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gnarfacei wonder what the possible implications are if removing the "quiet" flag is really the only reliable workaround so far00:00
gnarfacethat definitely shouldn't in any cases ever make the boot times shorter00:01
gnarfaceflrn: i wonder if it could just be an illusion?  like, it just seems to take longer to boot without the text, because the display won't wake up for a few seconds after boot otherwise?  have you ever actually timed it?00:05
gnarfaceno wait, you said it halted on a line of text, so that's not possible...00:06
gnarfaceman i'm stumped00:06
flrngnarface: I give up for today, have to get some sleep now. It's not about boot times, just about understanding the rough edges of my system... The timing varies. I'll sleep and get sorted out, where to continue. Thanks a lot for your help!00:07
gnarfaceflrn: no problem, have a good one00:11
Syllini need to configure devuan to think my system clock refers to local time, so that when i dual boot windows i dont get the switching problem. the tutorials i found online use systemd to do this x_X. any tips?01:46
Syllini found /etc/adjtime, but i changed UTC to LOCAL and that didn't seem to work01:46
gnarfacei think it's "dpkg-reconfigure tzdata"01:52
gnarfacebut i could be wrong01:52
gnarfacehonestly though, unless it's earlier than windows XP it's probably better to look up the registry key that makes windows obey UTC than the other way around01:52
gnarfacei don't know it off the top of my head but i heard that with modern versions of windows you CAN make it obey UTC, it just *defaults* to local time and doesn't ask you about it01:53
gnarfacebut there's some secret panel or registry key you can use to change it01:54
gnarface(because at the end of the day, microsoft developers still need an OS that works right)01:54
Syllinslvr and gnarface: thanks. those commands seem to change /etc/timezone, which makes sense. but my issue seems to be different. the OS reads some low level registers on my motherboard, and needs to know if the bits correspond to a certain timezone? i've heard windows people say it'll be easeir to change in linux and visa versa01:58
slvrI've never heard of that.01:59
slvrmaybe it's a new uefi thing. Dunno.01:59
gnarfaceSyllin: yea there's a second flag about local time vs grenwitch mean time(spelling?)02:00
gnarfacei just don't remember exactly where it is02:00
gnarfacei thought that "dpkg-reconfigure tzdata" gave you access to it, but maybe you have to have your debconf threshold changed for it to ask that02:00
gnarfaceit has to do with what time value goes into the bios at shutdown or (re)boot time02:02
gnarfaceit can either store the literal time, or it can store it as an offset from UTC, defined by the time zone02:02
gnarfaceit's better to use UTC because then if you change the location of the computer, you can fix the clock by just changing the timezone offset, rather than having to shift the literal time02:02
gnarfacebut as you can see it's obviously not even apparent this is happening until you have to share the hardware with an OS that does it differently and then they don't agree anymore between reboots02:03
Syllini can't even fathom what those bytes written to the bios would be, unless it was an unsigned int representing time past the epoch02:05
Syllinso i'm kind of at a loss because evidently people are using some other representation sometimes02:05
furrywolfthe obvious solution would be not to use other OSes with broken clock systems.  :)02:06
fsmithredSyllin, this one looks promising:
LeanderI was going to post that same thread :)02:11
gnarfaceSyllin: i think it is actually an unsigned int representing the time past the epoch02:15
gnarfaceSyllin: if you're still trying to use "dpkg-reconfigure tzdata" to change between local time and UTC, look at the bottom of the timezone list for something like "etc" or "none of the above"02:32
gnarfacethat might give you other options on the next panel02:32
gnarfacei'm sure you can find a low-level, distro-agnostic way to change it, but you should be able to really do this just with debian native tools02:33
booyahomg it's a furry02:34
booyahsezie it02:34
Syllini'll just change on windows for now, would be nice if it were straightforwrd either way i guess02:34
* booyah puts on hazmat and throws large net @ furrywolf02:34
Syllinthanks fsmithred leander gnarface02:34
gnarfaceSyllin: no problem.  either way, the important part is it works.02:34
gnarfaceSyllin: (it also asks you at install time, if you're in expert mode.  maybe not in regular mode though)02:37
gnarfacejust for future reference, that might help next time02:37
gouri've noticed that thunar does not provide 'create archive' option despite of having thunar-archive-plugin installed?11:05
nemois there an svg version of the purple yourway?15:38
nemowanna see if MATE's default on lockscreen of "zoom"  avoids ugly blurring15:38
nemofor now I just switched my background to some gradient stuff15:38
nemo ← that one15:39
nemoavoids ugly blurring with an svg that is15:39
fsmithrednemo, darkpurpy:
fsmithredand lightpurpy:
nemofsmithred: thanks19:02
nemoshould maybe include  in the install19:03
nemooh! it is already!19:06
nemoI'm just blind19:06
* nemo updates /etc/alternatives19:06
nemohm. well that helps. less blurry at least19:08
nemostill a little blurry oddly19:08
fsmithredlook around and you can probably find the cinnabar bg19:19
golinuxHmmm . . . but I dont have the svg there.19:23
golinuxI could post it somewhere19:24
fsmithredoh right, it won't be on git until someone* puts it there. (I think that's me.)19:44
fsmithredgot houseguests now. bbl.19:45

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