freenode/#devuan/ Saturday, 2019-07-06

enycHrrm, what testing useful for Beowulf ?  beta testing of this ready?09:12
akaizenhi any updates on 3.0 release18:32
akaizendebian 10 / buster became stable today18:33
fsmithredwe should have installer isos soon-ish18:34
akaizenegg-cellent, very excited18:35
akaizenwhat can i do to help get them proven and "stable" faster?18:35
fsmithredtest them when they become available18:36
akaizensounds good, got a nas, firewall and webserver18:36
akaizenwill verify on a test server first before moving to prod18:37
fsmithredyou could test upgrades and migrations if you want18:37
fsmithredjust don't do it on a system you care about18:37
akaizeni have a config system so its easier to do clean installs18:37
akaizenpoint tftpd to a new iso :)18:38
fsmithredthe upgrades I've done from ascii to beowulf were easy.18:38
akaizencool, sadly my systems arnt running devuan at the moment18:39
akaizena mix of ubuntu, debian, arch and gentoo18:39
fsmithredif you have a spare partition or space for a VM try migrating from debian stretch or buster to devuan beowulf18:40
akaizensure, all i have to do is point to the dvuan apt mirrors and run dist-upgrade ?18:40
fsmithredPretty much that. There are some guides here:
akaizenk i can give that a try, where should i post logs and submit any bug reports18:41 forum or dng mailing list18:42
fsmithredfor now18:42
fsmithredpackage bugs go to bugs.devuan.org18:42
akaizencool, is there a offline server install image, the wiki/site says netinstall but that seems silly for cluster installs18:43
akaizenis the dvd iso appropriate?18:43
fsmithredno install isos yet18:43
fsmithredyou can use an ascii netinstall iso and do one of two things: either install base system and upgrade or choose expert install and you get to select beowulf. (I think that's in the current netinstall isos)18:44
akaizenok, which one i should look out for18:44
fsmithredwhat do you mean?18:45
fsmithredif you already have ascii dvd, you can use that18:45
akaizeni dont run a local apt mirror so a netinstall would waste bandwidth/time18:46
akaizenyea i figured the dvd would have most everything for a server install18:46
fsmithredif you want beowulf, everything will have to be downloaded (a netinstall)18:46
akaizenill wait for the isos :)18:47
fsmithredor cheat and use one of the derivative distros that have beowulf isos18:47
akaizendownstream already has isos ? seems a bit out of order18:47
fsmithredyeah, but easy to do18:48
fsmithredeither through upgrade, debootstrap install, live-sdk build18:48
fsmithredprobably some other ways to get there, too.18:48
fsmithredsome of us are impatient18:48
akaizenhaha i know the feeling18:50
enycfsmithred: testing new isos yes,  but whta about testing update  of ascii to beowulf  on MATE desktop ?   particuar fairuere erros with updates of  elogind  and  usb automating and  udev stuff etc.?18:52
enycuerm, wondering if there are particular areas in the latter which might be suspect of issues on upgrades18:53
fsmithredenyc, yeah, if you test mate upgrades, please report so others will know what to look out for.18:55
fsmithredand maybe there are bugs we can fix.18:56
fsmithredThere might already be some discussions about that at the forum. I have a tendency to ignore the mate threads.18:56
akaizenwhats the u in uva?18:56
akaizener vua18:56
fsmithredVeteran Unix Admins18:57
akaizenthanks fsmithred, see you on the forums19:05
enycfsmithred: not found anything, just .. but have found your comment about  beowulf  stable enough to move to19:10
enyc  In my view could do with link to the whateever-it-is page that shows you  what packages devuan  customizes/patches19:27
enycthis leads to related question,  what is the state in beowulf with additional packages not yet sorted-out, are they  to be held at older ascii versions, or  won't install because of broken dependencies,  or what will happen in practice  for beowulf-unfinished?19:28
golinuxThe beta release of beowulf will find the remaining bugs. When stable is released it will be "finished".20:04
phogggolinux: is that page supposed to show anything? Or is most stuff hidden from anonymous?20:11
phogggolinux: nevermind, figured it out. Too much aggressive JS blocking.20:25
enycgolinux: =)23:28
enycgolinux: still, interesting ed in ... what happes if i upgrade into beowulf now23:29
enycgolinux: might i end up with systemd-dependent packages or what?23:29
* enyc backing-up disk-image right now ...... ;p23:29

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