freenode/#devuan/ Saturday, 2019-07-27

brocashelmthank goodness irc is still a thing00:11
brocashelmi'm sick of discord taking over00:11
brocashelmdiscord is to chat rooms what reddit/facebook is to forums00:11
brocashelmthe internet is turning into pure crap and i'm not backing that00:12
brocashelmbig tech ruined my enjoyment00:12
buZzi resisted the whatever phone app gateway that #dyne got00:18
buZzbut, i think they still have it to this day -_-00:18
buZzhmm no00:19
buZzif they have it, its amazingly quiet :D00:19
drawkuladivide and conquer...10:15
drawkulamasodon, gnusocial, diaspora, ... keep em down by fragmentation10:16
drawkulaI think projects should not fall for these hipsterplatforms10:16
drawkulaforums just should be a clickycolour frontend to news10:17
johann__5464is it ok in the debi(vu)an testing workflow to keep different versions for the same package in different arch ? (especially amd64,x86)14:31
tiercehello, I would like to install php 7.1.3 (or more recent) on my Devuan ascii, is it possible ?16:04
Kizanowhy is the SSL cert for out of date?? :O16:45
drawkulatierce: maybe try to build the de-sources of php-7.3 (from beowulf) on ascii?17:20
MinceRsomeone who's too shy to come here is telling me that beowulf-backports is missing23:35
golinuxMinceR: I guess that's because there is no official beowulf yet.23:55
golinuxBut there will be no beowulf-backports with the hyphen23:57

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