freenode/#devuan/ Sunday, 2019-07-28

KizanoSigyn, GuntherDW, tobypus: Curious as to what happened with the SSL cert for
KizanoDid you guys need a renewal??03:33
KizanoIf it's just a matter of acquiring it, we can work off this public channel to get me the CSR and I can get you guys at least a Comodo SSL cert for it, if you'd like?03:33
buZzany prognosis when Beowulf will be released?15:15
fsmithredprobably before the end of this year15:22
buZznot within the ~2 months it took for ascii? :P or were we better prepared for that release15:31
fsmithredjessie was two years after debian jessie, ascii was a year after stretch16:14
jiribhi all, i'm using debian buster and i'd like to switch from systemd. how stable is Devuan Beowulf ?23:14
jiribi was using buster (testing) some weeks before official release without any trouble23:14
xrogaanhasn't been released yet.23:16
jiribxrogaan: but i suppose packages are available, aren't they?23:17
xrogaanYes, but there seems to be some issues left and right. So you might have problems using you system.23:17
jiribxrogaan: ok thx23:18

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