, don't know the version on the one in wheezy.23:19
fsmithredkoollman, take good care of your brain - the rest is no good without it23:19
_abc_Looking a bit for debian versions online.23:19
fsmithredchecking apt-file23:20
fsmithredalso in systemd-sysv, but we don't have that23:20
_abc_I told you I suspect something is amiss related to systemd having their own halt/poweroff now23:21
_abc_They probably ripped something out of the normal halt on the way, and it no longer umounts.23:21
fsmithredthey really should just fork off of gnu/linux and call it something else23:22
fsmithredbetter yet, they should get over the whole concept of brand identity23:23
_abc_wheezy scrolled out of the package system, but wheezy is systemd free (or was) since old.23:23
_abc_I wonder what the hell is going on for real.23:23
fsmithredredhat increases complexity to get more service contracts23:24
_abc_how does one list the package version, as installed23:24
fsmithreddpkg -l <package>23:24
koollmandpkg -l ?23:24
fsmithredor pipe it to grep <pattern>23:24
fsmithredI like the display better that way23:25
_abc_fsmithred: I read some pieces about how people are allowed to write free software while employed, ip laws, and such. I do not like what I came up with. Will write it up as a 2 page essay some day soon.23:25
_abc_ascii running here has sysvinit-core  2.88dsf-59.9 i38623:25
_abc_what do you have on beowulf?23:25
_abc_fsmithred: can you look in your beowulf, the end of the relevant function in /etc/init.d/halt at the halt call, does it resemble what I pasted above?23:26
fsmithred2.88dsf-59.9+devuan2 in ascii23:27
_abc_As I said23:27
fsmithredhang on, I'm going to diff all the versions23:27
_abc_the script, halt, does it resemble exactly what I pasted at "halt" above?23:28
fsmithredI will check23:28
_abc_halt -d -f $netdown $poweroff $hddown ?23:28
fsmithredno, it looks like this: @^@<C4>^B^@^@^@^23:30
fsmithredwhere is the script? if it's /sbin/halt, it's not a script23:31
_abc_You're looking at a binary? Kidding? :)23:31
_abc_fsmithred: /etc/init.d/halt23:31
_abc_  log_action_msg "Will now halt"23:32
_abc_  halt -d -f $netdown $poweroff $hddown23:32
_abc_^^ that's from ascii and is identical with wheezy's23:32
fsmithredyes, same23:32
_abc_So there has got to be a change in the binary or in something else which runs upstream of this23:33
_abc_With live and persistence, the persistence volume is remounted ro in /lib/live/boot-init.sh23:33
_abc_which is called from /etc/rc0.d/K11live via /etc/init.d/live23:33
_abc_This works in wheezy and in ascii, no questions asked.23:34
_abc_iow the media and the persistence volumes are mounted ro by the time init.d/halt runs23:34
_abc_Yet they end up unclean with ascii and wheezy, and you say clean on beowulf?23:34
fsmithredonly with your script23:35
_abc_Remind me which one please? I've pasted several these days.23:35
fsmithredJune 1323:36
_abc_oh that one23:36
_abc_Hmm I really don't remember that one.23:37
_abc_And can't see it in that form on the disk. Can you paste it or a link?23:37
_abc_I retract the part about the brains still working...23:38
fsmithredone minute23:38
gnarface_abc_: i think your observations matched mine.  intermittent failure to wait long enough for proper umounting... started in jessie or later iirc.  someone in #debian told me it was not directly related to systemd compatibility, but rather just related to their developers getting impatient and not giving a shit about unclean shutdowns (because they were developing entirely on disposable VMs)23:40
_abc_gnarface: I feel vindicated23:41
_abc_fsmithred: I got the link, looking23:41
fsmithredI can believe it. Too bad.23:41
_abc_Need to search a backup volume I changed systems since then fsmithred. Takes a while.23:41
fsmithredgoes along with the sentiment that we're all using solid-state drives23:42
koollmanthat's ... sad23:42
_abc_Well I am still on spinning rust. Which is actually Cobalt-Nickel but spinning rust sounds great.23:42
gnarfacewhat i've been doing is just running this before i reboot:  sync && sync && sync23:42
koollmanmaybe I will have to do multiple checks for shutdowns/poweroffs on my backup servers. They cannot stop quickly23:43
EvilhamOn that note, climbingturtle reminded me of that LVM + LUKS bug where shutting down / rebooting takes forever23:43
_abc_gnarface: old init scripts used to do something like sync; sleep 5; sync; sleep 3; sync;23:43
fsmithredyeah, that's a pain23:43
_abc_gnarface: with killall -9 in between23:43
EvilhamI think I have a patch somewhere that has tobe tested23:43
fsmithredEvilham, there are patches for that, but I guess you'll lose it on upgrade23:43
fsmithredactually, there are two changes to be made23:44
fsmithredone for shutting down lvm and one for shutting down an encrypted volume23:44
_abc_There should be a new repo in devuan "patches against systemd collateral breakage"23:44
_abc_as .debs23:44
fsmithredwe sorta started something like that23:44
fsmithreddevuan-sanity package23:44
_abc_Something like that.23:44
gnarfacei can think of another fix to go in it23:44
EvilhamAnyway, \o nighty23:44
fsmithredwhat's the third fix?23:45
gnarfaceoh, well i discovered this unclean shutdown problem coincidentally with another "improvement" (regression) in the /sbin/fsck.reiserfs script, which should simply be deleted and replaced with the symlink to /sbin/reiserfsck that was previously there23:46
gnarfacei've mentioned it before23:46
fsmithredthe kids wrote a "better" script?23:46
gnarfacewithout testing the existing functionality, they wrote a script to "properly handle -y, which systemd passes by default to all scripts"23:47
gnarfacewhich unfortunately the script doesn't actually do23:47
gnarfaceand the binary already did23:47
gnarfaceso it's obvious sabotage23:47
fsmithredI need some food. Back in a few minutes.23:47
gnarfacebut if you bring it up you get accused of murdering han's wife23:47
fsmithredsabotage or ignorance23:47
fsmithreddeliberate ignorance23:47
fsmithredreally, don't talk about anything not nice23:48
gnarfacereiserfsck will simply ignore "-y" and always has, because that its it's default behavior.  the wrapper script they replaced it with simply chokes and fails, despite the claim that it was put there because reiserfsck wouldn't handle "-y" correctly (at best an untested and harmful assumption)23:49
gnarfacethe two of those bugs combined will hose your filesystem on reboot if you were unlucky enough to be using reiserfs, whether you were smart enough to avoid installing systemd or not23:50
_abc_fsmithred: re-reading the notes and the script, the script achieves the same goal as today's edit in /etc/init.d/halt roughly23:51
_abc_gnarface: oh I did not know fsck.reiser ignores -y23:51
_abc_I still have reiser somewhere.23:51
gnarface_abc_: it's *supposed* to ignore -y but what it actually does is error out23:51
gnarface_abc_: reiserfsck however does ignore -y, which if they'd tested that, they'd have realized they didn't need to write a wrapper script at all23:52
gnarface(i hold onto my suspicion that they *did* test it and pushed the change forward on purpose anyway)23:52
gnarfaceanyway it's an easy thing to fix but it falls into the category of "debian upstream will definitely persistently continue to overwrite this fix with their vandalized wrapper script"23:55
gnarfacethey did some similar garbage to xfs but in that case there's a semi-legitimate excuse23:56

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