freenode/#devuan/ Monday, 2019-06-24

fsmithredI don't know if I can get there without being logged in00:00
fsmithredhm, that's the same link again00:02
fsmithredI got there through a startpage search without being logged in00:03
[rg]thanks, the zfs one works00:04
fsmithredand here are the packages we modify from debian:
fsmithredhang around here and in #devuan-dev00:05
fsmithredand maybe on mailing list, too00:06
fsmithredif you have a personal project, you can put it on git.devuan.org00:06
[rg]cook thanks00:06
fsmithredif it's something that existing devs think is useful enough, it might be added to repos00:06
[rg]I am gonna do tfpd but I quite sure its already done00:07
fsmithredlook around, keep your ears open, and it will become apparent to you what you can do00:07
[rg]trivial file transfer protocol00:08
fsmithredyeah, looks like we use whatever debian has00:08
fsmithred0.17-18+b2 in ascii00:08
fsmithredtake care00:09
TwistedFateomg! devuan is working on zfs package for devuan??02:20
fsmithredTwistedFate, zfsutils-linux 0.7.3-3+devuan1 in ascii-backports02:34
Soo_Slowis it generally safe to upgrade from one stable release to another? Or things may break?12:41
Soo_Slowlooking for some stable systemd-free distro to run inside virtual machine12:41
gnarfacein place of debian?12:42
gnarfaceupgrading to devuan from debian is known to work12:42
Soo_Slowno-no. Just in general12:42
Soo_Slowupgrading from one devuan release to another12:42
gnarfacewell there has only been one so far, but it didn't break anything for me12:43
r3bootwell, there are also the BSD's, if you're looking for a systemd-free distro :)12:46
fsmithredSoo_Slow, depends somewhat on what desktop you use. XFCE gets the most testing and support.12:46
fsmithredjessie to ascii was not bad, and the ascii to beowulf upgrades I've tried were easy.12:47
Soo_Slowfsmithred, virtualbox installation. Just openbox+some third party application12:48
Soo_Slowr3boot, from what I've heard, experience with running linux software on bsd systems varies dramatically12:49
r3bootthat depends on what you want to run. In my experience, all the major stuff runs unmodified12:50
r3bootdesktop-wise it'll be a bit more effort12:50
r3bootserver-wise they are mostly identical (except for extreme performance cases)12:50
r3booteven things like wine work under BSD, and with (eg) freebsd, you even get 3d acceleration12:51
r3boot(full disclosure, running openbsd since 2.7 and freebsd since 4.1)12:51
Soo_Slownah, I just need to run some desktop software which rather prone to leaking stuff (say, skype) or could benefit from a bit of hardening (browser to visit my bank's account)12:53
Soo_SlowI already have working setup, but its arch-based. Im getting really tired of upgrading each virtual machine few times per week12:54
r3bootJust give it a try, you might be surprised :) (otoh, skype is a wellknown pita, even under linux)12:55
Soo_Slowr3boot, how s freebsd, in terms of resource usage? Pure arch installation with openbox eats about 135-150mb of ram (without virtualbox'es overhead - just according to htop launched on guest)12:56
* r3boot has run freebsd 9+zfs in as little as 256MB12:58
r3bootbut it all depends on how you actually configure your system12:58
r3bootyou can take every linux/unix distro and tune that in a way that suits your needs12:59
r3bootand since both bsd and linux run the same software (for most part), the biggest differences are the kernel, and things like package managers12:59
r3bootperformance wise, you will not notice that much, imho (if you know how to tune)13:00
r3bootif you treat it like a desktop os (say, like how ordinary users use win/osx), then you will be disappointed tho13:00
r3bootbut, treat it like a unix workstation, and you will be mighty surprised :)13:00

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