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xrogaanfsmithred: my disks index restored itself after a shutdown and reboot. Mobo is fine too. Probably happened because I booted too fast after restoring the power.01:56
amarsh04I've had an external USB drive take a while doing internal checks after an unclean shutdown before being visible as a mass storage device on boot-up01:59
FatPhilAnyone know of any reason why a recentish lenovo (X250/X260) shipping with Win10 would not be convertable to boot Ascii?08:50
FatPhilvague murmerings on teh internets did mention things along the lines of microsoft having the machine well "locked down".08:51
FatPhilI'm running it happily on my X240, but g/f needs a new laptop to replace a dead desktop08:52
man_in_shackprobably "secure boot" stuff08:52
gnarfacebasically if you can't disable secure boot or add your own keys to it, you're SOL08:57
gnarfaceit should be illegal, IMO.  but sadly it is not...08:58
gnarfacecheck the BIOS settings anyway08:58
gnarfaceif there isn't info onscreen at boot time there should be info in the motherboard manual at least of how to access it08:59
gnarfaceer, system manual or whatever, if it's a laptop09:00
gnarfacefind stuff about accessing firmware settings09:00
gnarfaceit is entirely possible they don't give you any access i don't know actually09:00
FatPhilOK, I'll ask to be taken into the bios settings and look for "disable secure boot". My custom-spec x240 came without an OS, IIRC, but all vendors here sell all off-the-shelf boxes with crapware preinstalled.09:02
FatPhilI'm gonna get cheeky, and demand a discount to the value of an OEM Windows licence, obviously, as that shit ain't staying on my machine any longer than the length of the busride back to the office.09:04
gnarfacewell, you might want to wait at least until you find out whether your have driver support in linux or not before you make that decision09:08
gnarfaceassuming you can get it to boot09:08
gnarfacemaybe try the live image09:09
gnarfacebut in theory you can still use secure boot if it lets you add your own key09:10
FatPhilahhhh, now installing Ascii on my not-so-shiny not-so-new X250.11:27
gnarfacethe win10 laptop?  it's working?11:31
gnarfacecongrats man11:31
gnarfacehope for kernel support11:31
gnarfaceat least for the video card part11:31
gnarfaceyou could always use a usb ethernet device11:31
FatPhilasked the g/f what she wanted the hostname to be - and, no joke, she chose "thot".11:33
FatPhilyeah, win 10 wiped.11:33
FatPhilI always do bare bones expert install, then do some scripted configuration, and pull in only the packages I need, so we haven't dropped into X yet.11:35
gnarfacedid it boot right up or did you have to mess with firmware settings?11:35
FatPhilfortunately it was already configured to not use secure boot, and everything just worked.11:59
FatPhillenovo have always been pretty linux friendly.11:59
gnarfacegood to know12:01
fsmithredI just installed linux on a friend's T430 recently and had no serious problems. Had to fiddle with it to get the speaker buttons to work.12:03
fsmithredIt was a refurb with win10 and it was already set to legacy boot.12:03
FatPhilall hail refurbs!12:08
* surrounder pets his refurbished x22012:09
jaromilreal hackers use refurbs12:19
gnarfacehey guys12:20
gnarfacetoshiba satellite 4015CDT12:20
gnarfacejust took the ascii update successfully!12:20
gnarfaceeh, too bad video support has been deprecated since jessie...12:23
gnarfacethe cirrus logic driver12:25
omnioI use deprecated video too and I had to compile xf86-video-sis on ascii. on beowulf it doesn't even compile anymore12:26
gnarfaceDonkeyHotei: abandoned12:30
jaromilgnu_srs1: good question on the packages needing attention for beowulf, anyone willing to make a list, can help a lot. all tests seem pretty smooth from what I read12:31
drawkulaDIY has to strik back...12:31
Guest8854jaromil: Pls add upower to "your" list for "needing attention for beowulf" (if not already)?12:53
Guest8854jaromil: ...and the dependencies conflict for b/c of slim/lightdm if task-xfce-desktop is installed with recommends [libpolkit-backend-consolekit-1-0]???12:55
* FatPhil now writes the single most complicated makefile he's ever written, because 2 hours of scripting configuration can save 5 minutes of manual configuration!14:56
FatPhilIt's a modification of the single most complicated makefile I'd ever written, which was definitely write-only, but alas my requirements have got more intricate.14:57
FatPhilanyone know how to get a gnu to use -R -r behaviour (no builtins) using a directive in the makefile itself?16:14
FatPhilinfo pages imply, through absense, that it's not possible.16:21

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