freenode/#devuan/ Tuesday, 2019-05-28

ejrhi. since yesterday or so, i cannot update my repository in ceres anymore, the error message is that there is no Release file anymore. any ideas why that would be?09:41
EvilhamSth was foobared, hopefully it'll be fixed soon09:49
EvilhamYou can use I heard09:49
KatolaZejr: just use "unstable" instead than ceres11:27
xrogaanapt-file is broken now13:10
xrogaanAfter running "apt update":: E: The cache is empty. You need to run "apt update" first.13:10
Evilhamsee above: something is foobared and hopefully will be fixed soon13:11
Evilhamyou can use if you need it to work right now13:12
fsmithreduse auto.mirror.devuan.org13:12
Evilham(but the official and recommended long-term thing is
fsmithredI suggested yesterday because the guy was using https13:12
EvilhamI see, isn't auto.mirror a cname though? :-p13:13
fsmithredwhat's a cname?13:13
Evilhamit means that they are the same host13:13
fsmithredno, auto.mirror pulls from and deb.devuan pulls from pkgmaster13:14
KatolaZauto.mirror is the same as packages.d.o13:14
fsmithredok, so I'm not confused13:14
KatolaZthey are the same host13:14
Evilhamin any case, it's just a temporary workaround13:15
fsmithredwhat are the same host?13:15
KatolaZEvilham: there is no need to workaround13:15
KatolaZjust use "unstable" instead than ceres13:15
KatolaZanyway the problem is in symbolic links13:15
KatolaZthey are created in the wrong dir13:15
KatolaZI pinged parazyd about it13:15
Evilhamif X worked for months ntil Sunday and X doesn't work now, that's a bug13:16
Evilhamand apt-file can't be used with pkgmaster13:16
Evilhamwhich is what was just asked about13:16
Evilham(which also worked until Sunday and now doesn't)13:16
Evilhamin any case, off I go13:17
KatolaZEvilham: was just trying to say where the problem could be, not to say that there is no problem :\14:27
fsmithredAntoFox, did you change the signing key on hezeh?17:44
nemoho hum, another day, another devuan machine at work ☺20:49
nemo  this was on HN last week btw20:50
stiltrAnyone know anything about getting a devuan image onto ?22:42
slvrI run devuan containers22:43
slvrhaving a nice base to start from would be very handy22:44
stiltrI just built an image the other day with distrobuilder and it worked out pretty well. It's basically the debian config with a few paths and keys changed. I'm happy to share, but I figured I'd make sure it wasn't already in the works or not done for some reason.22:46
xrogaanisn't aline linux dead?23:15
slvrxrogaan: do you mean apline?23:17
slvr...yeah that one23:17
fsmithredI thought they were very much alive23:17
slvrI've been using it. Seems alive.23:18
xrogaanah, it was antergos who died23:25

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