freenode/#devuan/ Sunday, 2019-05-12

xrogaanno, no, i'm right it's a l00:00
_abc_What does that mean in this context?00:00
xrogaanlocalization l10n00:00
_abc_And that is pertinent to ff esr how?00:00
xrogaanfirefox-esr-l10n-en-gb/stable-updates 60.6.3esr-1~deb9u1 all [upgradable from: 60.6.2esr-1~deb9u1]00:00
xrogaanthis doesn't match the firefox-esr version00:00
xrogaanwhich is still 60.6.3esr00:01
xrogaansorry, 60.6.200:01
xrogaanI shouldn't have to explain all this, I'm stepping on my on foot.00:01
_abc_I am too tired to make sense of it now. 1AM here.00:01
_abc_I get your point, I am not on any bleeding edge channels.00:01
_abc_In sources.list etc00:02
EvilhamI hope that helps you out00:04
xrogaanit's in proposed update00:04
xrogaandebian pushed in in stable-new, whatever that means.00:05
xrogaanpushed it in*00:05
EvilhamDon't see a stable-new here00:08
xrogaandoesn't seem that critical anyway:
EvilhamIt is00:09
EvilhamIt is likely the fix to the whole extensions mess00:09
EvilhamJust saw that it was actually abc looking for this00:09
xrogaanit's the "clean" fix yeah00:09
xrogaan60.6.2 does it too, if you look at what's being removed00:10
EvilhamDon't care enough right now tbh :-D was just paranoid about mirrors maybe not updating or sth00:11
EvilhamBut it's all fine00:11
EvilhamAnyway, thank you for helping them out00:11
Evilham\o nighty night!00:12
xrogaanI don't know what the yellow means:

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