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FatPhilThis is old, but I'd not seen it before:09:25
FatPhileat Depends: cook | eat-out. But eat-out is non-free so that's out. And cook Recommends: clean-pans.09:26
jordilai'm having a very basic issue with my (managed by wicd) network connection. Wicd is not being able to automatically connect (not when at boot... nor after resuming suspend/hibernate).. thus, i'm forced to use 'wicd-cli ...' in order to. What am i missing ?09:50
MinceRi don't see how eat-out would be more non-free than the ingredients for cook09:53
[exa]jordila: any log messages? I fixed some similar issue by switching the "programs" there, iirc ethtool09:56
jordila[exa] where do i find the logs in this occasion ? What do you mean by 'switching programs' ?09:57
[exa]and there are some possibilities of which utils wicd should use for various tasks, for example the dhcpcd vs dhclient for DHCP09:59
rrqjordila: if you have an /etc/network/interfaces that says things, then wicd might believe you're the boss...11:40
PaoloPhi, how to install php7.1 on devuan ascii? Nextcloud 16 needs it! thank you13:06
gnarfaceyou would probably want to build it13:07
gnarfacethat is the most manageable approach, long-term13:07
PaoloPah! ok. thank you!13:08
gnarfacethe version in there that appears to be 7.0 probably has all the security patches though13:08
gnarfaceit's a shame nextcloud requires 7.113:09
gnarfacethat would have saved you a lot of trouble13:09
gnarfaceyou might be able to use the debian packaging utils to automate updating the 7.0 packages to 7.1 though13:10
gnarfacewell you should be able to really, i just don't know for sure if it is working13:10
EvilhamPaoloP: you can use sury's packages for PHP13:11
Evilhamwhen stretch shipped with 7.0 it was clear that those repositories would be needed for many things13:11
Evilhamthat should give you php7.3 on ascii (remember to say "stretch" for entries)13:12
gnarfacei strongly recommend against using 3rd party packages, just for the record.13:14
PaoloPi'm reading... thank you13:14
PaoloPso.. the solution is... ?13:14
Evilhamusually that's the case, but stretch shipping with 7.0 was a mess and sury is the actual package maintainer for debian, so... it's not as bad in this case13:14
Evilhamthat being said, if you have to use them, make sure you use proper pinning13:15
gnarfaceif you have to use them, i recommend making a backup first13:16
gnarfacepackage dependency corruption is an insidious thing13:16
PaoloPgnarface yes!13:20
PaoloPis it possible /suggested to use "alien"?13:23
PaoloPor directly from source code?13:23
gnarfacei'd go with the upstream source code before alien, myself, but it's a matter of taste and your personal skill level13:24
gnarfacei'd try to update the existing packages first13:24
gnarfacebecause that's less work if it works without changes13:25
gnarfaceand it makes it more seamless13:25
gnarfacebut you can always just build one big php package and use checkinstall to package it instead or something like that13:25
PaoloPyes, I know, but on ascii there is only 7.013:25
PaoloPis there any dev/testing depository?13:26
gnarfaceno, by "update the existing packages" i mean literally update them to 7.1 with the source code and deb tools13:26
PaoloPah! ok13:26
gnarfacethere IS a testing repository13:26
gnarfaceand a unstable repository13:26
gnarfacejust like debian13:26
gnarfacethey are called beowulf and ceres, respectively13:26
PaoloPwith php 7.1? l'll search ...13:27
r3boot <-- maybe interesting before you reinvent the wheel13:27
gnarfaceit was already pointed out, r3boot13:28
r3bootoh, check!13:28
gnarfacePaoloP: you can check on pkginfo.devuan.org13:28
PaoloPfound it :-)13:29
Evilhamfwiw: I have upgraded machines from ascii + sury php to beowulf + debian's php in a painless fashion, sury does do a good job at keeping packages as close as possible to those in debian13:31
Evilhaman option for you PaoloP would also be to upgrade to beowulf, there may be some risk int he upgrade path (reports are welcome) but you'd get php7.3 out of the box13:31
Evilhamand once upgraded it's very stable13:32
Evilhammost of the bugs that have to be sorted out are for desktop things AFAIK13:32
PaoloP# /dev/sdj1      btrfs      89G   26G   63G  29% /with btrfs I want to try: snapshot, ascii -> beowulf , upgrade, IF itworks ok, else reverse snapshot, FI13:33
Evilhamsounds good13:36
fsmithredupgrades to beowulf are much easier if you don't have task- packages or other metapackages installed13:36
PaoloPdpkg -l | grep task | wc -l813:37
PaoloPit gives 813:37
fsmithredtask-desktop, task-?-desktop (xfce?)13:38
PaoloPI whoul try to remove task-* while still keeping single packages13:38
fsmithredgood luck13:38
PaoloPtask-ssh-server task-web-server task-print-server task-english task-console-productivity13:38
fsmithredthose shouldn't be a problem13:41
fsmithreddesktop-base might cause problems if it's there13:41
fsmithredalso, --simulate is your friend with apt, apt-get or aptitude13:42
* jordila like Bruce Springsteen ? :D ^^13:54
user__Hi. How do i list, enable and disable services? Cannot find howtos about this on the forum.16:18
James1138Boot up manager.16:23
user__I am running Beowulf and apparently bum is not available on it.16:29
saptechisn't devuan using openrc?16:30
James1138Just make sure these files are already there... libglib-perl>= 1:1.100-1libgtk2-perl>= 1:1.100-1liblocale-gettext-perl-menu-perl-sysv-rc16:31
user__Okay, thanks a lot.16:33
James1138Sure thing.16:33
gnarfaceisn't bum available in the devuan repo?16:34
gnarfacei would suggest linking to that instead as a general rule16:34
James1138Gnarface... User is running Beowulf/Buster. Bum is Stretch/Ubuntu 16.0416:35
gnarfaceit is also in devuan ascii16:37
gnarfacenot that i'd really have recommended mixing disto versions either16:38
BeerbelottHello, I am still detecting trouble around mirror on a *very* regular basis.18:03
BeerbelottMy check script, running every 5 min, detected a *huge* number of cases where a mere connection to on TCP/80 would timeout after 5s.18:03
BeerbelottIMHO, it would be wise to remove that mirror from the pool18:03
BeerbelottToday, failed checks occured at: 0050Z 0055Z 0100Z 0105Z 0110Z 0115Z 0120Z 0123Z 0145Z 0150Z 0155Z 0200Z 0205Z 0230Z 0240Z 0245Z 0250Z 0310Z 0410Z 0420Z 0455Z 0510Z 0515Z 0520Z 0535Z 0610Z 0615Z 0630Z 0640Z 0645Z 0715Z 0755Z 0800Z 0805Z 0825Z 0905Z 1035Z 1100Z18:06
onefangWhat exactly is your mirror check script doing?  Mine isn't detecting any problem with that server, but I'm not running mine every 5 minutes.18:36
retakonefang, mirro check script rulzed! ;)18:47
Evilhamsent email to the mirror admin, see if they see something odd18:54
Evilhamsince I also can't see anything wrong, the mirror is staying on the RR18:56
onefangThat's why I want to know what the Beerbelott script is doing.  Are we missing something, or is it doing something odd?18:58
Evilhamhad it been any other server, I'd have mostly dismissed it, but I know I've encountered issues with that one in the past19:03
mazes_80Hi, plymouth package is actually unavailable in devuan.19:05
Evilhamlooks like he's up to something19:05
Evilham*onto something19:05
mazes_80It is masked because of systemd dependency, but it needs only few changes to drop those19:05
mazes_80I locally manage to compile, install and run it successfully19:06
Evilhammazes_80: mind starting a repository on with the changes you needed for that to happen?19:06
Evilhamif you want it to be available on devuan taht's the best way to go19:07
mazes_80I can, but I'm not very much into apt, so my changes are surely suitable as a draft only19:08
mazes_80I assume I need to start a new project  ? Any prealable advices ?19:18
fsmithredmazes_80, clone it from if you can20:32
onefangDamn network dropped out.  What did i miss?21:43
golinuxBot a thing21:44
golinuxNot really21:44
Beerbelottonefang: My script only does nc -z -w 523:59

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