freenode/#devuan/ Wednesday, 2019-05-22

man_in_shackSyllin: turns out my loopback network device somehow wasn't getting an ip00:57
djphlo shouldn't "get" an IP01:04
jonadabDoesn't it normally get ?01:07
man_in_shackwhat jonadab said01:20
xrogaanoh, it's the rds thing we already know07:10
* xrogaan lags behind time07:11
Venkerhi people11:14
GyrosGeierwhat is the procedure for doing backports?13:01
fsmithredGyrosGeier, add the backports repo to sources.list and update13:02
GyrosGeierno, I mean uploading to13:02
fsmithredthen 'apt-get -t ascii-backports' install <package>13:02
fsmithredoh, check with debian on that13:02
fsmithredwe don't have our own backports13:03
GyrosGeierso stretch-backports gets copied to ascii-backports, basically?13:03
GyrosGeierI can do that13:03
fsmithredif you want to backport something, you can do it on git13:03
GyrosGeier(as in, I literally can)13:04
fsmithredoh, if you can get sometthing into debian, go for it13:04
fsmithreddon't add any debian repos to your sources.list13:04
fsmithredthat would cause problems with banned packages13:04
GyrosGeiermy last approach was to use Devuan "deb" and Debian "deb-src" lines13:05
GyrosGeierthat worked reasonably well13:05
fsmithredyou can use the devuan deb-src lines13:05
fsmithredthat's all I've ever used for pulling source packages13:06
clemens3some feedback/expericence: I bought an old lenovo x230, because I thought it is maximum linux conforming hardware. however, devuan did not recognize the ethernet network..15:02
jaromilstrange. have one, used it with ascii and beowulf15:02
jaromilneeds firmware15:02
clemens3ubuntu and mx-linux did have no problem. I did not test with debian. it was ascii version btw15:02
clemens3so it is not strage and explains it why not? or it should have worked but not strange?15:03
Venker<jaromil> needs firmware  <= really?16:03
unixmanThere is no virtualbox-guest-x11 package in ascii?
unixmanMeh, backports. I should have guessed that. Thanks Evilham. :)16:14
* unixman inserts the caffeine I.V. drip to assist with waking up his brain ;)16:19
Venkersee you  ;-)17:43
Syllinclemens3 has an interesting issue. AFAIK all of the linux firmware lives in the linux repository, and devuan would sit on top of that19:36

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