freenode/#devuan/ Thursday, 2019-04-25

redrickAsk him how Thursday is.  I might want to skip it.05:33
redrick(Wrong window, but no context for you!)05:34
redrick'Twas a jocular reference to someone west of the International Date Line (who is thus experiencing my tomorrow).09:29
rrqisn't everyone west of IDL, sooner or later?09:37
redrickPerhaps tomorrow I'll be in Ballarat.  Could happen.  Especially if Thursday is best avoided.09:55
* rrq thinking: aah ... nästgårds ...10:00
redrickMy svensk is regrettable.  Next door?10:03
rrq:) close enough: "next farm"10:22
redrickAh, OK, cognate to the norsk 'gård'.10:27
redrickI really ought to learn some Swedish, beyond 'En kaffe, tack', which is a good start but will only get you so far.  And I should say Svenska, not svensk.10:34
redrickOn my way.10:36
redrickVarsågod.  ;->10:37
banisterfiendi ust installed devuan -- how come i can't use the 'sudo' command? what do i do instead?13:50
KatolaZbanisterfiend: I guess you need to install the "sudo" package14:00
watchcatin the meantime, use su.14:01
banisterfiendKatolaZ this is driving me nuts, i installed the package, added myself to the sudoers group14:07
banisterfiendbut i still can't execute a command using sudo, i get "permission denied"14:07
DonkeyHoteidid you log out and log back in after adding to group?14:08
DonkeyHoteiand make sure the group is enabled in visudo?14:09
banisterfiendok, now apt get, is trying to read from the installation cdrom and isnt looking up sources online14:11
banisterfiendhow do i fix that?14:11
banisterfiendthis distro is the craziest one i've ever used 😂14:13
fsmithredyou never used debian?14:15
banisterfiendfsmithred debian at least had sudo installed (iirc) and 'apt install' used online sources rather than looking for a disc, iirc14:16
fsmithredno, it's the same14:16
fsmithredif you use anything other than the netinstall, you get cdrom lines in sources.list14:17
KatolaZbanisterfiend: it's basically the same installer14:17
KatolaZyou selected not to use a network mirror during installation14:17
banisterfiendalso i'm gettring: "syntax error ")" expected" when trying to run a *binary* file14:19
fsmithredwhat are you trying to run?14:19
banisterfiendfsmithred a qt-based appliation, for a vpn14:19
fsmithredsomething that's in the repo or something from somewhere else?14:21
banisterfiendfsmithred from somewhere else14:21
banisterfiendfsmithred now i'm getting "cannot execute binary file, exec format error"14:23
fsmithrednetwork-manager won't do what you need?14:23
banisterfiendwtf? does devuan have a different executable format or something?14:23
fsmithredno, most of devuan is straight from debian, unchanged14:23
fsmithredmaybe the problem is in the binary14:24
fsmithredor maybe it requires different versions of libraries14:24
banisterfiendfsmithred my fault i somehow installed a frikkin 32 bit copy of devuan into my vm :(14:31
banisterfiendi find the installer download page super hard to understand...where can i find a 64 bit intel installer for devuan?14:31
DonkeyHoteiwhich installer did you use?14:32
banisterfiendthe jessie torrent14:34
fsmithredI believe he used d-i because apt asked for a cdrom14:34
fsmithredwhy jessie?14:34
fsmithredbanisterfiend, on the page you linked, click on devuan_jessie and then on installer_isos14:36
fsmithredand you can get isos that were made in 2017 with software that's about to be retired14:37
fsmithredor you could choose devuan_ascii instead, which is the current stable release14:37
DonkeyHoteithe jessie torrent had all those isos in it anyway14:38
djphfsmithred: y'know, I totally forgot jessie had isos, and just did install -> change sources -> hey, now i've got jessie!15:13
fsmithredjust in time15:14
fsmithredbackports has been (or is about to be) moved to archive.debian.org15:15
djphfsmithred: meh, don't need a lot of software - long as I'm still getting security patches I'm good.15:17
djphalthough I'd better read up on that too, probably have to cut more boxes over soonish15:17
fsmithredI think you'll still get those until 202015:18
fsmithredI've got on wheezy I should update15:18
fsmithred(afraid to update)15:19
djphyay, can keep these old boxen around long enough to keep allowing this one other ancient box to keep talking to them15:48

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