freenode/#devuan/ Friday, 2019-05-17

timelessI'm trying to use /etc/network/interfaces to configure an ipv6 he tunnel (sit), my computer has multiple ipv4 addresses. for whatever reason, the tunnel comes up but there's no default gateway, so nothing routes over it... i can manually fix it by running `ip -6 route add default dev he-ipv6`05:15
timelessbut i can't figure out how to use `post-up` or `up` or anything to do the same05:15
gnarfacedid you define the gateway in the /etc/network/interfaces file?05:18
gnarfacetimeless: afaik you should just be able to define a gateway in the interfaces file directly, but if that's not working with the tunnel, for whatever reason, maybe your post-up script just needs a delay for the tunnel to finish handshaking or something?  not sure05:43
Evilhamtimeless: after having spent way too much with tunnels, I switched to wireguard08:00
EvilhamBut afaik HE doesn't provide them08:01
EvilhamIn any case, as for the gateway, yiu should be able to add a post-up ip -6 rout add default bla08:02
EvilhamIIRC the example from HE for ubuntu works perfectly fine for devuan08:02
timelessEvilham: I'm using the example from HE...13:28
timelessI'm suspect the problem is the computer's multiple interfaces/ipv4 addresses13:28
timelessBecause the same general thing works fine on a computer with only one ipv413:29
timelessAnd for some reason the obvious post-up ip command fails, even though it works fine when run "later"13:30
timelessMaybe I should try adding a sleep...13:30
Evilhamtimeless: the Irony of adding a sleep with that nick :-D15:09
EvilhamSorry, it's been a while and I did get their setup to work,but not reliably enough15:09
Evilham(read: reproducibly)15:10
timelesstell me about it15:10
Evilhamtelmich: this person may be interested in your mqgic15:11
EvilhamIt's what I ended up using :-p15:12
telmichEvilham: thanks for the ping!17:27
telmichtimeless: we offer a /48 with wireguard - which is rather easy even behind (CG)NAT17:27
telmichtimeless: You can find more details on or ping me in a msg17:28
timelesstelmich: thanks for the offer, that looks like a commercial service... in most cases we should either pay our own service provider more for ipv6 or replace our service provider (it's a mix of that)19:17
Evilhamtimeless: I wish I could have paid my ISP for IPv6, wasn't doable.19:39
Evilham(and switching ISPs wouldn't fix it)19:40
timelesstell me more about the switching isps not helping problem -- is that "none of the market has the feature"?19:55
timelessEvilham: irony wins. Adding a sleep call "fixed" the problem20:03

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