freenode/#devuan/ Friday, 2019-05-24

Centurion_Danfurrywolf: I thought mozilla had removed the option...13:02
MinceRperhaps failfox ESR still has it18:56
enycMy Devuan Ascii system ...  MATE desktop, has decided  that  when you  Places -> [somewhere]   to open VLC  instead of  caja file manager!23:01
enycbeen like this for aces and i've bene maunally opning caja!   any idea how to fix it?23:01
enycactualyl is emem to be using ascii-backports  MATE packages23:02
gnarfacethere's gotta be documentation somewhere about it23:03
enycgnarface: hrrm how would i go about looking, or get any inkling what sort of  config files or otherwise  relate to the issue23:04
slvrthat sounds like a file association mismatch23:17
slvrremove and reinstall vlc?23:17
gnarfaceenyc: it's not something i use, but typically the formula is 1) check the manpage 2) check in /usr/share/doc/[package name] 3) check the maintainer's website (should be listed in the package info)23:20
gnarfaceslvr: there should be an easier way to change it than reinstalling stuff.  i just don't know where that config is stored23:21
gnarfaceenyc: oh, it could be in the "alternatives" system too (google about debian alternatives or just look in /etc/alternatives/ and trace the symlinks yourself)23:21
fsmithredlook in ~/.config/mimeapps.list23:25
enycha hahahahaha23:29
enycfsmithred: thankyou for pointer!23:29
enycOoooooo changing to  caja.desktop;  and voila  useful service restored!23:34

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