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Humanoidapt-get update for beowulf is giving me many errors regarding size mismatch and hash mismatch.05:20
Jjp137is this regarding the Contents files?05:27
HumanoidIt's all working now.  Yeah, I think it was the contents files, but I don't remember.06:36
Jjp137alright good06:38
xrogaana bunch of upgrades today10:44
nailykHello. I am able to mount mtp devices with the jmtpf command line. Is it possible to do the mount into Tunar directly please ?12:20
xrogaannailyk: Edit → Preferences → Advanced → tick the "Enable Volume Management"13:50
xrogaanthat might do it13:50
xrogaannailyk: but again, xfce has its own support channel, you might get more help there. #xfce13:51
nailykI will. Thanks13:52
nailyk(this option is already enabled. Problem is the android mtp device does not show up into the device list=13:52
xrogaanthere should be a "configure" link under the box13:53
xrogaanbut it might just be that thunar do not recognize mtp devices.13:53
nailykyes, I guess something is missing on my installation13:54
xrogaanor just that it hasn't been designed to handle mtp devices13:55
nailykit works on my xubuntu13:56
xrogaando you have gvfs installed?13:56
nailykthunar volman is installed.13:57
nailykit seems:
xrogaanit's probably a "rogue" dependency, that is something is needed but you aren't being told about it.13:57
nailykI agree13:57
xrogaaninstall gvfs-backends too maybe?14:00
xrogaanyou probably need gvfs-backends then reboot14:05
xrogaanwell, reboot if it doesn't work after installing the package14:08
xrogaangvfs-backends -> This package contains the afc, afp, archive, cdda, dav, dnssd, ftp, gphoto2, http, mtp, network, sftp, smb and smb-browse backends.14:08
nailykyou rocks xrogaan ! Installing gvfs-backend did the trick !14:41
nailykThanks a lot !14:41
xrogaanyou're welcome14:41
Syllin /usr/src appears to be emtpy. whats the best way for me to get the kernel source of the distro i installed? i just followed the liveCD install instructions23:12
gnarfaceso you installed from a livecd, and now you're booted into that install?23:13
gnarfaceSyllin: ?23:13
Syllin(is uname -r, hope thats helful)23:14
gnarfaceassuming the /etc/apt/sources.list is correct: apt-get update && apt-get install linux-headers-amd6423:14
gnarface(linux-image-amd64 to make sure you have the current kernel too)23:15
gnarfacebut that's just headers23:16
gnarfaceif you actually need the whole source for building, "apt-get source linux-image-amd64" will pull it into the current directory23:16
gnarfacei think23:16
Syllinlooks like i'll have to add some config. "E: You must put some 'source' URIs in your sources.lis"23:16
Syllinactually, maye the headers are sufficient for me. still be interesting to know though23:17
Syllini'm just installing alsa audio drivers23:17
pitrissSyllin: full sources are in package linux-source-4.923:21
Syllinthanks all23:31
Syllini think i'm running in to a backwards incompatible change, for a driver written for kernel 3.x.
Syllinbut that's not devuan's fault obviously23:31
Syllinpatching audio drivers to get sound working on my laptop o_O23:32
Syllinhardly know what i'm doing23:32
gnarfaceyou should ask about it in #alsa or in the alsa-devel mailing list23:32
Syllingood idea, thanks23:32
gnarfacealsa is pretty slow, you might have to wait a while for a response in there23:40
fsmithredwhy doesn't the stock alsa work? Is it very new hardware?23:45

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