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xrogaansame as debian00:04
XenguyAEonFyr: Thanks for those instruction, I've got them in my hip pocket now02:06
XenguyA question:02:07
Xenguy^^ Safe02:07
Xenguy(And a Merry Summer Solstice to one and all)02:18
XenguyLast pastebin attempt is a wash; let's try again:02:21
stiltrI would assume that would be the naming convention, yes. (Assuming the u at the end was just a typo)02:39
XenguyThanks for weighing in stiltr02:42
stiltrNo problem! may shed some light on the naming convention02:48
XenguyLooks like you RTFM; thanks again02:49
stiltr: )02:49
roardeI have the barest of installs using the netinstall iso. How can I set the cpu frequency?19:59
jellyroarde: which cpu is it?20:30
jellygrep 'model name' /proc/cpuinfo|head -n120:30
roardeIntel(R) Pentium(R) Dual  CPU  T2390  @ 1.86GHz20:31
roardeAnyone know if cpufrequtils is available on the netinstall iso? I bypassed setting up a remote repo.20:31
jellyMerom generation20:32
jellyroarde: I don't remember about that old hardware, see if "modprobe acpi-cpufreq" makes /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/ directory appear20:33
roardeI have the devuan install mounted under a different OS.20:34
roardeIt's a linux, and I have the directory here.20:35
roardeSo just write "scaling_max_freq"?20:36
jellyif it's mounted under a different linux you're running a different kernel with its own different drivers20:37
roardeRight. I'd boot the devuan and do that.20:37
jellyeverything under /sys (and /proc) is virtual files, generated by current booted kernel20:37
jellyhowever what you _can_ do is see which cpufreq driver is active20:37
roardeHow would I change the frequency?20:38
jellycat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_driver20:38
jellyyou'd change the max and min frequency by writing into scaling_max_freq and scaling_min_freq IIRC20:39
roardeacpi-cpufreq on this side20:39
roardealright, got it. thanks.20:39
jellygood, so make sure the same one is loaded when booted in devuan20:39
jellyyou can also look at "lsmod" output right now to see if there's any other related kernel module loaded20:40
jellyyour cpu has 2 cores and no hyperthreading, so there will probably be cpu0 and cpu1 under /sys/devices/system/cpu/ to get/set settings20:42
roardeRight. Even though they can't actually be set separately.20:42
roardeWell, it can be set but only one is really effective.20:43
_abc_Okay, this is weird, I used aptitude to install the updated new firefox on ascii, and it installed a new kernel too. This was not required by me and did not appear in the selected co-dependency list, except it did. Was a new kernel image pushed together with the new firefox esr release?22:27
_abc_As a dependency?!22:27
_abc_Hello? Does anyone know the answer to my question please?22:28
_abc_The kernel update appears insignificant22:28
_abc_vmlinuz-4.9.0-6 to -822:29
_abc_Was this a required update due to firefox upgrade? I have a doubt?22:29
filipdevuan_oh it's a shame that nobody can answer your question ;/22:29
filipdevuan_have you checked pkgbuild??22:29
_abc_No, how do I do that.22:29
rwpI suggest looking in the package changelog to see what changed for that release.  (Hopefully this is right: zless /usr/share/doc/linux-image-4.9.0-9-amd64/changelog.Debian.gz but change the name to match your kernel.)22:31
Centurion_Dan_abc_: how did you update22:32
rwpThe most recent kernel upgrades on all distros included a fix for the remote trigger of a kernel panic exploiting a bug with selective acknowledgement.  So you probably want it.22:33
_abc_Centurion_Dan: aptitude, selected firefox for reinstall, 5 dependencies were lit, I did not notice the 5th was the kernel image. I hit g and I caught it scrolling by updating grub etc.22:36
_abc_So I did not actively select anything other than firefox for reinstall, pressing '+' once on it and nothing else22:37
_abc_Reading the package changelog, I do not see anything which would mandate a high urgency kernel upgrade there.22:37
_abc_The SACK exploit is not relevant, the machine never faces the internet directly, 2 firewalls in between usually.22:37
_abc_NAT etc22:38
_abc_Also the package changelog is huge, is it cumulative? Do I read only the top change?22:38
_abc_So does one consider this behavior normal? Is it possible for updates to be pushed through aptitude by making them a dependency of something else? This is what I believe I saw.22:42
_abc_So, seriously, how did those options get set upon only upgrading firefox? Has anyone else seen such a thing, stuff highlighted as dependency with firefox esr upgrade?22:49
_abc_Where do I look to see the dependency list aptitude sees when trying to load that package pleasE?22:50
* rwp never uses aptitude so has no info to contribute about it22:56
_abc_I hope this was not some crazy push exploit. Aptitude never remembers selected packages between sessions? Or does it?22:59
_abc_Ok, so aptitude does remember package selections between sessions, AND I confirmed that some packages are written such that dependencies are selected forward (when selecting a parent for install), and does /not/ deselect on "cancel selection" of parent. Iow the upgrade may have been pushed in when I worked on other aspects of the system with aptitude some time ago. This is dangerous.23:04
_abc_So this would explain my experience.23:05

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