freenode/#devuan/ Tuesday, 2019-07-23

slvrIs there a way to force a display resolution in mate display settings? I am stuck at 1045x768 with an "unidentified display" but it is a 1280x1024 display.06:07
slvrerm. 1024x76806:08
golinuxslvr: Try lxrandr06:21
slvrnah, no help. I think this adapter might have a bad pin or something for edid.06:25
xinomilono need for lxrandr, mate has its own.. control center -> monitor10:15
r3bootunderneath those things is still the XRANDR extension, which can be controlled via a gazillion number of tools. Personally, I prefer xrandr10:17
r3bootugh .. flashbacks to Xinerama :r10:18
jaromilarandr is a nice lightweight gui10:56
James1138Question. I heard recently that Firefox has "experiments" and "telemetry" running hidden in the background - does Debian/Devuan?? If do - anyway to disable it?15:52
James1138"If does" - sorry15:53
xinomilofirefox telemetry data can be turned off in preferences -> privacy & security16:05
James1138xinomilo... is there telemetry in Devuan?16:08
xinomiloin devuan os you mean?16:09
James1138Sorry - yes the OS16:10
xinomilonot 100% sure, but no. devuan team can confirm this, but i haven't seen any "strange" traffic so far.16:14
fsmithredno dev would last five minutes with this crew if they suggested adding telemetry16:20
xinomilogood to know :)16:20
fsmithredof course, there is the optional package survey, same as in debian, but I'm not even sure if that's working in devuan.16:21
drawkulashould work even without mailer by delivering the info via http(s?)16:24
drawkulabut some stay paranoid16:25
fsmithredlooks like it has current data16:28
drawkulaam I the last uster of "batch"?16:28
drawkula-t ... user16:28
xinomilocalled "paranoid" before snowden, now just sane ;-)16:29
drawkulavariant of at16:31
drawkulabut just queueing... not executing at a given time16:31
drawkulajust a queue of stuff to do somewhen16:31
drawkulawhen load permits16:31
drawkulalike corn & at, errors are mailed16:32
drawkulaso sure I do want a local mailer16:32
xinomiloused ssmtp in the past (seems abandoned), msmtp now, as a local mta16:35
James1138Thanks for the popcon tip. I did not think about it but with Beowulf in the works - I do not think I need it running anymore. It was turned on.16:38

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