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ksx4systemlong time no see everyone01:46
Centurion_Danksx4system: hi, and welcome back!02:31
xrogaanshould /dev/null be executable?08:53
xrogaanI get this weird thing at boot: start-stop-daemon: unable to start /dev/null (Permission denied)08:53
xrogaanit happens right after console-setup.sh09:06
xrogaanor during09:07
xrogaanthere is no start-daemon in console-setup09:08
xrogaanafter it comes uuidd09:09
gnarfaceas far as i know it should not be executable xrogaan09:19
xrogaanthere is something weird going on with the init scripts, but I don't know what09:19
xrogaanThe error always happens between "Setting up console font and keymap..." and "Starting uuid generator: uuidd"09:20
xrogaanas if some variable isn't set09:20
xrogaankatolaz is gone?09:59
xrogaanaah, fuck me10:37
xrogaanbecause minidlna doesn't check if DAEMON is correct.10:38
xrogaanit does a [ -x "$DAEMON" ] || exit 010:38
xrogaanbut /dev/null isn't *not* executable, so the init script should exit.10:39
xrogaanoh, wait, it does that before reading the defaults10:39
xenial64-userhello you all. I'm trying to install devuan frugally but without succes. could someone point me in the right direction? a tutorial, a forum discussion page, or apdf guide will be great.13:24
xenial64-userthink to have problem about persistence13:24
gnarfaceyou could always use debootstrap13:26
gnarfacedid you see the minimal-live image?13:26
xrogaanisn't debootstrap about schroot?13:32
gnarfacei don't see any reason it has to be13:33
gnarfaceyou can also use it to make very minimal base installations13:34
fsmithredinstall guides are here:
fsmithredxenial64-user, are you talking about persistence on a live-usb?13:34
xenial64-userI would like to boot using grub4dos( but I can chainload others boot system)  ad choose between to run in ram, or to run saving changes to filesystem.  I need something to read about that13:46
gnarfacewell i know you can set up regular grub to boot a live image from a harddrive partition just as easily as a normal install13:48
gnarfacei thought you could boot dos just fine from it too13:48
fsmithredboot live iso from hard drive:
fsmithreddebian-live manual (for detailed information about persistence and much more)
fsmithredxenial64-user, are you sure grub4dos is still a thing? Looks like last version was 2009 and the redirect links to their new website are all dead.14:06
gnarfacei really think you can boot at least freedos with regular grub now14:09
gnarfacei would assume that means regular dos works too14:09
gnarfaceperhaps that is naive14:09
xenial64-userthanks for the answers. Grub4dos is good for me because I know it better than others.  If I boot from iso, all works, but I can't save changes. the best would be to save changes in an additional file, like puppy linux does, if you know it.14:37
gnarfacexenial64-user: there is some way to do persistence with a live image.  if you do a google search for the way to do it with the debian live image, i think it might still be the same way...14:42
gnarfacebarring that, check the devuan forums14:42
fsmithredI use this to make live-usb (with or without persistence or encryption):
fsmithredI'll be gone for several hours. Look for me here later if you have questions about it.14:45
xenial64-userthanks you, I will try with your suggestions , and read the linked pages14:48
xenial64-userI have to go too, I will let you know later , or in the next days, if I solved the problem.  thanks again14:50
gnarfaceanyone have experience migrating custom roccat udev rules from udev to eudev?15:58
gnarfaceseem to have a ... intermittent failure to parse the rules?15:58
gnarfacethat ring a bell to anyone?15:58
xrogaansorry, I haven't20:45
xrogaanOther weird stuff here, might be worrying for my hardware. Is it normal that after powering down everything by unplugging after a shutdown the identity of the SCSI device changed?20:47
xrogaanBefore my system was on /dev/sdd1 and /dev/sdd6; but now it sits on /dev/sdc1 and /dev/sdc620:48
xrogaanthat shouldn't be possible right?20:48
xrogaanThe order should be set by the motherboard and be consistent.20:48
xrogaanUnless the motherboard is failing?20:48
fsmithredI haven't seen that happen, but I've heard it's possible, depending on the motherboard and how fast the drives spin up.20:50
fsmithredbut if it's never happened before on that box, I'd be suspicious.20:51
fsmithredxrogaan, if you were using non-default boot order in the bios, check to see if it reverted to defaults20:53
fsmithredand if it reverted to defaults after power off, check cmos battery22:44

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