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concatimeDoes work:
concatimeDoes work:
concatimeDoes work:
concatimeDoes not work:
onefangI just woke up, and haven't had brekky yet.  This is the sort of thing that the mirror checker script I'm writing is for.  It's at the "seems to work" stage, still needs to get to the "actually does a proper job" stage.00:07
onefangGimme a few minutes, I'l see what it reports for that file.00:08
concatimeMen, I’m lost in all these redirections! Take your time.00:09
onefangMy mirror checker script specifically delves deep into the rediretions, and multiple DNS records, probing each one all the way through.00:10
onefangWhat results are you seeing?  404?00:18
onefang works for me.  The official mirror list says that mirror is at  Not
onefanghttp:// also works.00:26
onefanghttps:// fails, coz the certificate is for the domain name, not the IP.00:27
onefangAnd I just uncovered a minor flaw in my checker script.  lol00:29
onefangBut the above results are valid, the checker script was just not checking one of those.00:30
concatimeAh ok, thank you00:31
concatimeYou should add HTTPS to koddos in
onefangYeah a few of those Protocols lines are inaccurate, Evilham said he'll double check them all soon.  The one for my mirror was to, but he fixed that at least.00:35
onefangI'm the new Devaun mirror admin, but very new, I haven't been given the keys to the kingdom yet.00:35
onefangOr "mirror herder" as I like to call it.  B-)00:36
concatimeOne last question, I should replace `deb ascii` by what00:37
concatimedeb ?00:38
onefangdeb ascii  Or for one of the other NL mirrors (mine) deb ascii00:39
concatime 40400:40
concatimeError 40400:41
onefangHmmm, the mirror list says devuan/devuan, and that works when grabbing the file using wget, but not when putting into a web browser, where a single /devuan works.00:43
onefangTry mine.  At least i can fix that.  B-)00:44
concatimeThat what I said00:44
concatimeThe issue from the beguining00:44
concatimeDont’t take it personal, but I prefer a company-backed mirror.00:44
concatimehttp:// seems to work00:45
onefangMight be something odd in their rewrite rules, as you suggested.00:45
onefangSomething my mirror checker will need to test for.00:45
onefangDoes devuan/devuan/merged actually work if it's in your sources.lst?00:46
concatimeOnly the ip one00:47
onefangHmm, I'll need to investigate more after I wake up properly.00:48
onefangOr maybe Evilham can shed more light on this.00:49
concatimeI think `deb` work.00:49
concatimedoes not00:50
EvilhamFun :-)10:12
onefangI haven't managed to look at that yet.  Been busy all day.10:13
EvilhamFwiw: I said I'd check consistency, not accuracy :-D. Some things I've patched as I spot them10:13
EvilhamWill try to take a look over the day at this mirror10:13
onefangAnd let me know the full details of the problem.  I can't spot it.10:14
EvilhamI've focused more on keeping tested since that affects most people when misbehaving10:14
EvilhamAssuming I figure it out! Yes :-D10:14
onefangIs there something subtle apt is doing that we are not testing for maybe?10:14
Evilhamconcatime: it looks to me like should work10:53
Evilham(notice, without merged)10:54
onefangconcatime left many hours ago.11:00
Evilhampf actually that mirror is being super strange11:05
onefangWe noticed.  lol11:05
Evilhamit looked like it was working11:06
onefangYep, my script didn't find any problem.11:06
onefangDoes yours?11:06
onefangThat's the problem with these sorts of checkers, the goal is to find the problems.  Hard to make sure you have tested for all of the strange problems.11:09
Evilhamit's not a strange problem, the rewrites do work with /devuan/devuan as a base URL, but the distribution files don't11:14
Evilhamit's something that we should test for in a standard fashion11:15
Evilhamaka, this list of files:
Evilhamso, current script, the one that sends the email to the mirrors ML doesn't check for release files and the like and this particular mirror doesn't have a base URL that does both things right11:16
Evilhamit either has the dist files but no redirects or it has redirects but no dist files11:16
onefangThose are the files I'm testing for, got that from your scripts.11:16
Evilhamthen you should see it fail either on Release and Packages.gz or on /pool/DE{VU,BI}AN11:17
onefangYes, getting 404s on the Release files.11:18
Evilhamthere you go then, it is properly setup for, so that's good11:19
EvilhamI added a note that the mirror is only usable over, we should ping the mirror admins11:20
Evilham(the note should be visible in about 40 mins)11:20
onefangOr less.  B-)11:20
Evilhamanyway, everything looks decent on mirror land, I'm off \o11:20
onefangSee you.11:21
ktsIs there KDE in Devuan?11:32
onefangA friend of mine is trying to get Devuan stuff installed on a QEMU VM running under Windows 10.  Twice now an apt or apt-get install command screwed with her screen, spewing blank lines all over it.  Has anyone seen that sort of thing before?  i haven't.12:14
climbingturtleonefang: Does it happens inside an DE or at cli?12:42
onefangcli, it's a minimal install.12:43
climbingturtleoh, I would be it was dirvers for graphics and DE. I have not expereinced it my self, though I have never run qemu on windows.12:46
onefangNeither have I.12:46
climbingturtleDoes it only occurs with apt update and upgrade commands12:47
onefangI've used it a lot from a variety of Linux OSes.  Sometimes with Windows as the guest.12:47
onefangNo, tee last one was apt-get install a big bunch of stuff.  The first one was an update / upgrade.12:48
jiefkHi! I installed Devuan (from devuan_ascii_amd64_netinstall.iso, then upgraded to beowulf) on a laptop today. All is OK so far, except two things :17:06
jiefkI have to wait a quite-not-so-short time staring at "Waiting for /dev to be fully populated..."17:07
jiefkWhat could cause such a behaviour?17:07
jiefk(I had to install various non-free firmwares (I guess) due to some messages appearing in dmesg17:08
drawkulamaybe its the action after this that has a delay befor outputting anything?17:09
jiefkI don't know, but there's this thing [....] in front of the action that get changed to [.OK.] when done ?17:10
jiefkit seems eth0 is taking some time to be configured also.17:15
jiefkWhen I unplug the eth cable, it takes far more time ("waiting for /dev....." and "Configuring network interface"), slowing the boot time to about 2 minutes17:17
jiefkis there some way to at least disable the waiting for eth0 to be ready ? (considering it to be a laptop on wifi)17:18
gnarfacejiefk: maybe a problem with your DHCP server... try a static ip for eth017:20
fsmithredthere's a patch for the eth0 delay - I'll find it17:20
jiefkfsmithred: Thanks for your input. Can you please link to the actual topic ? (I can't read the search results... "You are not logged in.")17:25
fsmithredjiefk, I recommend applying the patch manually, in case there's a difference in the script due to version differences17:29
fsmithredI've used this same bit of code in ascii and beowulf17:29
jiefkyes, thanks !17:30
jiefkI'll try that17:31
jiefkyep fsmithred17:57
jiefkthis works but as Geoff42 from the forum says, $iface and $link are not set17:58
jiefk(this works as "boots faster")17:58
fsmithredjiefk, $iface and $link get set in the case statement above. If there's more than one in that list, I guess it will be set to the last one.18:22
fsmithred(in the for loop above) This: for iface in $(ifquery --list --allow=hotplug)18:23
jiefkfsmithred: id the laptop case, I see (at boot time, and also on service restart) `sys/class/net//operstate` (you see the missing $link between both //19:46
jiefk-id +in19:47
jiefkmissing $link in this command : `if [ "$(cat /sys/class/net/$link/operstate)" = up ]`19:47
fsmithredjiefk, do you have at least one interface set to "allow-hotplug"?19:58
jiefkyep, eth0 ; I even manually added wlan0 too!20:00
jiefk# ifquery --list --allow=hotplug20:01
fsmithredhm, I switched my eth0 and wlan0 to allow-hotplug for testing, and now I can't access that computer20:01
jiefkshows both interfaces.20:01
jiefkargh sorry :/20:02
fsmithredno biggie - I just had to get up out of the chair20:03
fsmithredok, it would also help if I had network cables with little locking clips on the ends20:11
fsmithredso they would stay plugged in20:11
fsmithredanyway, I'm thinking the "ip link set $iface up" line should be in the for loop or have its own for loop.20:12
PinkBellyNaggeralright fellas?20:53
NematocystI need to solve why my system requires /usr/lib/dbus-1.0/dbus-daemon-launch-helper to be group mlocate.  every time I update dbus, the packaged one is group messagebus, which prevents slim from launching the DE [slim: open_session: Unable to open session: Failed to execute program org.freedesktop.ConsoleKit: Permission denied] changing back to group mlocate solves it until the next dbus update. what to change to permanently solve this21:08
fsmithredjiefk, you here? I tried a modified patch.21:40
jiefkyup, I'm here21:40
fsmithredI put these two lines:21:41
fsmithredip link set "$iface" up || true21:41
fsmithredif [ "$(cat /sysclass/net/$link/operstate)" = up ]21:41
fsmithredin place of this line: (gimme a sec)21:41
fsmithredif [ -e "/sys/class/net/$link" ]21:41
fsmithredall in ifup_hotplug()21:41
fsmithredit seems to be working21:42
fsmithredsort of21:42
fsmithredboth eth0 and wlan0 are set to allow-hotplug and dhcp in interfaces21:42
fsmithredthere's no delay at boot with wire plugged in or not plugged in21:43
fsmithredwith wire plugged in, eth0 gets an address21:43
fsmithredwith wire out at boot, if I plug it in, it does not get an address21:43
jiefkok. I have some question : Can I -try to- rewrite this function as a whole ? This script (this function seems a bit hackish...21:45
fsmithredsure, you can change it any way you want. Keep a copy of the original.21:45
fsmithredcaveat: I don't really know what I'm doing.21:45
jiefkI'll try something and see if it works. I'll come to you later if I get something less hacked21:46
fsmithredgreat. If you can come up with something better, I can find people to test it.21:46
fsmithredmaybe this should be part of the devuan-sanity package21:47
fsmithredoh. ...if that ever gets packaged.21:47
jiefkThis script is a spaghetti :D22:05
jiefkfsmithred: Can you try this function ?
jiefkHum no not yet, I still have to wait for eth0 :/22:20
jiefkI see that mooded the script from a pristine networking file :-\22:24
jiefkI apply now the patch you gave me before22:25
jiefkThe one from dev1galaxy forum22:25
fsmithredI just made one that's a combination of mine and yours22:26
fsmithredno delay22:26
fsmithredand eth0 gets an address when I plug it in22:27
fsmithredjiefk, I tried my first mod again, but I changed ifup $ifaces "$@" to ifup "$@" $ifaces and it works.22:37
fsmithredeth0 gets an address when I plug in the cable22:38
jiefkI have something that works too :-)22:38
jiefkI'll post it somewhere in a few secs22:39
fsmithredIs there really an extra close-parenthesis in that function?22:46
fsmithredthere's on after the ifaces=$(blah) and then another after the "done"22:47
fsmithredthat link isn't working for me22:48
fsmithredok, it's nested parens - I see it now.22:49
jiefksorry, I wrote it from my head22:49
fsmithredgot it. will test22:49
fsmithredno delay on that last one, but also no ip address after plugging cable22:57
jiefkyup, just rebooted after plugged-unplugged the cable that's what I observed as well22:58
fsmithredjiefk, do you have any other thoughts on this? I'm going to post the two variants that work on that d1g thread.23:12
jiefkno but gimme a few minutes :)23:12
jiefkGot an ip !!23:13
jiefkfrom the patch at dev1galaxy23:13
fsmithredwithout changing it?23:13
jiefkthere's this action "echo "$iface"23:14
fsmithredyeah, what's that about?23:14
jiefkno idea, but I replaced it with an ifup command and I failed to obtain an ip address23:14
jiefkI put bach this echo command and I got the IP23:15
jiefkI'll reboot a few times more, and I get back at you23:15
concatimeyo, why isnt rDNS for ipv6 easy to setup?23:17
concatime"we use tools such as sipcalc, subnetcalc to find the usable IPv6 ranges in the subnet"23:17
jiefkI suppose the whole function goal is to return the interfaces to be processed later23:18
jiefkI was trying to get the interface up inside the function and maybe this was not the time to bring the network up yet...?23:18
jiefkI really don't know, .23:19
jiefkNew reboot : interfaces are ready --unplugged of course, so no IP. When I plug the cable, eth0 got an IP :)23:20
jiefkreboot now, with cable plugged23:20
fsmithredI just tried the one from the thread, and I get an ip on eth0 when I plug in the cable, but wlan0 is DOWN23:21
jiefkOh and best of all, no delay in the boot sequence :)23:21
fsmithredI think that patch will only affect one interface23:22
jiefkfsmithred: try from this paste ( to replace :23:23
fsmithredone of my mods has ifup in the for loop and it works23:24
jiefk            ifup "$@" "$link" || true23:24
jiefkecho "$iface"23:24
jiefkcan you post your code, please?23:25
jiefkyes, you have both the echo cmd and the ifup cmd23:27
jiefkI bet that if you comment the ifup command, it will still work :)23:27
jiefkyou have a syntax errot : /sysclass/net/$link/operstate is missing a /23:34
jiefkafter sys23:34
fsmithredthat's my rubber keyboard - have to press hard23:37
jiefkfsmithred: ok now I think I'm satisfied with what I have. Wifi does not get an IP because I did not hardcode SSID and passphrase in network/interfaces23:41
fsmithredyeah, it works with the ifup commented out23:41
fsmithredyeah, neither did I23:42
jiefkbut wlan sure if raised up :)23:42
fsmithredmine says state DOWN23:42
jiefkdo you have that allow-hotplug ?23:43
fsmithredgonna turn off encryption and try it23:43
jiefkwhat gives this command for you ? `ifquery --list --allow=hotplug`23:45
fsmithredeth0 and wlan0 on separate lines23:47
jiefkyes, that's what is expected.23:48
jiefktrien running ip link set wlan0 up23:49
jiefk-n +d23:49
jiefkdunno what to expect...23:50
jiefkcheck mannually if cat "/sys/class/net/whan0/operstate" says "up"23:51
fsmithredip link does nothing. operstate says down23:52
jiefkme neither, ip link does nothing ., echo $? just after says 023:53
jiefkbut I have my interface up :/23:54
jiefkoh no it's down23:54
jiefkbut is it not expected because I did not give SSID and passwd?23:55
jiefkI'll try that.23:55
fsmithredthat's what I'm doing now23:56
jiefkbut don't remember the syntax.23:56
jiefkI misunderstood because wlan was listed in ifconfig23:58
fsmithredI have a sample somewhere23:59
fsmithredScroll down to the bottom:

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