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Beerbelottnc -z -w 5 <IP> 8000:00
Beerbelottthe rest is mere tooling00:00
onefangAh, open the connection, don't send any data, wait 5 seconds.  Thanks.00:03
onefangIt's what I guessed.00:04
Beerbelottonefang: The connection times out02:38
BeerbelottIt's not established. Hence, no data *could* be sent02:38
omnioguys, any idea about how to disable the elogind messages that keep showing on the current tty on an install made using the live DVD?09:27
FatPhilomnio: If you don't have a hard dependency on it, you can just uninstall it.09:30
omniogreat, thanks09:32
* FatPhil merrily whistles as he installs CSSU on his "new" n900... (which I guess is a :-( for the old one I've just had to retire)09:36
* FatPhil fails...09:42
* drawkula should get a backup N90010:21
drawkulaI can has a 7" one?10:21
drawkulabtw... who knows which A33 tablets definitely will run devuan?10:22
drawkulathere are some images ... but I bet when I buy some tablets, I'll get all the ones that arent rootable...10:23
drawkulacan please someone start a wiki section with infos bout this?10:23
drawkulaor better get a pine book? for replacing failing parts tis may be a better idea...10:24
drawkula ordered 2 13" pinebools 2 yrs ago and never got an answer since then10:25
drawkulathe art of the deal?10:25
FatPhildrawkula: local auction site had an n900 for sale and I missed its closing time by 2 minutes - yesterday! Site was friendly enough to give me the option of asking for a notification if it ever gets put back on sale.10:41
PaoloPabout upgrading from ascii to beowulf to install nextcloud 6 ... DONE! :-)13:00
PaoloPmany thanks to all devuan team13:00
PaoloPno problem with the upgrade, some problem to make nextcloud working again, but now it's ok.13:01
nminixPaoloP: on a single board computer?14:03
PaoloPan old desktop pc , now NAS server , nextcloud server, SMB server ...14:03
PaoloPIntel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU, 8GB RAM14:04
nminixahh right. that must use a lot of power :S well good work anyway!14:04
nminixg'night all. have a good one :)14:05
FatPhilanyone know how a directory without an index.html can tell nginx to autoindex on when by default it's off. (and I don't want to have to tweak the server config, even generating an index.html is less smell than that)14:47
WalexFatPhil: there is no equivalent to '.htaccess' files in Nginx, it is a deliberate decision.16:24
FatPhilWalex: yeah, the nginx argument against that is a sound one, no arguing. However, we're talking about a corner case situation, where a failure has a fallback.16:29
FatPhil.../ failing and falling back onto .../index.html = good; .../ failing and falling back onto checking some local settings and doing what they suggest = bad, it seems.16:30
linemeinhey guys is there a roadmap for beowulf??16:43
* drawkula 's just trying to upgrade a cubietruck (previously being deb9 morphed to dev2) to dev317:39
drawkulaupgrades of dev2 on pi3 and in x86 and amd64 VM went fine too17:40
drawkulaaaand on a 32bit netbook...17:41
drawkulaso far no surprises17:41
drawkulastill waiting for all updated debs to get installed on the cu-bee17:42
drawkulaFetched 678 MB <<< of debs for the upgrade17:42
drawkulathe art of patience17:42
drawkulaSetting up linux-image-4.19.0-5-armmp-lpae (4.19.37-5) ...18:32
drawkulafinish line in sight...18:32
drawkulafata morgana18:57
drawkulabut now... a naked prompt \o/18:59
drawkula$ echo `lsb_release -sir`19:03
drawkulaDevuan 1019:03
drawkulaStraaaaaange, I've seen that glitch before...19:04
drawkulathat's only a small burps... not even a full grown hiccup19:08
Wonkahrm. where is libelogind0:i386 241.3-1?19:11
fsmithredWonka, it should be in ceres19:13
fsmithredare you searching for i386 on pkginfo?19:14
WonkaI have both amd64 and i38619:15
Wonkaand the amd64 package is shown as available in aptitude, the i386 is not19:16
fsmithreddo you see other i386 packages in aptitude?19:16
Wonkayes. Especially do I see older versions of libelogind0:i38619:16
golinuxNot a good idea to dl from Debian directly19:17
fsmithredand you have the ceres version in the amd64?19:17
fsmithredor see it, anyway19:18
Wonka$ grep -A 1 "^Package: libelogind0$" /var/lib/apt/lists/auto.mirror.devuan.org_merged_dists_unstable_main_binary-*_Packages19:19
Wonka/var/lib/apt/lists/auto.mirror.devuan.org_merged_dists_unstable_main_binary-amd64_Packages:Package: libelogind019:19
Wonka/var/lib/apt/lists/auto.mirror.devuan.org_merged_dists_unstable_main_binary-amd64_Packages-Version: 241.3-119:19
Wonka/var/lib/apt/lists/auto.mirror.devuan.org_merged_dists_unstable_main_binary-i386_Packages:Package: libelogind019:19
Wonka/var/lib/apt/lists/auto.mirror.devuan.org_merged_dists_unstable_main_binary-i386_Packages-Version: 241.1-119:19
Wonkaand I have just run "apt update".19:20
fsmithredIt's not there. The i386 packages for that version are missing.
Wonkacan't update one without the other, because they conflict with different versions.19:21
Wonkaand I need the i386 version too, because libpulse0:i386 depends on it, and I need that for steam.19:21
fsmithredI just mentioned the problem in the dev channel.19:23
Wonkathanks :)19:24
fsmithredI expect a fix or explanation will happen. (eventually)19:24
fsmithredI know there have been some problems with the build system in the past few weeks because of changes in dpkg19:24
buZzah tnx for the warning Wonka19:25
WonkaIf I remember my "distributed systems" lecture from university correctly, "eventually" was something like "guaranteed to happen at some time not infinitely far away"...19:26
WonkabuZz: np...19:26
fsmithredthat's pretty accurate19:27
fsmithredI'd have left of the "guaranteed" part, just in case.19:27
Wonkawell, in the context of that lecture, the guarantee was necessary19:28
Wonkaisn't it funny... at work, I don't really like it when the QA guy bugs me about something... and here I am, bugging like a QA guy about something that's missing ;)19:30
Wonkalibglib2.0-0:i386 2.60.5-1 missing too19:37
eyalrozHello channel. I'm getting:22:17
eyalrozThe sugar-browse-activity package has a file named "/usr/share/applications/org.laptop.WebActivity.activity.desktop".22:17
eyalrozIn that file, there are spaces before and after the = characters, e.g.:22:18
eyalrozType = Application22:18
eyalrozand this is noticed other apps and reported as an error.22:18
gnarfacedo you think that file was inherited from a previous install you upgraded?22:20
gnarfacejust curious if it could be linked22:20
gnarfacei had extra space around the = character in a gtk3 config in my user's home directory after a recent big upgrade, but only on one line i'd added myself, and it wasn't causing trouble before the upgrade22:21

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