freenode/#devuan/ Sunday, 2019-06-23

fsmithredabcabc__, 'zat you?15:21
abcabc__yep. hi15:22
fsmithredI learned something about better-live-shutdown the other day15:23
fsmithredI installed from the usb that had it configured15:23
fsmithredcouldn't reboot the installed system15:23
fsmithredsomething didn't exist15:24
fsmithredreboot.bin maybe15:24
fsmithredanyway, once I remembered it was there, I fixed it.15:24
abcabc__did it not get copied over?15:24
fsmithrednot sure15:25
abcabc__fixed how?15:25
fsmithredI'll check - that usb is running right now15:25
fsmithredundid the links and restored the originals15:25
abcabc__ok, write it up in 5 lines if you can?15:25
abcabc__oh, the system should only wodk on a live distro. Add more checks?15:26
fsmithredreboot points to halt, halt points to better-live-shutdown. There is no reboot.bin. Did I forget to save that?15:28
fsmithrednope, other system has no reboot file, just a link to halt15:29
abcabc__i don't remember  the details now, will look tomorrow.15:29
ErRandirSorry that's config/local/*.h17:29
[rg]what is the status of clang in the devuan project?19:32
fsmithred[rg], we should have whatever debian has.19:37
[rg]fsmithred: same with the debian clang builds?19:37
fsmithredI don't know what those are19:37
[rg]debian archive rebuilt with clang19:37
fsmithreddevuan ascii has the same version of clang as debian stretch19:38 to see what we have for packages19:41
[rg]no I was more wondering if there is any interest to build devuan with clang insteaf of gcc19:42
fsmithredI have no idea19:43
fsmithredwe use debian tools to build packages19:43
fsmithredwe repackage a relatively small number of packages from the debian archive19:44
fsmithredthe rest are merged directly into devuan archive from debian19:44
fsmithredgotta go - back in about 15 min19:44
booyahis firefox RCE bug fixed?  isn't in debian stable21:38
booyahthat is sad, takes 3+ days21:38
booyahrelated: is there a solution to have programs uninstalled or disabled while they are vulnerable untill they are fixed?21:38
TwistedFatehi everyone23:35
TwistedFatewill Devuan drop 32bit & multilib support like Ubuntu/Canonical?23:35
TwistedFateI know that Devuan severely depends on Debian itself, if Debian drops it, will Devuan follow?23:36
[rg]whats the login for devuan virtual disk image23:36
golinuxI doubt it.23:36
golinuxTwistedFate: Ubuntu is not Debian23:36
TwistedFateSeems like dropping 32bit/multilib is becoming a trend..23:37
TwistedFategolinux: i know that23:37
[rg]not really23:37
golinuxShould be in the readne at files, or the release notes23:37
[rg]whoelse outside ubuntu?23:37
TwistedFaterg try guest guest or demo demo23:37
TwistedFateor live live23:37
golinuxNo way those pw23:38
TwistedFate[rg]: Funtoo23:38
golinuxdevuan devuan or root toor maybe23:38
TwistedFate[rg]: Appl Macintosh is too, thought they don't have anything with gnu+linux23:38
[rg]thats an odd one, since they support multiarch23:38
TwistedFate[rg]: who is?23:38
TwistedFatethey are not23:38
TwistedFatethey ripped out multiarch about 6 months ago23:39
TwistedFateor more23:39
[rg]thanks golinux23:39
[rg]TwistedFate: oh...23:39
[rg]whats the point of them now? lol23:39
TwistedFate[rg]: yep, i still haven't updated my system since23:40
TwistedFateso far it's working, but the old packages are starting to show age23:40
[rg]apple is intersting too, since it looks like they are posied to go to arm23:40
[rg]but their decision makes more sense23:41
golinuxPlease take this conversation to #debianfork.23:41
golinuxIt's getting OT here.23:41
jellyTwistedFate: debian will not drop i386 any time soon23:44
[rg]what vi is packaged on here?23:44
golinuxapple is23:45
golinuxOT here23:45
[rg]i'm asking about the $editor on devuan23:46
[rg]in all honesty im not sure what that means23:46
jelly[rg]: there's a dozen editors and like four builds of vim alone23:47
fsmithredI think vim-tiny is the one that usually gets installed23:47
[rg]it has color so I wanted to fiqure out which package, since vim-tiny doesnt have color highlight iirc23:48
fsmithredjust plain vim is probably what you want23:49
fsmithredif I remember correctly it takes up around 75mb which is why I don't include it in live isos23:50
fsmithredthe other 20 or so packages with vim in the name look like plugins23:50
[rg]ok, so the virtual images and isos are packaged differently, got it23:50
jelly[rg]: update-alternatives --config editor to see the current and change it23:51
[rg]how does devuan development work?23:51
fsmithredgolinux tries to whip us into shape, and sometimes it works23:51
[rg]i'd like to contribute to something and learn, do you guys have any filesystem stuff?23:51
fsmithredwhat kind of filesystem stuff?23:52
[rg]any, that and block devices are my area of interest now23:52
fsmithredyou're coming from gentoo?23:53
* specing sends [rg] to #btrfs23:53
fsmithredI thought someone was working on zfs23:53
[rg]nope, my brief linux history is ubuntu -> suse -> fedora, but I've been eyeing some stable OS's for some time now23:54
[rg]specing: you a btrfs dev? :)23:54
[rg]i'm reading unix and some comp arch books, I'd like to learn development, devuan is interesting since its mainline is free from systemd23:55
fsmithred[rg], here's one:
specing[rg]: no23:56
fsmithredand here's someone's personal project:
specing[rg]: I don't touch C any more23:56
specingbut I use btrfs and it is the most actively developed Linux filesystem23:56
[rg]I was actually more interested in btrfs since suse was doing cool stuff, hence why I tried it23:57
[rg]is it possible to see code without signing in?23:57
[rg]those links have a devuan signin page for gitlab23:58
fsmithredoh, sorry23:59
fsmithredmore links on this page:

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