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ba55hey all02:10
ba55any info on when Beowulf stable will release?02:10
gnarfaceba55: i don't think there is official word on that yet03:49
fsmithredmaybe we'll have a beta soon03:59
gnarfacesomeone already put up a release candidate for the installer iso somewhere didn't they?  or did i dream that?04:11
Xenguygnarface: If you dreamnt it, it could happen04:11
fsmithredthere was a mini.iso a month or two ago, I think04:20
helios21systemd's approach to needing randomness during boot is just so broken:
helios21just booting my Devuan servers with random.trust_cpu=off now, as sysvinit does not need no randomness this early in bott11:33
LudditHello @all, pls where where can I find information about the publication (release) date of Beowulf ? Thx in advance11:38
gnarfacethere isn't official word yet afaik11:39
gnarfaceif you're impatient, you don't necessarily have to wait for the release to use beowulf though...11:40
Ludditoh, like "the mother" (debian) back then: it comes out who it's finished (stable) with ;-)11:41
gnarfaceyes, and you're welcome to help if you are able11:42
gnarfacebut i'm not someone who you need to talk to for that, i don't work here11:42
gnarfacei could help walk you through upgrading to belowulf from a minimal ascii install though11:43
Luddit@gnarface: i quest not for install. maybe i will make a release party (more dev1 PR) ;-) or similar11:43
gnarfaceif you search around you can probably find a partial todo list the devs have put together11:44
Ludditok, dev-ml11:44
LudditI'll be I'm talking ... ;-)11:45
gnarfaceyea, that would be a good place to start probably.  i think they're putting a call out for an inventory of broken packages11:45
Ludditgnarface : good idea, maybe on a VM. i will write about dist upgrade / migration ( and mayby i can put the article to a GER linux-magazin)11:47
Ludditall i need to know ;-) => (anyway, thanks for the info)11:55
FatPhilany advice for a laptop user (yes, that laptop) who wants to be connected to both nfs and sshfs mounts, but who can't guarantee a continuous eth0 or wlan0 connection?12:02
gnarfacedo you expect frequent unscheduled outages?12:03
FatPhiltime will tell, just got a report that wlan0 disappeared.12:04
gnarfaceoh i see12:04
FatPhilI upected that the rfkill key might have been hit12:04
FatPhilthat will be investigated. so I suggested just falling back onto good old fashioned eth012:05
gnarfacewires are much easier to control than radio signals12:07
gnarfaceif you're using network mounts just within your LAN, it's possible just switching to eth0 is enough12:08
FatPhilyeah, I prefer wires too, it's just that sometimes the bugger will want to move e.g. to plug it into the projector.12:27
omnioHi, I noticed that even when udev is not running there are some "static" files in /dev, is it ok to backup a running install with rsync and just exclude /dev (among other dirs to be excluded)? Why are those files there when udev is not running?12:33
omniothere are just a few files in /dev: fd  full  nullptmx  pts  random  shmstderrstdin  stdout  tty  urandom  zero12:33
gnarfaceFatPhil: some brief googling suggests maybe try this: nfs.client.mount.options = intr,locallocks,nfc12:36
gnarfaceFatPhil: check the mount_nfs(8) manpage for more info12:37
gnarfaceyou should be able to get nfs to respond more gracefully to temporary disruptions12:40
gnarfaceyou'll probably sacrifice some system load or performance somewhere for it12:40
gnarfacebut maybe not much with modern hardware12:40
fsmithredwould autofs be helpful for FatPhil?12:43
FatPhilI vaguely remember autofs from the '90s12:46
James1138Question about upgrade Devuan from "Stretch" to "Buster"...  would the info in this link work?
fsmithredJames1138, this guide is relevant:
fsmithredwhat desktop do you have?16:21
fsmithredok, that shouldn't be too bad16:43
James1138I thought ASCII was "stretch"?16:43
fsmithredit is16:43
fsmithredthere aren't any guides for going from stretch to buster16:44
fsmithredbut the basic procedure should still be about the same16:44
James1138What would "Buster" be referred to when the time comes??16:44
fsmithredinstall sysvinit-core16:44
fsmithreddo apt-autoremove16:44
fsmithredreboot into sysvinit16:44
fsmithredchange sources to devuan, update, dist-upgrade16:45
fsmithredmight be some rough spots. I haven't tried it yet.16:45
James1138Just a thought... could someone make a youtube video of the upgrade to Beowulf for us common folk?16:45
fsmithredsounds like a very boring video16:46
fsmithredI did try buster to beowulf. The autoremove part proved to be crucial for success.16:46
fsmithredafter you boot into devuan you can install elogind and eudev if they're not already installed.16:47
fsmithredJames1138, I'm trying an upgrade of stretch with kde to beowulf. Getting devuan-keyring is a bit of a challenge, but other than that it seems to be going smoothly.20:06
fsmithredyeah, that looks right. There's a .deb package in that dir20:14
fsmithredyou could also 'apt-get --allow-unauthenticated install devuan-keyring'20:14
fsmithredotherwise, wget the package and dpkg -i ...20:15
fsmithreddist-upgrade was smooth. I'm rebooting into beowulf (I think) now.20:17
fsmithredI did not need to autoremove after installing sysvinit-core. Only a couple of unrelated packages were to be removed.20:20
fsmithredHm, reboot after 'apt dist-upgrade' using only devuan sources tells me I'm still running debian. 'apt-get dist-upgrade' shows me a long list of upgrades. I'm taking them.20:22
stiltrThat would make sense to me. Any packages that _need_ to be removed should be taken care of when sysvinit-core was installed.20:22
fsmithredI'm not sure if apt and apt-get act differently, or if you just need to dist-upgrade twice.20:23
fsmithredafter the first one, only the same few packages were on the autoremove list20:23
stiltrIn theory, I think they should act the same. In practice...I've got no idea.20:23
fsmithredsame here20:24
fsmithredlooks like it's working now20:24
fsmithredit would go faster if I paid attention and read the changelogs when they came up20:37
fsmithredafter second dist-upgrade it says I'm in devuan, but I still need to get the new kernel, and it complains about a lot of packages when I try to install it. Rebooting...20:53
fsmithredrebooted to cli login. System is more or less hosed. Can install anything, can't upgrade, can't --fix-broken install.20:58
stiltrWoah. :(20:59
fsmithredaptitude gives me some options, but I need to get back to that and read what it says.21:05
stiltrGood luck!21:05
fsmithredaptitude says it can do it - remove dbus-user-session, install elogind and all the right backends and upgrade a thousand packages.21:34
stiltrHuh, I wonder why apt can't do it.21:49

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