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_abc_How does one list the real-root in mounts if it is not shown? I think my rootfs is reiser00:01
_abc_Why is it not in /proc/mounts at all!?00:01
_abc_Who is coming up with these cretin ideas breaking fundamental stuff like / mount being in mounts?!00:02
gnarfacei'm not sure about that... are you running without a fstab too?00:02
_abc_of course not. I have mtab and fstab and so on00:02
gnarfacehow does the output of "mount" compare to the contents of your /proc/mounts file?00:03
_abc_this is ascii, unmodified, installed to hdd from live media using r2u or such00:03
_abc_gnarface: they are identical00:03
_abc_And root is missing from both00:04
_abc_Tell me about it.00:04
_abc_Just a second00:04
_abc_Wow, I really have too much stuff on my disks.00:05
_abc_Just finished finding the script fsmithred pasted, it is called something else here... . I linked it to the "new" (old) name so I can find it easily.00:06
_abc_Back to root mount.00:06
_abc_ relevant00:07
_abc_Comments?  Do you see / mounted in your mount output?00:07
_abc_And indeed I get a mount in df00:07
_abc_for /00:08
fsmithrednope. It's not in mount output.00:08
fsmithredI'm looking in jessie now00:08
_abc_I sugest we organize a trip to a deserted island for all developers and ensure only those who do not break POSIX return...00:09
_abc_I am really pissed at these things.00:09
koollmaneasy trip to plan. just need one-way tickets for everyone ;)00:10
_abc_ok, now it is in /proc/mounts00:16
_abc_What did I do?!00:16
gnarfacelemme know if you figure it out00:16
_abc_And I am relieved no more reiser here. I was on reiser for 10 years on an etch system00:16
_abc_gnarface: I assume symlink vs file copy?00:16
gnarfaceoh, maybe00:16
gnarfaceyea, probably that00:17
_abc_Btw sad about Reiser, the man. There seems to be a spate of bad luck for developers in USA lately? Look what happened to the Debian founder too.00:17
_abc_Lately, in the last few years.00:18
gnarfaceit shouldn't even matter here, is the thing.  the filesystem didn't kill anyone.00:18
_abc_It would have benefited from a few fixups, perhaps from the original author? Even if in jail. The poor man could use some activity for sure.00:18
gnarfacethe same can't be said for the rocket models every nation's space program are based on00:18
gnarfacenevermind, we're dangerously close to going offtopic00:19
gnarfacethe important part is that we CAN prove that reiserfs is innocent00:19
_abc_1:20AM here. Will drop out in 10.00:20
gnarfaceand that it has been framed00:20
_abc_fsmithred: what else did you want to do?00:20
gnarfaceand the same can't be said for ext400:20
_abc_gnarface: I don't know about that. It's clear he developed a "Russian mail wife" problem. The rest is details.00:20
gnarface_abc_: re-read previous statement.  i typed "reiserfs"00:21
_abc_Ah ok00:21
_abc_I should have written mail-order00:21
golinux<gnarface> nevermind, we're dangerously close to going offtopic00:21
golinuxThis ^^^00:21
gnarfaceeverything that this sabotaged wrapper script has ever caused reiserfs to do to me, ext4 has done all on it's own.00:21
_abc_Ah ext4 is worse, you say?00:22
gnarfacei can't say whether it's worse right now, but when it first appeared as an installation option in debian and raspbian, it was definitely worse then.00:22
_abc_I am quite conservative, and I run old hw. So I am very slow to adopt new things. I let others be the guinea pigs, sort of. My motto is, the early bird gets eaten. One of my mottos.00:22
gnarfaceyea, ext4 was pushed into service prematurely, the tools just weren't reliable enough00:23
_abc_Makes sense.00:23
fsmithred_abc_, get some sleep. I'll diff /etc/init.d/halt00:24
gnarfaceand i never really had any problems with ext3, it was just slower than reiserfs, that's all.00:24
_abc_fsmithred: I think you said it's the same. Only that last command matters.00:24
gnarfacebut with improved sane defaults, xfs is much more viable now than it was then too00:24
_abc_My laptop I am using with ascii is so slow the ext2 rootfs does not matter :)00:24
_abc_Ok, we'll pick up the discussion some other day, thanks and bye00:25
nightyEvilham: o/06:03
xrogaanOne of the deceptions I like with linux distros is that the desktop works properly without specific hardware drivers installed.13:34
xrogaanSeveral people asked for help on various forums, most of them didn't have drivers installed and didn't realize it.13:35
xrogaanThat's how good linux is.13:35
specingI wasn't aware that people had to install drivers to use their android phones or chromebook laptops13:41
specingor newbie-targetted GNU+Linux distributions13:42
xrogaanbecause we're not trying to setup the system as "magic"13:45

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